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Mummy And Daddy Nursery Rhyme For Kids

The Mummy and Daddy song is a sweet nursery rhyme that is taught to pre-schoolers across the world. The song is from the child’s point of view and addresses their parents. It is a nursery rhyme that shows the affection a child has for their parents. It is important for children to be able to express their emotions in a safe and open environment. For most children, parents provide this safe and open environment. After all, our parents are our first heroes!

Lyrics Of Mummy And Daddy In English  

Here are the lyrics of the Mummy And Daddy poem:


Mummy and Daddy,
I love you.
Come to me,
When I call you.
Give me a kiss,
When I ask you.
Mummy and Daddy,
I love you.  


Mummy And Daddy Nursery Rhyme For Kids2

What Will Your Child Learn From Mummy And Daddy?  

Your child will learn to understand and express their emotions in a better way. Children need to know that they are heard and that their emotions matter. No matter what they are feeling, even if they don’t understand it, they should be able to express it. Bottling up emotions never helps in the long run. When you freely express your emotions, you can then proceed to do something about the situation. The same applies to children too. It may be harder for them to express themselves as their vocabulary is limited. But teaching them to patiently and calmly express their emotions will help them grow up with better emotional intelligence. You can also take this opportunity to explain the meaning of love to your little one. This may seem complex, but depending on their age, you can simplify the meaning of love. For Example, You can say that since daddy takes care of you and makes sure you’re happy, daddy loves you.   


Theme Of The Rhyme Mummy And Daddy  

The theme of the Mummy And Daddy nursery rhyme is love and affection for one’s parents or guardians.   


Rhyming Scheme Of Mummy And Daddy  

The Mummy And Daddy nursery rhyme is written in free verse, and hence it does not have a rhyming pattern.

Words That Your Child Will Learn From Mummy And Daddy  

  • Mummy
  • Daddy
  • Love
  • Call
  • Ask
  • Kiss  

Suggested Activities  

It is always best to lead by example and preach what you teach! Children learn concepts faster when they are engaged in the process of learning and are encouraged throughout the process. Fun activities are the best way to stimulate education and learning in your child’s early years. Below are a few activities you can do with your little one:  


1. Create  

  • Create a photo frame of memories with your little one.   
  • Cut out a photo frame template from a piece of cardboard and paste a pocket-like structure behind it.  
  • Give your little one stickers, colours, paints, etc., and let them colour and paste on the cardboard photo frame.   
  • Do not instruct them; let their imagination run wild!  
  • Once the paints or stickers have dried, take a family picture and insert it into the pocket.
  • You now have a sweet little photo frame!  

2. Express  

  • Have a no-screen policy for an hour every day with your entire family.   
  • For that one hour, everyone must talk to each other.  
  • Talk about things like how you feel, what you did all day etc.   
  • This will help your child express themselves and help your family bond.   


1. When can I teach my little one the Mummy And Daddy nursery rhyme?

Ans. Since the nursery rhyme is fairly simple, you can teach it to your little one anytime!  

2. How do I get my child to express themselves?

Ans. This will require close observation of your child’s mood. Anytime it seems different, ask your child what they are feeling. Make this a habit, and eventually, your child will willingly tell you how they are feeling.


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