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Labelling Pictures For Preschoolers – Benefits And Activities

We know that teaching your little one to write can be hard! But labelling pictures can help. Teach your child to write with the help of “label the picture” concept. Learning to write by labelling the pictures gives children a chance to add new words to their vocabulary and more. To learn more about such benefits, read this article on kindergarten labelling pictures below!


Benefits Of Labelling Pictures For Children

When children start writing, they need some kind of support with vocabulary that they can use to write. The best way to help children with this is by providing them labels with pictures. To help you understand the importance of labelling for kids, we have covered some amazing benefits of labelling pictures below. Let’s read.


1. Help With Vocabulary

Children might not be aware of the name of all the objects in a picture. Therefore, labelling pictures helps kids to learn new vocabulary words which they can later use in their writing.


2. Content Integration

Labelling a picture helps to introduce kids to new content topics as they can visually see the new vocabulary. Therefore, you can use these images to assess the knowledge of kids related to that content topic. After learning this, children will be able to label pictures independently and write about them.

3. Grammar Practice

You can also help your child improve their grammar skills by asking them to label, focusing on one part of the speech, like a noun or a verb.


4. Sentence Writing

While labelling a picture, children are required to brainstorm a little. Given pictures and words provide a scaffold for writing sentences.

5. Gain Confidence

Children often have a habit of writing one word and then scribbling it out, as they can’t think of anything to write about. Labelling pictures help them gain confidence to write and do more such independent activities.


Simple And Fun Picture Labelling Activities For Your Child

Let’s take a look at some fun-filled activities for children on how to label a picture.

1. Self Portrait

Print a photo of your child’s face and paste it on the sheet. Make a few labels of parts of the face on sticky notes and hand them over to your child. These labels can be nose, lips, eyes, ears, forehead, etc. Ask your child to paste the sticky note in the right place based on the name of the face part written on it.


2. Paste The Label

Look around the house and make labels of different objects present in your home. These labels can be a clock, table, plant, phone, etc. Give these labels to your child and ask them to find the objects and stick/place the labels on them.

3. Draw & Label

Ask your child to draw a scenery. It could be anything, whatever they like. When they are done colouring, ask them to label each part of their drawing.


4. Colour The Labels Only

Take a print of different cartoon characters and make labels of only a few of them. Give these labels to your child and ask them to only colour the characters mentioned on the labels. You can also ask them to make a simple sentence using these cartoon character names.

We hope this article helped you to understand the importance of labelling pictures for kids. Do try the activities mentioned above to help your child understand how labelling pictures works. Happy labelling!


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