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A Wise Parrot Story With a Moral for Kids

The Wise Parrot story takes us on a roller coaster of emotions through the lives of two parrots. The full story is about the parrots who are brothers and experience many changes in their lives. Like any other fable, this one, too, features animals who are given the qualities of humans. This is done to get the message across to the readers and help them understand the essential values the story is attempting to deliver. Children learn better when they are given a choice to think independently and make their own decisions. Reading stories with morals in them helps them think. Read the Wise Parrot story in English to better understand this.


Origin and History of A Wise Parrot Story

Fables do not have a fixed origin, as many cultures have different versions of the same story. This story has many origins, with the characters interchanged or other animals.


Story Type of A Wise Parrot Story

A Wise Parrot short story is a fable, a moral story used to teach children important values they must understand and inculcate within themselves.


Story Characters

The characters of the short story are:

Two Parrot Brothers 
Young Prince 
Black Monkey  

A Wise Parrot Story For Children

Once upon a time, in a deep forest, there resided a beautiful parrot. The parrot was extremely magnificent and lived there with his brother. One day, a hunter was passing through the forest when the parrots caught his eye. He said, “These will make a great present for the King.”
He set up a trap and caught the parrots. He then took them to the King and presented them as a gift. The King was extremely happy to have received such a beautiful gift. He ordered his servants to put the parrots in a golden cage and ordered them to take care of the parrots day and night.
The parrots were well taken care of and fed the most delicious food the King’s palace had to offer. The servants ran about to keep the parrots comfortable. Even the young prince used to come to play with the parrots. The young prince treated them with utmost care and respect and loved the parrots. 
One day, the younger parrot exclaimed, “Brother, we are so lucky to have been brought here!” The older parrot replied, “Yes, we are lucky that the hunter brought us here.” Then the younger parrot said, “Our lives in the palace are so comfortable, we have everything here, and above all, we are so loved!”
The parrots were very happy in the palace. Their needs were looked after, and they were loved. They had quickly become the centre of attraction.
Then, one day, everything changed. The hunter returned with another present. This time it was a beautiful black monkey. Soon, the monkey became the main attraction in the palace. The parrots were neglected because of the monkey. Even the prince stopped visiting the parrots. “That monkey destroyed our beautiful world. Everybody neglects us now!” said the younger parrot in frustration. The other brother replied, “Don’t worry, brother, nothing is permanent in the world. You will see things change soon.”
One day, the monkey started acting up, creating a lot of trouble in the palace. Even the little prince was now scared of the monkey. “Throw him back into the jungle!” the King ordered his men.  
Once the monkey was thrown out, the parrots again became the centre of attention. The young parrot excitedly said, “Our good days have returned!” The older parrot smiled as he knew nothing in the world was permanent. “Time and circumstances never stay the same. You should not get depressed because the time is unfavourable. Better times always come.”
This is when the younger brother realised that his older brother was right and swore never to lose his patience in difficult times again.   


A Wise Parrot Story With a Moral for Kids1

Story Summary

In a forest, there lived two gorgeous parrots. The parrots were brothers and spent their time together. One day a hunter was passing by who decided to trap the parrots as a gift for the King. The parrots were taken to the King as a gift who loved them. The parrots were very well looked after in the Palace, and the King’s son would even come and play with them. Everything was going well, and the parrots loved their new life.
One day the hunter returned, this time with a black monkey. The black monkey soon became the centre of attraction in the palace, which caused the parrots to be neglected. The younger parrot got frustrated, but the older parrot kept his calm.
The King ordered the monkey to be thrown back into the jungle as he was creating a lot of trouble in the palace. Soon, the parrots became the centre of attraction, and everyone once again loved them


Moral Of The Story

The story teaches us to be patient in stressful situations and continue doing what we do no matter the situation. The moral of the story is – Nothing is permanent in our lives; everything changes with time, and nothing stands still.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

If you help your children understand from a young age that no bad or good time lasts forever, it will make it easier for them to be in the moment and take on whatever life puts in their way. They must understand that losing their patience or temper in situations does not give us good or faster results. The only thing in our control is our own actions and not those of others. So, we must remain calm and patient and ride the wave out. Life is full of ups and downs; enjoying the ups and getting through the downs can be tough as we often tend to fixate on the future. It is important to reel ourselves in and focus on the moment, i.e., the present. 

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