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2022’s BEST Diwali Gift-Guide For Kids

It’s that time of the year again. The seasons have changed and spring cleaning for Diwali is on in full swing! Time to make those gifting lists to save on last-minute rush! If you’re wondering what the perfect gifts for your little one are or are looking to gift children of family or friends, you’ve stumbled upon gifting GOLD!  

Trending gifts for kids, 2022’s best buys, educational toys and games, there’s everything and more here. Just scroll through this list of recommended buys for your child or any child you want to surprise with a delightful gift this Diwali! 

Best Diwali Gifts For Kids That Have Real Value

Educational Steals

1. Intellibaby Dress-Up Bear (Ages 1+)


Dress up Bear

Perfect for transitioning into the touch-everything-twos, the Dress-Up Bear is a great way for babies to learn how to handle different fixtures and learn how to dress themselves up independantly. Plus, it doubles up as a cuddle-buddy too! 

What we love most: For Rs. 849, it is a STEAL, for the benefits it provides! 

Buy The Dress Up Bear

2. Intellibaby It’s Bath Time Cloth Book (Ages 16 months +) 

It's Bath Time Book

Talk about killing many birds with one stone! This soft book, keeps babies engaged, teaches them about hygiene, ecourages a love for reading and helps with hand-eye co-ordination and other motor skills. It features a little baby doll that can be Velcro-ed on to different pages and scenarios! And it’s super affordable too! 

What we love most: The pages don’t tear! 

Buy the Intellibaby It’s Bath Time Cloth Book

3. Intellibaby Wooden Bead Maze (Ages 1+) 

Wooden Bead Maze

If you want a toy that sparks curiosity and builds multiple brain-linked skills in your child, look no further! Developed by experts in early childhood education, with top-notch quality wood, non-toxic paint and ultra-cute shapes, this one is a guaranteed win! 

What we love most: It’s linked to multiple skill development in babies. 

Buy the Intellibaby Wooden Bead Maze

4. Intelliskills Wooden Tangram (Ages 4+) 

Wooden Tangram

Colourful, great quality wood and engaging, this Wooden Tangram kit helps with logic and reasoning skills, with a side of oodles of fun! 

What we love most: Have you seen how affordable it is? 

Buy the Intelliskills Wooden Tangram

Educational Splurges

1. Intelliskills STEAM Series Magnetic Create With Shapes (Ages 4+)

Magnetic Create with shapes


Popular with the kids, this magnetic toy promises hours of fun! Snag the best deals on it now, because this is a gift you don’t want to miss out on 

What we love most: You can create over 300 different designs! 

Buy Intelliskills STEAM Series Magnetic Create With Shapes

2. Intelliskills Magnetic Numbers and Symbols & Magnetic Learn the Alphabet & Numbers Flash Cards & Alphabet Flash Cards (Ages 2+) 

telliskills Magnetic Numbers and Symbols & Learn the Alphabet & Numbers Flash Cards & Alphabet Flash Cards (

This combo is a gift that keeps giving. With reusable, write and wipe cards + magnetic shapes, letters and symbols, this is a great gift for a child that’s getting set for preschool, for that extra edge. 

What we love most: The write and wipe feature helps children gain confidence by allowing trial and error

Buy Intelliskills Magnetic Numbers and Symbols & Learn the Alphabet & Numbers Flash Cards & Alphabet Flash Cards

Must-Have Steals

1. Intellibaby Rotating Penta Grasper (Ages 6+ ) 

Rotating Penta Grasper

Move over plastic rattles, these wooden beauties are here to stay! Affordable and strongly liked to superior development, this one is a must-have for your little one. 

What we love most: The quality for the price! 

Buy Intellibaby Rotating Penta Grasper

2. Intelliskills Board Book Set of 3 (Ages 1+) 

Board Book Set of 3

Gift your baby the gift of reading and you’ll introduce them to a world of wonder! This board book set of 3 books have bold, bright illustrations that babies absolutely love! 

What we love most: Easy to handle, store packaging + cute artwork!

Buy Intelliskills Board Book Set of 3

3. Intellibaby My First Musical Instruments (Ages 1+) 

Musical Instruments

Yes, there’ll be noise involved, but introducing music at an early age has immense benefits in child development. Plus, the joy on your baby’s face will be priceless! 

What we love most: What’s not to love about music? 

Buy the Intelliskills My First Musical Instruments

4. Intellikit Trial Kit (Ages 3-6) 

Intellikit Trial Kit

What’s inside? Two expert-designed activities to keep your child busy, 3 worksheets, and a calendar full of activity ideas so you never have to hear an “I’m bored!” again! 

What we love most: There’s a tracker included to mark your child’s progress.

Buy the Intellikit Trial Kit

Must-Have Splurges

1. Intellibaby Program Level 8 

Intellibaby Level 8

We cannot contain our excitement about how perfect a gift this kit is! If you want value for money, this box comes packed to the brim with it! With four amazing developmental paediatrician recommended products, a helpful parent guide and, wait for it, access to 500+ activities to do with your baby, this is a gift that keeps giving. 

What we love most: The program is specifically designed to aid crucial baby brain development.

Buy The Intellibaby Program Level 8 Box

2. Intelliskills Sea Animals Wooden Stick Puzzle (Ages 3+) 

Wooden Stick Puzzle

If you think about it, 10 of these for under Rs 2000 is actually a steal! If you’re throwing a Diwali party for your little one’s friends or feeling like donating something to an orphanage, this one is a perfect option! 

What we love most: The cylindrical box makes it perfect to gift wrap! 

Buy the Intelliskills Wooden Puzzle Set of 10

3. Intellikit Story Book Kit (Ages 3+)  

Intellikit Story Book Box

The Intellikit Story Book kits comes with one popular children’s story book, 6 expert-designed activities, a set of flashcards and 10 worksheets! Phew! Talk about value for money! Choose from a wide range of stories and themes to find one your little one will love! 

What we love most: Encourages a love for reading through theme-based activities! 

Buy An Intellikit Story Book Kit

Also check out the Intellikit STEAM series kits(6+ years). These come in fun themes like Galaxy Explorers, Game Arcade, Amusement Park and so many more! These use STEAM-based learning, a learning and teaching method that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. The STEAM series kits make for a great after-school activity. 

Intellikit STEAM series Box

What’s more is that each kit also comes with an exciting magazine too! 

There’s nothing quite like a gift that keeps delivering value throughout your child’s life. You can be sure that with gifts like these, your child’s face will light up brighter than your Diwali lights! 



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