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How To Write An Essay On ‘My Garden’ For Primary Classes

Gardening is a fun hobby for children. It involves planting different types of plants and trees that bear fruits, vegetables, or flowers in a well-planned manner on a plot of land or in pots. It is an enriching activity that many families take up. Children are introduced to it by parents to help them understand the importance of learning how to grow a plant. Many children are familiar with gardening and will be confident while writing an essay on this topic. Those who haven’t engaged in gardening may get interested in the activity through this topic.

Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on ‘My Garden’ for Class 1, 2, and 3 Kids

‘My Garden’ is a fairly advanced topic for young children. Here are some points to remember when composing an essay on the topic:

  • When writing about this topic, it is essential to talk about both the facts and how one feels about their garden.
  • Gardening can be done on the ground and in planters. Children who are exposed to gardening in planters can focus on the specifics of potted plants.
  • While writing short essays on your garden, stick to general points about gardening that are relatable.
  • When writing long essays, add facts about gardening and tell the story of your garden.

10 Lines on ‘My Garden’ in English

The easiest way to write about a garden is to break it down into small segments as one-liners. An essay for class 1 on gardens can include simple points about gardening. A class 2 essay can consist of more facts.

  1. My garden is one of the most beautiful parts of my house. The different types of plants and flowers make it very decorative and attractive.
  2. Gardening helps us learn about the cycle of life and how to nurture plants.
  3. By growing plants in our house, we get fresh air during the day and it also makes our home look so pretty! 
  4. Gardening is the best way to develop a deep love and understanding of nature.
  5. Many people grow good fruits and vegetables in their gardens. I prefer flowers as they are very pretty to look at.
  6. Half of my garden is dedicated to flowering plants, and the remaining has vegetables and herbs planted by my grandmother.
  7. The vegetables harvested from our garden taste fresh and better than what we buy from stores.
  8. My flowering plants also attract plenty of birds, insects and butterflies.
  9. My garden is a haven for these small animals, and I love watching them all day.
  10. Gardens require regular maintenance, without which they die eventually.

Short Paragraph on ‘My Garden’

Children used to gardening work will have no problem writing about it. For those who have little experience in it, this short essay will give them some ideas:

Gardening is my favourite hobby, and I think my garden is the best place in my house. I can spend many hours every day working in my garden, and being there makes me feel fresh and happy. I got interested in gardening because of my mother and grandmother. They grow many different types of herbs, fruits and vegetables, which we eat and enjoy. My interest in gardening grew after my mother encouraged me to plant carrot seeds in a small pot. After a few weeks of taking care of them by watering and adding manure, I could harvest some baby carrots. Ever since then, I have been totally hooked on gardening.

My garden is in a small plot of land in my backyard. We grow flowering plants closer to the building, where there is some shade and some sunlight. For the vegetables, we choose a spot with plenty of sunlight, which they require to grow big. I have to maintain the garden by watering it every day or else the leaves will fade. I like sitting in the garden and relaxing in the fresh scenery. When my friends come home, I show them all the new flowers and plants I have added.

Long Essay on ‘My Garden’ in English for Kids

Class 3 students are expected to write a long essay on gardening. Your child can start by arranging all the ideas appropriately and weaving them into an engaging narrative. Here is an example for a descriptive essay on ‘My Garden’ for children of class 3:

I have always loved nature and greenery in every place I visit. My parents often take me out of the city to experience the countryside and beautiful nature that makes me feel alive. My city life is busy, and my garden is the only escape to nature in the middle of all the concrete buildings. I feel lucky to have enough space in my house to grow a beautiful garden. My garden is in the patch of land right next to my window. Not just that, I have plants in pots all around our house, including the terrace!

There is a small patch of lawn in my garden for my family and friends to sit and enjoy a leisurely time. We have planted hedges on the sides of the walls that give the garden a beautiful look and feel. The hedges grow fast, so they need to be trimmed often. Over a dozen different types of flowering plants decorate the house all around. I have planted flowering varieties both in the ground and in the pots. The flowers attract birds and butterflies, and it is the best sight in the world.

My mother has planted various vegetables in the section of the garden that faces our kitchen. We love eating the fresh vegetables we harvest from the garden. Different seasons are suited for growing different vegetables, but we have cherry tomatoes all year round.

Since my window faces the garden, the plants and flowers are the first things I see every morning after I wake up. Whether I am studying or just relaxing, my garden is my place of peace and zen. All my friends like to come and sit in my garden because of how fresh it feels. Gardening is an activity I believe everyone should take up even if they don’t have much space in the house. They will be surprised at how well some plants can do in a simple pot!

What Will Your Child Learn From This Essay?

Writing about gardening will teach your children how to write about a hobby they enjoy. Gardening is an activity that most children would be familiar with. However, some living in dense cities might not have been exposed to it. They might learn some new facts while thinking about gardening and get interested in trying their hand at it. The topic helps them ponder over the responsibility of tending a garden. It will also encourage them to observe the benefits of a garden and appreciate nature. 

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