Baby Bouncer Buying Guide

Types of Baby Bouncers

Bouncers can fulfil your newborn baby’s need for constant movement. Their gentle motion calms babies and lulls them to sleep, making your life easier.

While there are a number of brands available in the market, they can all be categorized into three broad categories:
Simple Baby Bouncers

Simple Baby Bouncers

Simple baby bouncers have a simple design that helps babies have fun while also letting them get some physical action by moving their arms and legs.

Battery-operated or Vibrating Baby Bouncers

In contrast to simple baby bouncers that have only a limited range of movement, battery-operated bouncers offer a lot more options. These are quite similar to the simple, non-powered bouncers, with the difference that they produce a vibrating motion with a battery-operated motor. These are an excellent choice if your baby enjoys constant motion.
Vibrating Baby Bouncers

Combination Baby Bouncers

Combination bouncers, as the name suggests, are bouncers combined with another baby device. There are two types of combination bouncers:
Bouncer Rockers

Bouncer Rockers

Bouncer rockers are a combination of bouncers and rockers. These bouncers can be easily converted into rockers, by providing a variation in the type of movement offered to the baby. Basically, the movement pattern of a bouncer is low in intensity - perfect for infants. But as infants grow, they require a more intense movement and therein comes the need for a rocker. Bouncer rockers can thus be used right from the early days of your baby’s life until toddler-hood.

Bouncer Swings

Bouncer swings are a combination of bouncers and swings. Such bouncers have a detachable bouncer seat. So when children learn to sit by themselves, the bouncer seat can be placed into a swing frame, thereby converting it into a swing.
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