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Domestic Animal Names In English For Kids

After teaching your little one about animals, it is important to teach them categories of animals (domestic animals and wild animals) as well. This not only helps to enhance your little one’s animal vocabulary but also gives your young learner a chance to actually develop savvy pre-academic and social skills.


In this article, we have talked about domestic animals with names that you can teach your child. After reading about these common animals that can be domesticated, your child will be easily able to identify the animals by looking at their image or when they see them in real life and also talk a little about these animals. Before jumping to the name of domestic animals, let’s first read what domestic animals are.


What Are Domestic Animals?

Domestic animals are ones that can be raised or petted by humans and live close to them. These animals can live in the home environment without any difficulty.


Here are the names of some domestic animals: dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc.

It is believed that these domestic animals used to be wild. But at some point in history, these animals were captured and then trained by humans. So, with time, these animals became quieter and were willing to do what humans wanted.


Domesticated animals can be further classified into two types: those that serve as farm animals and those that serve as pets.

List Of Domestic Animals With Their Names

Now that your little one knows what domestic animals are, here are domestic animal pictures with names for kids. These are 10 domestic animal names that you can teach your child.


1. Cow


Cows have been domestic animals as far back as 10,000 years ago. These animals are bred for their meat and milk.

Fun Fact: Cows are great swimmers.


2. Dog


Dogs are domesticated carnivorous animals with long snouts, an acute sense of smell, non-retractable claws, and a barking, howling or whining voice. The animal is domesticated to guard against predators.

Fun Fact: Dogs’ sense of smell is 40 times better than that of humans.


3. Cat


Cats are generally black, white, yellow, or grey in colour. Some cats also have a pattern of dark stripes or swirls on a lighter background. Cats can be said to be domesticated to help protect food storages on board by killing rodents, but today, they are kept as pets for their friendliness too.

Fun Fact: Cats can jump up to six times their height.


4. Goat


Goats are common animals to keep around the house or on the farm. The animal has horns that arch backwards, a short tail, and straighter hair. The animal provides us with milk, cheese, and yoghurt.

Fun Fact: Goats were one of the first animals to be tamed by humans.


5. Sheep


The sheep are kept as livestock on the farms. The young one of sheep are called lambs. This animals provide us with wool, fleece, and meat at a commercial level.

Fun Fact: Sheep have rectangular pupils.

6. Horse


The horse is an odd-toed ungulate mammal that belongs to the taxonomic family Equidae. Horses are transformed from small multi-toed creatures to large, single-toed animals.

Fun Fact: Horses can sleep standing.

7. Rabbit


Rabbits are beloved and affectionate animals that can be easily raised by humans in the backyard or on the farm. We get meat, fur, and even manure from rabbits, which can be used as fertilizer for the garden.

Fun Fact: Pet rabbits can live between 8-12 years.

8. Pig


A pig is an omnivorous, domesticated, even-toed, hoofed mammal that mostly eats waste materials from the body. The animal is primarily domesticated for the production of meat, called pork.

Fun Fact: Pigs can’t sweat.

9. Chicken


An omnivorous animal that can eat both plants and animal matter. Chickens can be commonly seen scratching the soil in search of seeds and insects. This animal is the most known species that provides humans with eggs and is also used to obtain meat.

Fun Fact: Chickens bathe by covering themselves in the dirt.

10. Donkey


Donkeys have been used as domestic animals for 5000 years. They are commonly used as a transporter to pick up luggage or sacks. Some donkeys are also kept for breeding as pets in developed countries.

Fun Fact: A donkey is stronger than a horse of the same size.

Other Domestic Animals For Kids

Here are the names of some more domestic animals that you can teach your little one.

  1. Alpaca
  2. Bee
  3. Buffalo
  4. Camel
  5. Dove
  6. Duck
  7. Emu
  8. Fish
  9. Goose
  10. Guinea pig
  11. Hamster
  12. Llama
  13. Ostrich
  14. Parrot
  15. Quail
  16. Reindeer
  17. Rooster
  18. Squirrel
  19. Turkey
  20. Yak

We hope this article on the domestic animal chart with names helped your little one to learn about the names of common domestic animals. Make your child practice these names by involving them in different teaching activities related to domestic animals. After teaching these names, you can teach your child about the names of wild animals too. Happy learning!

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