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Essay On Nature – 10 Lines, Short And Long Essay For Children

Nature is everything that surrounds us. It is a kind of God’s blessing in the form of life around us. The atmosphere, climate, ecosystem, flora and fauna, and many more exist within this nature to maintain a smooth balance. Writing an essay on nature for classes 1, 2, and 3 is a good way to teach kids about this subject. A nature essay in English will provide kids with abundant knowledge on the topic.


Nature is the biggest reason for our easy survival on this planet. It provides us with food, clothing, and shelter. The sunlight, plants, air, rain, animals, and everything come together to complete nature. It makes our environment liveable and beautiful. It has given life to human beings, and it was present even before the evolution of human beings. It makes a natural cycle for the smooth functioning of every living being on this planet. There is a reason why nature is referred to as “mother”. Mother nature cherishes and nurtures us.


Key Points To Remember When Writing Essay On Nature For Lower Primary Classes

Before writing an essay on any topic, it is important to read and understand it. Instead of mugging up the text, you can watch videos and understand the details of the topic. Below are some points on how to write an essay on nature.

  • An essay has an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • The introduction to the essay should briefly include the definition of nature.
  • The body should explain the role and importance of nature.
  • The conclusion should talk about what we can do to conserve nature.
  • You can include famous quotes and lines to emphasise the importance of nature.

10 Lines On Nature For Kids

Kids need to understand nature in simpler words as they grasp the details easily with simpler language. Here are a few lines that might help them understand and write a simple short essay for classes 1 and 2.

  1. Nature consists of everything that we can see and feel.
  2. It is a home to different kinds of living and non-living beings.
  3. It maintains an ecological system to make everyone live in harmony.
  4. Nature holds a balance between diverse ecosystems for smooth functioning.
  5. It consists of air, water, plants, animals, human life, and many more.
  6. Nature provides us with water to drink, air to breathe, food to eat, clothes to wear, and a shelter to live in.
  7. Imbalance in nature can be life-threatening to all.
  8. Many factors are disturbing the balance of nature, like industrialisation, technology, etc.
  9. Nature conservation is an important factor in saving nature.
  10. Saving our mother nature is the need of the hour.

Short Essay On Nature In English For Children

The entire humankind is dependent on nature. Gradually, we are exhausting the energy of mother nature. Let us understand its value with a nature essay in English 100 words. It can be written in simple language as it is a simple short essay about nature.


The fruits of nature have benefited us since we came onto this planet. Nature is so much more than a blessing; it has given us the gift of life. It protects us from all the harm and evil. Every member of nature has a role to play, be it living or non-living. While it has the power to protect us, it also has enough power to vanish entire humankind. Over the years, we have been exploiting mother nature with activities like deforestation, waste production, etc. It is important to conserve nature by keeping our surroundings clean and green and using more sustainable products.

Long Essay On Nature For Children

We are sitting in the comfortable lap of mother nature without worrying too much about the problems it faces. It is a giver and never asks anything in return. Here is an outline of nature and its importance in the form of an essay for class 3.


Nature can be defined as the interaction between physical surroundings around us. Physical surroundings include living and non-living beings. Living beings include humans, animals, plants, and anything that can breathe in and out. Non-living beings are weather, climate, rocks, air, water, sand, etc. Nature is all about the coexistence of living and non-living beings. It maintains an ecological balance between the two. Entire humankind is dependent on the smooth functioning of the ecosystem maintained by mother nature.

1. Importance And Role Of Nature

The importance of nature is unparalleled. It gives us necessities like food, air, and water. We breathe oxygen given by plants, and plants take in the carbon dioxide we breathe out. This is a simple example of how nature balances everything. You can understand its importance from the fact that poets and writers have written exceptional pieces about mother nature. Writers and poets like Rudyard Kipling, William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and many more gave us beautiful poems and proses to make us understand the value of nature. Their writings compel us to be closer to nature and lead a happy & healthy life. Being closer to nature can heal our prolonged illness and make us fit as a horse.


The services of nature can be categorised as provisional, regulating, and non-material. Provisional services are those activities that give direct benefits from nature like food, water, medicinal plants, and many more. The regulating services include regulation of natural activities like water purification, decomposition, climate regulation, and many more. The non-material service includes recreational activities like interaction with nature to explore advents of art, music, culture, and more.

2. Significance Of Nature Conservation

The energy sources in nature are not infinite; we are exhausting them with continuous and careless usage. It has become very important to start acting about conserving nature with our best. The increase in industrialisation, urbanisation, and migration is causing a shortage of even basic amenities. There is a rapid surge in the greenhouse effect and global warming. Activities like deforestation and transportation are causing an increase in pollution. Dumps from industries, sewage waste, oil spills, and more are a cause of diseases in humans and animals. The health of mother nature is deteriorating because of our quest for comfortable living. Saving nature is the need of the hour. We can do a lot by just switching to sustainable living standards. Planting more and more trees, keeping the environment clean and green, and boycotting the usage of plastic and non-biodegradable products are some activities that can be inculcated in our daily lives to conserve nature. We should be rationally using clean water and should indulge ourselves in rainwater harvesting. If we want to pass a beautiful environment to our future generation, we should be willing to keep it clean in the present.


What Will Your Child Learn From An Essay On Nature?

Our kids learn from us. Our activities influence them a lot. If we work towards keeping our home and nature clean, they will imbibe the same from us. The essay will teach them about the significance of the protection of nature. It will also show them a mirror if they are doing any harm to nature. It will compel them to work towards and give them ideas on how to conserve nature. It will make them realise nature is the best teacher.

We can conclude that nature is the most powerful thing on our planet that binds everything together. Any malfunctioning in even the smallest processes can cause a lot of damage to life on earth. Our selfish deeds towards nature can harm us and our future generations. It is important to keep nature growing for the existence of humanity on the planet. Protecting and preserving nature calls for your attention. It is a two-way process – if you take care of mother nature, it will continue to care of your needs.


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