Breast Pump Buying Guide

Common Breast Pump Myths Busted

Exclusive pumping of milk could reduce milk supply.

This is a very common misconception. The supply of breast milk varies for every woman and is in no way related to the use of breast pumps. The stress the breast pump causes could sometimes affect the milk supply but this does not hold true for all mothers. In fact, regular use of breast pumps can increase or maintain the milk supply even if you do not breast feed your baby directly.

You cannot use breast pumps exclusively for an extended period.

If the milk supply is enough, you can express milk using breast pumps for as long as you like.

Your body does not produce the necessary antibodies if you use breast pumps to express milk.

Contact with your baby in any form is enough to produce the necessary antibodies in breast milk that are beneficial for the baby. Your baby does not need to suckle to let the body know what antibodies to produce.

Breastfeeding and expressing milk using breast pumps are two different things.

Breastfeeding refers to feeding your baby breast milk, and it can be by nursing or by feeding expressed milk through bottles. In either case, the baby gets the required nutrition.

Bonding with the baby is not easy when you feed the baby expressed milk.

Nursing your baby is not the only way to bond with your baby. Touching, feeding, talking, and holding are ways to bond with your little one too.

Breast pumps express more milk when used on bigger breasts.

The quantity of milk expressed is in no way related to the size of the breasts. It depends on the amount of milk that the body produces irrespective of breast size.

The mother should stop using a breast pump when she has an infection.

A mother need not stop using a breast pump in such a case. She just needs to make sure that she sterilizes the breast pump accessories carefully after each use.

A pregnant woman should not use a breast pump to extract milk.

There is no harm in using a breast pump to extract the milk when pregnant. The only thing to consider is the supply of milk. In fact, doctors recommend the use of breast pumps, as some women experience sore nipples during pregnancy and find it hard to nurse their older baby directly. - Asia's Largest Online Baby and Kids Store, is India's largest online shop for new mom and baby products, offering top of the line discounts on renowned national & International brands. Some of the most reputed brands available on include Chicco, Graco, BSA, Johnson & Johnson, Medela, Pigeon, Fisher - Price, FunSkool, Lego, Disney & Barbie. offers the widest range to chose from, boasting of over 2 Lakh Baby & Kids Products. Customers can avail benefits of free Shipping as well as CoD(Cash on Delivery) on purchase from the website. © 2010-2023 All rights reserved. This website can be best viewed in resolution width of 1024 and above.