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Animals Around Us: Mountain Animal Names For Kids

When we think about animals, we know many of their names based on the geography of the place, and what we see around. When kids are learning what animals are and even learning their names, it is important to teach them the different types of animals that live in different geographies. There are some animals that can be domesticated, while other animals can only survive in the wild. Some animals can be found only in the desert, while other animals live in the mountains.


In this article, we have covered the names of common mountain animals along with a brief description of each of them. Let’s read!


What Are Mountain Animals?

The animals that have adapted to the mountain ecosystem are called mountain animals. These animals can climb steep rocks and navigate rough terrain. These animals generally have thick fur coats that protect them from the extremely cold weather that’s there in the mountains. We have shared a list of some common mountain animal names for children below.


List Of Commonly Known Mountain Animals For Kids

Mountain Animal Names

In this section, we have covered the names of common mountain animals for kids.

1. Elk

This is a light brown coloured animal with darker patches across the face, neck and legs.


Fun fact about Elks: Only male elks have antlers.

2. Mountain Goat

Mountain goats can be identified with the help of their black horns and long, shaggy winter coats. This animal can easily climb steep, rocky slopes and are a good swimmer.


Fun fact about Mountain Goats: This animal can jump 12 feet in one leap.

3. Grizzly Bear

One of the most common mountain animals, different types of bears can be found in mountain areas. Grizzly Bears are large and range in colour from very light tan to dark brown. These bears have a dished face, round and short ears, and a large shoulder hump.


Fun fact about Grizzly Bears: The hump of this animal is actually a muscle.

4. Sierra Nevada Red Fox

This mountain fox has a small, slender body and legs, long, pointed ears, and an elongated snout. Sierra Nevada Red Foxes weigh around 7-9 pounds.


Fun fact about Sierra Nevada Red Fox: The tail of this animal is over half its body length.

5. Yaks

Yaks have bulky frames, sturdy legs, rounded, cloven hooves, and extremely dense, long fur that hangs down lower than their belly.


Fun fact about Yaks: This animal has two stomachs.

6. Snow Leopard

Found in high mountain ranges like the Siberian Mountains and the Himalayas, Snow Leopards have strong legs and thick hair and long tail.


Fun fact about the Snow Leopard: This animal can’t roar.

7. Cougar

Cougars have a cat-like appearance, with a grey to the reddish-tan body colour and a long tail. This animal can weigh up to 200 pounds.

Fun fact about the Cougar: This animal can jump upwards of 18 feet from a sitting position.

8. Red Panda

Red Pandas are small mountain animals with reddish-brown fur, a long shaggy tail, and short legs. Red Pandas can be found in the temperate forests of the Himalayas.

Fun fact about the Red Panda: This animal has a false thumb.

9. Wolf

Wolves are grey to brown in colour with buffy facial markings and undersides. Wolves are carnivores and eat animals like deer, elk, and moose.

Fun fact about the Wolf: Wolf babies are born deaf and blind with bright blue eyes

10. Gorilla

This is a dark-skinned animal with black to brown-grey hair. This animal is mostly herbivorous and eats leaves, stems, roots, fruits, flowers, etc.

Fun fact about Gorillas: These animals have a unique nose pattern that is specific to every Gorilla.

11. Llama

Llamas are animals with long necks and legs but small heads with a split upper lips, large ears, and short tails. Their fur is coarse and ranges in colour from white through reddish-brown to black.

Fun fact about the Llama: This animal spits when agitated! (Psst: For older kids, introduce them to Tintin’s Prisoners Of The Sun, which features a Llama!)

Other Animals That Live In The Mountains

Here is a list of animals in the mountains for children to learn –

  • Falcon
  • Mountain Ibex
  • Marmot
  • Gazelles
  • Himalayan Tahr
  • Chiru
  • Hyrax
  • Chamois
  • Iguana
  • Chinchilla
  • Jackal
  • Vicuna
  • Bison
  • Blue Sheep
  • Civet
  • Klipspringer
  • Weasel
  • Clouded Leopard
  • Markhor
  • Wolverine
  • Mountain Hare
  • American Black Bear
  • Mountain Galaxia


1. Which Mountain Animal Can Live In Severe Cold?

Animals like Arctic Foxes, Caribous, Reindeer, Polar Bears, etc., can live in severely cold weather.

2. Which Mountain Animal Can Live In High Altitudes?

Animals like Brown Bears, Tibetan Sand Foxes, Kiangs, etc., can live in high altitudes.

3. What Are Some Endangered Mountain Animals?

Animals like Mountain Gorillas, Snow Leopards, Wolverines, etc., are endangered mountain animals.

Show your child these mountain animals’ pictures with names to help them memorise the names and learn more about natural habitats. With this list of animals in the smoky mountains, their knowledge will surely be thorough.

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