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How To Write An Essay On My Favourite Season Spring for Kids

Children love to observe nature and experience various seasons with unique things to look forward to. They have seasons they love, and seasons they dislike for various reasons. Spring is a significant season in many cultures as it marks the harvesting time for agriculture. This season is full of celebrations. Spring is the season that comes between winter and summer. It is a time when the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. There is a cool breeze, and abundant beauty in nature as all the plants are in full bloom. Most people love spring for the freshness and joy it brings to them every day. Children are close to nature as they play in gardens and open grounds where they observe plants, flowers and greenery. They also love spring as only a few weeks away from their summer vacations! 

When asked to write an essay on this season, children will have plenty of points in their imagination. Let us guide them to pen down their thoughts into a well-structured essay for classes 1, 2 and 3.

Steps To Follow: Essay On ‘My Favourite Season: Spring’ For Lower Primary Classes

Here are important tips for writing an essay about spring:

  • This is a topic where children are free to get as imaginative as they like. However, it is important to include some facts about the season to maintain a proper context throughout.
  • An essay in 10 lines can talk about all the good things that people enjoy about spring.
  • Always start long essays with an introductory paragraph.
  • Touch upon different aspects of spring, such as its cultural and environmental significance.
  • Try not to get into too much scientific detail about the topic. 

10 Lines On ‘My Favourite Season: Spring’

A small essay on spring is an opportunity for children to use their imagination. They can write it in the form of points without having to create a structure. Here is an example of a 10-line essay for classes 1 and 2:

  1. Spring is a wonderful season, and I love it more than all the seasons in the year.
  2. Springs fall between winter and summer. It starts at the end of February and ends in April in India.
  3. The winter chill is gone during spring, and we get the most pleasant breeze all day.
  4. Spring is also the season when the trees in my neighbourhood begin to grow new leaves and flowers.
  5. Spring is significant as a time of new growth and happiness that brings positivity into our lives.
  6.  It is the time when we celebrate the new harvest season.
  7. The blossom in spring makes the landscape beautiful and lush green.
  8. I love the warm morning sunshine of spring as it brings warmth and comfort.
  9. Spring is also the month just before the fun summer vacation begins.
  10. Every day of spring is a blessing that we must cherish.

Short Paragraph On ‘My Favourite Season: Spring’ For Kids

A short paragraph on the topic requires children to maintain clarity and continuity in writing. This helps them develop the skill to write long-form essays. Here is a short essay on spring as an example:

Spring is a pleasant and colourful season and is my favourite of all the seasons. It is the period between winter and summer when the temperature just begins to warm up. During spring, the climate is neither too cold nor too hot, which makes it the perfect season. It is the season when we can enjoy the sunshine.

In nature, spring is the time when trees and plants begin to grow new leaves. The landscape wherever you go is lush green and welcoming. It is the perfect season to go for a short vacation. Spring will always be my most special season as it is the time I always have the most fun and make the best memories. Every year I long for the return of spring so I can spend days enjoying the best weather.

Essay On ‘My Favourite Season: Spring’ In English For Children

A long essay on spring can dive deeper into aspects of the season. However, it is important to maintain a narrative and continuity. Here is an example essay for class 3 on Spring:

Spring is a favourite season for most people. It is a time when the days change from extremely cold to warm and comfortable temperatures. Spring is when the season transitions from the long and cold winter to the sunny summer. This change affects not only the activities of people but also jumpstarts all other life forms around it. The plants and trees grow new leaves, animals breed and have offspring, and nature gets a fresh new makeover. For farmers, it is the time to harvest fresh produce and start sowing new crops for the coming season.

Spring is celebrated as a season of growth and hope across many cultures. While the northern and southern hemispheres experience spring around different times of the year, the experience of the season remains the same. This is also a good time for people to go on vacations and enjoy the most pleasant weather the year has to offer.

Spring is a season of a complete renewal in a literal sense and emotionally and spiritually. People can look hopefully towards the year ahead as the nights get shorter and the days get longer and warmer.

What Will Your Child Learn By Writing About Spring?

These sample essays on the spring season are meant to act as a reference for children in the lower grades. Essay writing is an important skill in school, and it needs to be cultivated systematically. Children learn how to write essays on the winter topic and learn important facts about the season by going through these examples.

Spring is a favorite season among children. It is pleasant and welcoming both in terms of the weather and the natural beauty all around. In these essays, children learn how to write about their thoughts and experiences in their own words. They can use the facts and perspectives presented here to come up with their own ideas.

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