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Properties & Examples Of The Oval Shape For Preschoolers

While teaching shapes to kids, it’s important that we focus on each shape, and explain to them what they look like, why they are important, real-life examples in the world, and even how to draw them (when it comes to that!)


In this article, we’re looking at the Oval shape – a shape that belongs to the circle family, but is distinct in its own way. When teaching about the oval shape, preschool kids, need to be taught what its features are, how to draw the oval shape and a few examples of the oval shape we see around us. Let’s jump straight in, shall we?


What Is An Oval Shape?

Oval Shape

An oval shape is a shape that’s more of an elongated circle, and looks like an egg. It’s a 2D shape with no lines or vertices, and does not intersect at any other point. In its 3D form, it’s called an Ovoid. Let’s get to how this name came about.


The name ‘Oval’ originated from the Latin word ‘ovum’, which means an egg. This will now make it very easy for your child to understand. Kids are familiar with eggs as they would have seen them on their breakfast tables. Even vegetarians are familiar with eggs, as their most awaited Easter Bunny brings to them the Easter Egg with delicious candies and treats. Thus, children will be able to relate to this shape well.

How Do You Introduce The Oval Shape To Preschoolers?

Once your kindergartener understands some basic shapes and knows what a circle looks like, it’s time for them to jump into the world of oval shapes. Here, it’s important to show them how an oval is basically a stretched-out circle with two long and two short sides. One of the best examples of an oval shape in real life, as discussed above, is the egg shape. Show an egg to your little one and let them understand what it looks like and how it is shaped the way it is. Then, show your little one what a circle is, maybe an orange or a circular fruit, and let them then look at the differences in shape. The next step is for them to trace these shapes on a piece of paper and learn how to draw circles and ovals. This will help them in pattern recognition.


What Are The Features Of An Oval Shape?

Here are some features that can be observed in an Oval and that make it a unique shape.

  • An oval shape is a closed shape.
  • It is a plane curve geometrical figure.
  • An oval has smooth-looking, simple, convex curves
  • It has no straight lines or straight sides.
  • A line of symmetry can be observed in some cases.
  • An oval shape has no corners or vertices.
  • Ovals have one flat and curved face which does not self-intersect at any point
  • The shape is similar to an ellipse and does not change much from the basic elliptical shape
  • There is no fixed distance from the centre point to the circumference, like in a circle.

How To Draw An Oval Shape – Step By Step Procedure

Drawing an oval shape is easy. If you are confident with your pen control, you can even draw the shape with your freehand. However, for drawing an accurate shape, you can use a compass from your geometry set to create a perfect oval. But worry not, even if you do not have a compass, you can still use a few tricks and tips to draw an oval shape with these ideas. In this section, we will guide your child on how to draw an Oval with as well as without a compass.


Drawing An Oval Shape Without Using A Compass

1. Using A Cross

Make a cross to set the base for the oval shape. A cross is very helpful because you can then control the size of your shape. This will also help erase it easily if there’s an error while practising.


2. Using A Rectangle

Instead of using a cross, you make a rectangle and draw the oval shape inside. This will them help draw the oval shape within a specific shape itself, so that it gets easy to stay within the borders.


3. Using A Circle

Use a circle as a reference point and draw the oval shape around it. It might not be as perfect as the previous tricks, but it does help create the shape effectively without the use of any geometrical tools. For the initial circle, you can use any circular object like a ring, lid or bangle.


Drawing An Oval Shape Using A Compass

Now, let’s draw an oval of precise measurements using a compass. You will need a pair of compass, a pencil, a notebook and a ruler.

Oval With A Compass


  • Step 1: Draw a line to create the length of the oval and divide it into 3 equal parts and name the points of division A, B, C and D.
  • Step 2: Open the compass to the length of one third of the line, i.e. A to B. Keep the fixed end of the compass on B and the pencil end on A, and draw a circle.
  • Step 3: Draw another circle same as above, with C as the center. Now there will be 2 circles, crossing each other at 2 points. Name them as E1 and E2.
  • Step 4: Create new 2 points on each circle by using the compass, without any change, and by using A and D as centres. Name them as F1, F2, F3 and F4.
  • Step 5: Adjust the compass as the length between F1 and E2 and run it from F1 to F2 using E2 as centre. Repeat this step and draw the line from F3 to F4 by using E1 as the centre.

Examples Of Oval Shapes In Real Life

When we’re looking at oval shapes around us, there are so many examples in real life! The most common example is the oval egg shape, but the oval geometric shape is found in so many things, patterns, designs and places. Let us list a few examples for oval shape here for you.

  • Cricket ground
  • Track field
  • Human eyes
  • Earth’s orbit around the sun
  • An oval rug
  • An oval-shaped ring
  • An American Football (In a 2D Drawing)
  • A Badminton Racket
  • A Baloon
  • A Watermelon
  • Some variety of leaves
  • An oval vanity Mirror
  • Certain nuts like almonds
  • Grapes
  • Avocado
  • Face
  • Lenses of spectacles
  • Oval photo frames

Quiz On The Oval Shapes For Kids With Solutions

Oval Shapes For Kids

Q1. What is the shape of this mirror?


Ans: Oval

Q2. Name all the objects in the image below that are oval in shape

Pizza Slice
Easter Egg
WindowCoffee table

Ans: Field, Easter Egg, Coffee Table

Q3. Is the below image an oval? Answer yes or no.

Oval Shape

Ans: Yes

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