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How To Teach Your Child To Play Holi Responsibly

It’s time to celebrate the festival of colours, Holi! It’s time to slather bright powdered colours and throw water at each other and have a blast together. And now with a little one added to your life, it’s time to make some fun Holi memories together.


For children, Holi is when they’re allowed to splash around in water, and get super messy! Although the festival promotes fun and frolic, sometimes people get carried away and can end up getting injured or injuring others. Teaching children to be responsible  can be difficult, but it is important and doable with the right tools and approach.


Things To Keep In Mind For A More Mindful Holi Celebration

Holi is a festival of joy, colours, sweets, and much more! The environment is full of joy and celebration, people engage in fun games, and the whole community comes together. But with all the water, the colours, the usual Holi intoxicants, it can come the risk of an accident, for both adults and kids!


Children are naïve and curious by nature, not to mention, pretty fearless! You never know when a harmless water balloon can end up hurting them, or when running to splash someone with their pichkaari can end up in a fall! It is not uncommon for little ones to end up swallowing toxic colours or ending up with colour in their eyes either.

Now, while we’re in no way suggesting your child should stay home rather than enjoy the festivities, we’re offering you ways to create fun memories, without having to worry about risk of injury. It thus becomes important to teach your child how to celebrate responsibly from a young age.


You can teach your children to play Holi more carefully in the following ways.

1. Be Careful With Colours

Simple instructions before your child goes out to play will go a long way in prevention. Little kids must be monitored as they play to ensure they aren’t putting colours into their eyes or mouths. Slightly older kids can be instructed to be careful while they run as the floor can get slippery. Ensure your child is only exposed to eco-friendly colours and their skin and hair are protected at all times.


2. Use Pichkaris Mindfully

Using pichkaris safely means simply not aiming it at another person’s eyes or mouth. Teach your children that a huge part of playing Holi is to be mindful of another person’s space and will to play and they’ll be able to enjoy the festival a lot more mindfully through the years.

3. Avoid Water Balloons If Possible

There have been numerous injuries caused by incorrect use of water balloons. Your best bet is to avoid them altogether but if you must have your child use them, equip them with ways to stay safe. Keep the distance at which balloons are used close, to avoid the balloons hurting someone.


4. Keep A First-Aid Kit Ready

Accidents can happen at any time, and it is imperative that you have a first-aid kit ready for use. Make sure to keep everything which may come in handy (things like scissors, tape, cotton, etc.). If the injury is very severe, immediately visit a doctor.

5. Consent

It is very important to have a person’s consent before you touch them. Since Holi is a very hands-on festival, your child must ask before they put colours or throw coloured water at someone. Not everyone will appreciate being slathered with colours.


6. No Animal Cruelty

We love furballs so much that we wish to include them in all the festivals, right? Well, Holi is, on the other hand, one such festival that animals should most definitely sit out. Remind your children that animals are living beings, too and that they must not be teased. Teach your children to respect other animals and to not put any colour on them. Holi colours have toxins in them, which can cause skin infections and more in animals.

7. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is the key to staying healthy and alert. Since Holi is played outdoors, under the sun, it is easy to get dehydrated. Make sure that your little one stays hydrated and consumes some liquid in intervals. This will keep sun strokes, dehydration and other problems at bay!


8. Keep Emergency Contact Numbers Handy

It is always good to be over-prepped than under-prepped. Keep some emergency contact numbers with your child if they are going to play Holi elsewhere.

Alternative Ways To Play Holi

Although Holi is a beautiful festival, it also contributes to a lot of waste and pollution. A lot of clean water is wasted throughout the festival as people use it to make coloured water and also to clean themselves up after playing. Here are some alternative ways in which you can celebrate Holi:


1. Using Flowers

Flower Holi

A lot of places in India play Holi with flowers instead of colours. This is a beautiful eco-friendly alternative. Instead of playing with toxic chemicals, you can play Holi with fragrant flowers, preferably already fallen and not plucked, which will decompose after use!

2. Cook Together

Festivals are a time which brings families closer and help them bond together. One such beautiful way of bonding is by cooking together. This Diwali, consider staying in and cooking savouries and sweets with your family.

3. Take A Small Vacation

You can always take a few days off and take your little one on a fun and short vacation. You could go on an overnight trek or visit a beautiful temple and tell them about the real reason why this festival is celebrated.

4. Visit An NGO

There’s no joy like that of sharing with others. One way you can do this is by visiting an NGO and celebrating Holi there. Not only will this bring you joy, but it will also teach your child the importance of giving and celebrating together as a community.

Giving your child the freedom in their life early on can help them grow up into responsible young adults. They must be responsible for their own decisions and face the consequences of the same. However, it is our duty to guide them down the right path and to help them understand what is best for society.
Holi is a beautiful festival, and it is meant to be celebrated together as a community. As a community, we ought to take care of each other. So, spread the colours of joy, and remember to play Holi responsibly!

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