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Bouncer Swing


What is a Bouncer Swing

A bouncer swing is essentially a swing with removable seats that doubles up as a bouncer. It comes with multiple-point harnesses for better security. It provides a protective shell to babies, is easy to use, and has many more incredible and baby-friendly features. The swing is ideal for babies weighing up to 13 kg, and the bouncer can be used till the baby is over 8kg.

Features of a Bouncer Swing

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Bouncer Swing
Bouncer Swing
Sturdy Frame
Sturdy Frame
To ensure even weight distribution of the growing child and allow for some safe movement within the harness.
Must Haves
  • Removable Bouncer Seat: After detaching from the swing frame, the seat can be readily used as a bouncer seat.
  • 5-point Safety Harness: To keep the baby secured in the swing seat.
  • Motion, Speed, Sound and Light Control Unit: Most baby swings offer a control panel which allows motion, speed, sound and light settings in accordance to your baby’s preference.
  • DC Battery Slot: The battery-operated swings work cordless and offer portability.
  • Removable and Washable Seat Cover: To maintain hygiene, just in case baby throws up or spills foods and liquids.
  • Sturdy Frame: To ensure even weight distribution of the growing child and allow for some safe movement within the harness.
  • Portability: Easy to fold and store or carry away.
Good to Haves
  • Toy Bar: To hang soft toys for your baby’s entertainment.
  • AC Adapter: For a battery-free operation.
  • Non-toxic Fabric: Given the baby’s inclination to chew at its seat covers, a non-toxic fabric is good to have.
  • Canopy: Provides shade if the baby wants to take a nap.

Pros and Cons of a Bouncer Swing

Pros Cons
A bouncer seat can have a separate music and vibrations unit. Infants run the risk of slumping and damaging their spines if positioned incorrectly inside the swing.
Option to run on battery, where power source is not available nearby. Regular monitoring is required to ensure that babies have enough breathing space.
Seats are quite spacious to provide babies enough room to move their limbs when inside the swing. It starts making noises when infants above 9 kg occupy it.
Can easily be carried around and stored, owing to its foldable feature. Batteries installed in the stipulated slot can jangle as they can touch the plastic for want of any pads.
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