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Baby Swing Buying Guide

Types of Baby Swings

Swings can broadly be classified into two categories - for babies and for toddlers. Baby swings can be used up to 18 months (or 14 kg), starting from birth, while toddler swings are usable from 6 months to about 2 years. Swings for smaller babies can be further classified based on their sizes and functions, into:
Full-size Baby Swings

Full-size Baby Swings

Full-size baby swings come loaded with various features and provide the best comfort and swinging motion for your child. These swings are what parents opt for when space is not an issue and they are looking for something that is roomy, with more options for speed and motion and a longer life span.

Portable Baby Swings

Portable swings can be carried along wherever you go. They are simple, devoid of the entrapments that come with full-size swings, are lightweight and easy to carry around. Placing babies in it to calm them down is a definite plus. Portable swings can be used for babies weighing from 2.5 kg to 12 kg (newborns to 1 year olds). Some portable swings convert into stationary seat to enable baby feeding.
Portable Baby Swings

Combination Baby Swings

A combination swing is a dual-purpose swing that can double up as a bouncer, rocker, glider or cradle. As the name suggests, the main attraction of these swings lie in the combination factor - they save space, are more convenient and can be put to use better. Combination swings integrate the best of two features to provide parents with relief and some time away to complete other chores. They are compact and occupy very little space. They are mostly battery-operated, so they generate a low churning noise that can affect the baby's sleep patterns. These can be used for babies up to one and half years of age.
Glider Swings

Glider Swings

Glider swings are innovative baby products designed to comfort the baby in a soothing manner. They move in a gentle manner akin to that of a soft cuddle of a nursery glider. They are very easy to move around the house or along with you and help keep your baby near you at all times.

Cradle Swings

Motherly warmth and care are ascertained when babies are placed in cradle swings. Cradle swings aptly entertain infants when they are awake and tenderly sway them to sound sleep when needed. Comprising of a delicate interior made of soft materials and protective pads, your child stays fully safeguarded in this baby swing.
Cradle Swings
Bouncer Swings

Bouncer Swings

Entertaining little ones while still ensuring their safety is the biggest challenge for any parent. Baby bouncers provide solutions to both these requirements while also providing you relief for a short duration. Bouncer swings combine the bouncy fun of bouncers with the serene motions of a swing to bring babies a perfect companion through their different moods and preferences.

Rocker Swings

If there were a simple solution to soothe colicky babies and give parents a breath of relief, it would be nothing short of a miracle. Rocker swings are just that. Their dual function of rocking and swinging makes them your baby's favorite place on earth. You can have a swing as well as a rocker in one space saver bundle.
Rocker Swings

Toddler Swings

When it comes to soothing babies, swings make life a lot easier and convenient for parents. Toddler swings are for the children aged between 6 months to 3 years old. They are the best place for your baby to play while you complete your tasks. Toddler swings are mostly of the hanging type.
Hanging Swings

Hanging Swings

A hanging swing is a toddler swing that can be used both indoors and outdoors, by attaching it to an overhead support.
Each type of swing has its own age/ weight specifications. Depending on the flexibility and comfort your baby needs, select swings with different functions. Combination swings offer gliding, cradling, bouncing or rocking functions along with the usual swinging. You can select a swing that offers multiple speed settings, different seat positions, etc. for greater comfort. Online purchase remains one of the best choices to probe into the options available and to make a safe and relaxed purchase of baby swings.
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