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Essay On My Hobby For Class 1, 2 And 3 Children

Hobbies are activities or pursuits people undertake because of deep interest in something, or as a way of creative outlet. These activities are enjoyed at one’s leisure and are highly relaxing and rewarding at the same time. It could be playing outdoor sports, reading books, collecting items, singing, or dancing. Children pursue hobbies out of curiosity and love talking about them when they get a chance. Hence, it is a common topic for essay writing for exams, competitions or class assignments. Here are some ideas for different essay formats to help your child express their feelings about their favourite activity in words.


Key Points To Remember When Writing an Essay on ‘My Hobby’ For Lower Primary Classes

It is important for students to follow some guidelines while writing an essay on ‘My Hobby’. With these key points, this will be an easy topic.

  • While writing about a hobby, it is better to pick an activity that you are most familiar with.
  • Introduce the topic with how you got into the hobby and what piqued your interest.
  • If it is a short essay, then state only the most important facts about the hobby.
  • For longer essays, you can go deeper into the details of the hobby.
  • Ensure you do not dwell too long on any single idea to maintain context.
  • End the essay with why you would like to keep working on it and why others should try it.

Short and Long Essays on ‘My Hobby’ For Kids

A wide range of activities can be classified as a hobby, and there is no limit to how much you can write about your favourite topic. Children are often asked to write short essays on this topic in the lower primary classes. As they progress up the grades, the expected length of the essay increases. Here are some examples of essays on hobbies.


Essay on My Hobby is Drawing’ in 10 Lines

Here is what a 10-line essay on drawing and painting could look like:

  1. Art has an important role in human culture since the beginning. Earlier, people drew on cave walls, dried leaves, and animal skin. Now we draw on paper, canvas, and digital apps.
  2. Everyone can do basic drawing and painting, and some people take it up as a hobby.
  3. I love painting because it keeps me relaxed and focused. I enjoy playing with colours and experimenting.
  4. I was introduced to painting by my mother. She is an amazing artist.
  5. I have many art supplies like watercolours, oil paint, crayons, and art paper.
  6. My family and friends love my paintings and always admire them.
  7. I often participate in drawing and painting competitions in my school. I have won many prizes too.
  8. Sometimes, painting is my escape into a new world that I can create.
  9. I like making paintings as gifts for friends on their birthdays.
  10. People say painting skill is a gift, but I think everyone can do it well if they practice more.

Short Essay On ‘My Hobby is Singing’ for Children

Many people aspire to be great singers because it is considered to be a lovely talent. Many people pursue singing as a hobby to learn a skill that is much appreciated in our society. I have enjoyed singing since I was little. My mother was my first singing teacher, and now I learn from my mother’s teacher. I sing whenever I am happy and by myself. I also participate in singing competitions in my school. My teacher tells me I have a natural talent for singing because I have a very good voice. But she also tells me to work hard and practice every day to sharpen my skill.


Short Essay on ‘My Hobby is Cooking’

I love cooking because I love eating delicious food! I think cooking is one of the best hobbies to have. Both my parents are outstanding cooks who can make delicious food. When I grow up, I want to cook just like my parents. I often help them out in the kitchen when they prepare meals and learn various aspects of cooking in the process. Although my parents are excellent cooks, my grandmother is the best cook I have ever known. Someday I aspire to be able to cook like her.

Essay On ‘My Favourite Hobby is Gardening’

Gardening is my favourite hobby. I learnt it from my father and grandmother. In the beginning, I found it to be messy and time-consuming, but all that changed when I harvested my first carrots. The joy of eating food that you can grow on your own cannot be compared to store-bought fruits and vegetables. We have a garden full of fruit-bearing plants and plenty of vegetables, including carrots, radish, and brinjal. Gardening is also very relaxing. I love the smell of a freshly watered garden in the summer evenings. The sight of flowers and butterflies takes me to a completely different world.


Essay on ‘My Hobby is Reading’ for Children

Reading books is an important hobby to pursue. It is a good way to learn new things and develop our vocabulary. It also teaches us to focus on a topic for a long time and solve problems or understand difficult subjects. I have a huge collection of books in my library in the room. My favourite books are science encyclopedias. They have plenty of useful information and interesting pictures about everything in the world. I also like storybooks that have funny stories and good morals. My grandfather always reads stories to me during bedtime.

Everybody in my house reads books. It is a habit that runs in the family. My parents always tell me that reading makes us smarter as we learn new things and gain new perspectives. Reading is also important to learn how to write well, as my grandpa tells me all the time. Although I read to learn more about things and build my vocabulary, most of the books I read are for my fun. I enjoy reading books and want to keep adding new books to my library.


What Will Your Child Learn from This Essay?

‘My Hobby’ is a topic which children would love to write about. Everybody likes talking about their favourite activity. Since your child takes a keen interest in this particular activity, they will be full of ideas to narrate. Through this essay, your child will learn about various types of hobbies people have and all the benefits that come from them. They will reflect upon what they are learning from their fun activities and think about how they can practice and work hard to improve upon it. They will also learn to channel their thoughts and express them clearly in written language.

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