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Daily Routine Words In English For Kids

What are daily routine words? Have you ever thought of teaching daily routine words to your little one? Well, the usual series of things that we do at a particular time in the day is our daily routine, and the words we use to describe these things are daily routine words. For example, waking up in the morning, brushing our teeth, going to school or the office, etc. It is important that we teach our little ones these words as it will help them to understand what things are part of our daily routine.

In this article, we have covered common daily routine English vocabulary words for kids along with some fun activities to learn the same. Are you ready to teach your little one about daily routine words?

Let’s get started!

Daily Routine Vocabulary For Kids

Daily Routine Words

Discussing the daily routine is one of the most common topics when talking to a child. There are certain words that describe a daily routine of a person. Learning these daily routine words in English can help children to converse easily with the help of these words. Here, we have listed down a few words that we use to describe our daily routine. Let’s take a look at these words that you can teach your little one.

  • Get up
  • Brush your teeth
  • Go to bed
  • Go to school
  • Do homework
  • Have breakfast
  • Have lunch
  • Have dinner
  • Set the alarm
  • Take a shower
  • Get dressed
  • Comb hair
  • Make snacks
  • Answer the phone
  • Watch TV
  • Arrive home
  • Feed the dog
  • Cook food
  • Read a book
  • Fall asleep

Activities To Teach Your Preschooler and Kids About Daily Routine Words

The best way to make kids learn something is by teaching them with the help of games and activities. Kids are excited about playing different games, and this gives elders a chance to teach kids while keeping them engaged. Here, we have covered some fun activities to learn daily routine words for children.

Let’s take a look at activities on daily routines to build vocabulary.

1. Guess The Daily Routine

Show your child a few images of daily routine tasks and ask them which routine they can see in the picture. You can also make flashcards using these images and ask your child to guess the daily routine task they can see on the flashcard.

2. Involve Your Child

While doing things of daily routines, such as setting the bed, folding the clothes, watering the plants, feeding the pet, etc., involve your child and tell them what you are doing. They will slowly learn that these are daily routine things.

3. Draw It

Children can remember words more easily when they learn through creative activities such as drawing or crafts. Therefore, encourage your child to draw daily on daily routine tasks, like having breakfast, watering plants, folding laundry, etc., will help them learn the daily routine words.

We hope this article helped your little one to learn vocabulary about daily routine. After learning these words with the help of the activities mentioned above, your child will be easily able to use them in their daily conversation.

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