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Twin Baby Carriers


What is a Twin Baby Carrier

A twin baby carrier, as the name suggests, can carry your twins or triplets. These carriers come in different designs – soft structured, slings and even wraps. The soft structured double/triple carriers allow a front carry position for two children, and a back carry one for the third. While this design cannot be used to carry newborns, the wrap or sling type designs can carry newborns, even preemies, quite comfortably. There are quadruplet carriers available in the market too.

Why you Need a Twin Baby Carrier

You need a Twin Baby Carrier if –
  • You want to carry all your babies wherever you go, without restricting your movements.
  • You want to go out together as a family, without struggling with large strollers.
  • You want to give your children equal opportunities to explore new places and things, and make it a learning experience for them.

How is a Twin Baby Carrier Useful

A double/triple baby carrier is an indispensable accessory for parents with multiple children of the same age because –
  • It is the fastest option for tandem carrying, and is economical too, because it saves on buying 2 different carriers for tandem wearing.
  • It is well balanced - wearing two in the front/back position distributes weight equally around the parent’s waist, providing a balanced feel.

Features List

The list of features will help you to take an informed buying decision.
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Twin Baby Carrier
Twin Baby Carrier
Must Haves
  • Connecting Strap: Connecting strap between the carriers, so they can be separated when only one child needs to be carried, or attached when both children need to be carried.
  • Padded straps: Thick foam padded straps to support the weight of both babies.
  • Fasteners: Sturdy buckles and straps made of high quality material.
Good to Haves
  • Storage: Pockets for diaper bag, wallet etc.
  • Leg Holes: An expandable feature (with use of a zipper) that opens up to provide more leg space for the children.

Pros and Cons

While every carrier has its advantages and disadvantages, it is important to know them before you decide on buying any one of them. Listed below are a few pros and cons that you need to keep in mind.
Pros Cons
Attachable hood: For protection from sunshine. Difficult to put the child on or off it, especially if you’re alone.
Single set of strapped shoulder pads for two. You will not be able to see the child on your back.
Large pockets. When the children are asleep, you need to wake them up in order to place them on the bed.
Interlocking waist belts that can be adjusted to fit your waist, so you can wear both carriers evenly. Large pockets are helpful, but the weight of the stuff along with the babies on your shoulder and back can be exhausting.

What to look for when buying a Twin Baby Carrier

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