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CK Words For Kids To Improve Their Vocabulary Skills

It is important to teach kids words so that they can make proper and meaningful sentences using them. Generally, children start picking up words around them at an early age, and also develop a curiosity to learn new words. Therefore, parents should make it a practice to introduce new words to children.

In this article, we have covered “CK” sound words for children to read, learn and use in sentences. We have also shared some examples of these words that you can use to teach your little one. Let’s take a look at “CK” words in English for kids.

List Of ‘CK’ Words For Kids

In this section, we will look at “CK” phonic words for kids. This includes words with “CK” in the middle, front or end. The list includes four, five, six and seven-letter words with “CK”. Let’s take a look at these words.

4-Letter Words

Four-letter words with “CK” for children.

Icky Pack
Kick Pick
Hack Duck
Buck Lock

5-Letter Words

Five-letter words with “CK” for children.

Jocky Knack
Quack Flock
Quick Frock
Check Lucky

6-Letter Words

Six-letter words with “CK” for children.

Attack Tackle
Rocket Hockey
Pocket Bucket
Ticket Racket

7-Letter Words

Seven-letter words with “CK” for children.

Package Cracked
Chicken Cockpit
Cricket Flicker
Picking Knuckle

List Of Words Ending With ‘CK’ For Kids

Here is a list of words that end with “CK” for children. We have mentioned the four, five, six and seven letters words ending with “CK” here. Let’s take a look at these words.

4-Letter Words

Four-letter words ending with “CK” kids.

Sock Sick
Sack Rock
Rack Back
Luck Neck

5-Letter Words

Five-letter words ending with “CK” kids.

Black Block
Track Clock
Check Thick
Quick Truck

6-Letter Words

Six-letter words ending with “CK” kids.

Unlock Unpick
Repack Untack

7-Letter Words

Seven-letter words ending with “CK” kids.

Setback Outback
Peacock Barrack
Bullock Hammock
Payback Unblock

Examples Of Sentences with ‘CK’ Words

Now that your little one knows about “CK” words, let’s look at some sentences –

  • The truck was loaded with fruits and vegetables.
  • The clock stopped working.
  • Cricket is my favourite sport.
  • Rahul forgot to lock the door before leaving the house.
  • I need jeans with at least four pockets.
  • I can’t find my red leather jacket.
  • This is his second packet of chips.
  • My dog fell sick last night.

Learning “CK” words will help children to enhance their vocabulary and also strengthen their reading and language skills. Do practice the pronunciation of these words on a daily basis with your child. Also, teach them the meaning of these words so that they can easily use these words in their conversation.

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