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How To Manage Your Budget When Buying Toys For Newborns

Having a newborn baby is a wonderfully exciting time of life. From setting up the nursery to taking classes of watching videos to learn essential baby-care skills, you want to do it all for your little one without any hesitation. And while the little being has made your big heart most generous, there definitely comes the point when you wonder how you will manage it all within your budget.

Let us help you with a few tips to make the best ‘money-wise’ decisions when shopping for newborn baby toys, whether in stores or online.

1. Don’t Undervalue Toys For Newborns 

You may have wondered if you should buy too many toys for a newborn at all, after all, they sleep for most of the time and aren’t exactly able to do much. However, it is important to know how these toys are highly beneficial for newborns to get acquainted with this new world they have entered and learn more about themselves by aiding them through achieving various milestones.

2. Share Your Wishlist With Friends And Family

We bet your near and dear ones are eagerly waiting to meet the baby and pamper them with all the love. There is a good chance that they, too, are not very sure of what you need for the nursery. If offered, let them know that you would appreciate some specific toys. Plan this ahead, and you will have most of your wishlist coming to you as gifts. This avoids inconvenient overload of things, as well as similar gifts being repeated. 

3. Choose Age-Appropriate Toys 

One look at the baby toy store can leave you adding everything to your cart. However, check what toys are age-appropriate for the newborn stage. If your child gets discouraged with more advanced toys, you may end up putting them away until they are forgotten.

(Pic of baby with rattle)

4. Organise And Rotate The Toys 

With the above factor in consideration, you must also ensure that you don’t exhaust your entire budget just for the newborn age. Your baby will use and grow out of several toys within the first year itself. A good way of planning for this is to organise the toys as per the age and take out only a few at a time. Once your child outgrows the toys of that level, you can bring out a few toys from the next level. 

5. Choose Combo Packages 

When you look for toys for your baby’s nursery, check if there is a discount or an offer on buying a combo pack or the entire bundle. In most cases, the toys that are offered as a combo complement each other well. When buying a bundle, you get the complete package for a better price.

6. Invest In Quality 

Every parent wants the best for their baby and is on the lookout for the safest materials that they can play with. A good quality toy will save you from worries as well as from damage or wear and tear to the toy. After your baby grows out of these toys, you can pack them away and save them for the second bay in the future or offer them to other new parents looking for toy recommendations.  

7. Use Your Coupons And Deals

Check if there are any offers or loyalty points that you can use to get further discounts. Shopping pros will tell you the benefit of subscribing to email alerts for sales at your favourite stores to avail the best prices for everything on your wishlist.

8. Save On Delivery Charge With Planned Buys

When shopping online, many websites require you to make a minimum amount’s worth of purchases to avail of free delivery. In such cases, you either end up paying a basic charge or adding things to your cart that you did not need. Spend time planning your online purchases so that you can buy all you need without any wasteful tendencies.

9. Up Your Research Game

As a new parent, you may not have much energy to learn about all the toys for newborns. Take a look at expert recommendations while choosing toys for your newborn. Moreover, in order to make the most of these toys, check out expert-recommended activities that you can do with your newborn to engage them with these toys. When you purchase an Intellibaby product, you enjoy a subscription to a number of activities designed by a development paediatrician. These activities are planned to help your baby through its growth and development and achieve various milestones at each level. For instance, instead of simply handing your baby a rattle and letting them engage in unoccupied play, you can perform an activity. Show your baby a rattle, then cover it up with a napkin, and uncover it again to let your baby wonder where it vanished and stimulate their visual focus.

10. Prepare A Checklist

Have a checklist in place for all your needs for the nursery. This list should include essentials, must-haves and good-to-haves. Make sure that toys, too, are a part of the list so that you can account for them in your budget and manage your spending wisely. 

Must-Have Toys For A Newborn Baby

An Activity Gym Attractive Mobiles Ring Mobiles

A Rattle

A Grasping Toy

A Snuggler


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