Breast Pump Buying Guide



What is the most effective way to express more milk using a breast pump?

The most effective way to use a breast pump to express more milk is by relaxing and being stress-free.

How can I prepare my body for artificial pumping?

Setting a routine and following it diligently would help your body to adapt to artificial pumping. It is advisable to drink some water before you start expressing milk. Sit down and relax. It would be a good idea to gently massage your breasts before pumping to initiate milk flow.

How often can I use a breast pump in a day?

You can use a breast pump after every 3 hours. How often you use the breast pump would largely depend on the frequency of your baby’s feeding time and your own schedule.

How long can I use a breast pump?

You can use it from the time of your baby’s birth till the time you wean your baby, provided your body produces enough milk.

Can I use a hand-me-down breast pump for my baby?

It is not advisable to use a hand-me-down breast pump for your baby because the earlier user could have suffered from some infections or cracked nipples that could have contaminated the pump. The only breast pumps that can be used by multiple users are hospital-grade, double electric breast pumps.

Why do I find it hard to express milk using a breast pump?

There could be many reasons for problems with expression of milk. One such reason could be inadequate suction pressure. Also, using a low-quality breast pump could lead to ineffective pumping of breast milk. You should also make sure that the flanges of your breast pump fit you perfectly.

How does the size of flanges determine the effectiveness of breast pumps?

The opening of the flange determines its size. An ill-fitting flange or breast shield would not help in expressing milk properly. Look for flanges that cover your areola completely with the nipple in the center. Your flange fit may vary with your baby’s birth, feeding, and breast pumping.

How can I get my baby to feed on expressed milk?

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