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Story Of Thumbelina With Moral For Kids

Children love bedtime stories as they are transported to a different world every single time. Anthropomorphic tales are a great way to enhance your child’s imagination.  During the reading, the child is likely to imagine how a certain animal would speak if they could talk like them and what their gestures and expressions would be. They might even give each character a different voice. And, when we speak about a story for kids in this theme, we are reminded of Thumbelina instantly. Read this story of Thumbelina in English and narrate it to your child today!


Origin And History Of ‘Thumbelina’

The fairy tale was written by Hans Christian Andersen and was published by C. A. Reitzel in 1835 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Story Type Of ‘Thumbelina’

This story is a fairy tale and can be read to kids as a bedtime story.


Story Characters

In this story, we are introduced to a woman in the woods, a witch, a tiny girl named Thumbelina, a frog and his son, a beetle and his friends, two minnows, mice and his friends, a swallow and the King of Flowers.

The Story Of ‘Thumbelina’ For Children

The Story Of Thumbelina For Children

Long ago, alone in a faraway countryside, lived a woman. After her husband passed away, she lived a lonely life. She didn’t have a child and always wanted one. One day she asked for help from her friend, who was a witch.


‘I really want a child, please help me !’

‘Take this grain of barley and plant it at your home. Take good care of the plant, and you will soon be blessed with a child.’


The woman came back home and did as suggested. Soon, she noticed a beautiful plant had grown from the seed with a lovely tulip-like flower. Awestruck, the women kissed the beautiful flower, and suddenly the pretty flower blossomed. She discovered a beautiful girl inside it, who was as little as the woman’s thumb. The woman was mesmerised by her and named her Thumbelina out of affection.

The woman was not lonely anymore. She used to talk to Thumbelina and tell her stories. She used to make tulip petal boats so Thumbelina could row in a small plate filled with water. Thumbelina would sleep in a bed made of a walnut shell and cover herself with a rose petal blanket.


But one day, a frog noticed her through her window and thought, ‘She is so beautiful! She will definitely make a pretty bride to my dear son!’ He promptly grabbed her and headed to his pond. When the son lay his eyes on Thumbelina, he was overjoyed.

‘Dad, she is so pretty. I want to marry her and would like to build a beautiful home for her as a gift before marriage.’


‘That’s a wonderful plan, son. I will keep her on the water lily at the centre of the pond so that she can not escape till you are done building the house.’

Thumbelina could not escape from the middle of the pond and started crying. Two minnows sitting under that leaf heard her cry and approached her.


‘Why are you crying?’

‘I am stuck here on this lilypad on the pond; please help me!’

The minnows nibbled away the water lily stem and broke it. Soon Thumbelina was able to float away from the frogs and was relieved. But soon enough, a beetle came down, captured her, and took her to his home. As they reached home, he invited his friends to introduce them to beautiful Thumbelina. But his friends opposed keeping her as she was not their kind and did not belong to them. The beetle thought-


 ‘They are right. She does not belong here. I should let her go.’

Then the beetle dropped Thumbelina in the dense grasslands filled with flowers.

Thumbelina was finally happy to be free from the captors. But she could hardly remember her way back home. She was stuck in the flowers and grass for days. She used to eat the pollen from the flowers and drank the dew from the leaves.

As days passed, one day, she found a small mud house with a strange entrance. She went up and knocked on the round door. A mouse came out and said, ‘Hello, what are you doing outside in this cold weather? Please come in.’

Thumbelina entered the house and settled comfortably. When the mouse wanted to know her identity, she shared her whole story. The mouse felt sad for her and said, ‘Stay here with me. You can stay here as long as you like.’ Then on, Thumbelina started staying there. She cooked food for the mouse and told him exciting stories as a gesture of gratefulness. After some time, the mouse invited his friend, who was the wealthiest mouse in all the land. At dinner time, the friend fell in love with Thumbelina and said, ‘I want to marry you!’ Thumbelina couldn’t say anything and decided to play along when the mice wanted to show her his house. On the way to his house, they entered a tunnel and found an injured swallow. The mice’s friend rudely cried and kicked the swallow, saying, ‘What is she doing in tunnels instead of the sky? Serves her right!’ Thumbelina was shocked.

When the mice left, Thumbelina came out to help the swallow. She attended to her so that she could fly again. When Spring came, the swallow was fit to fly and join her family and friends. She said, ‘Why don’t you join us?’

‘Thanks, but I have had enough adventure. Goodbye, my friend.’

A few months later, the love-struck mice met Thumbelina again and said, ‘I have been searching for you for so long. Let’s get married now!’

‘Okay, but before that, let me spend the last day in the open air.’

As Thumbelina was roaming in the open fields, she discovered that the swallow had returned to take her away. Thumbelina hopped on the swallow’s back and flew over the land. The swallow took her to the kingdom of the flowers. Thumbelina saw a handsome king with beautiful wings surrounded by lovely flowers. The king fell in love with her and said, ‘Will you marry me?’ Thumbelina also took a liking to the king and loved the place. She replied ‘Yes’ with a big smile.

As Thumbelina was happy for the first time, she grew a great pair of wings and became the Flower Queen. They got married and lived happily ever after!

Story Summary

Here’s a summary of the story.

Once, a lonely woman living in the woods went to her witch friend with a desire to get a child. The witch gave her a grain of barley and asked her to plant and care for it. Soon, a plant grew with a lovely flower inside which the woman found a beautiful little girl; she named her Thumbelina and took good care of her.

One day, a frog saw her and took her along to make her his daughter-in-law. As the frog put her away on a water lily in the middle of a pond, Thumbelina escaped with the help of two minnows. But just after escaping, a beetle grabbed her, awestruck by her beauty, and took her home.

The beetle’s friends disagreed with keeping her with them and asked the beetle to let her go. As Thumbelina was set free, she could not find her way back home and happened to find a mouse living in the woods and was asked to take shelter at his home. But one day, the mice’s friend came in. He saw Thumbelina and wanted to marry her. She could not disagree but soon discovered that the mouse was unkind as he left an injured swallow unattended. Thumbelina nursed the swallow until she was healthy.

After a few months, the lovestruck mouse came to marry her. As she took time to think about it, the swallow came back and helped her escape. The swallow took her to the Kingdom of Flowers, where Thumbelina met a handsome young king with beautiful wings and fell in love with him. The king wanted to marry her, and Thumbelina joyfully agreed. They lived happily ever after.

Moral Of The Story

Kindness always pays off. The moral suggests that since Thumbelina helped the swallow selflessly, she received the favour with something bigger and found her true love. Therefore, we should never be cruel to others; instead, practise showing kindness and helping others.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Lesson Of The Story In Their Real Life?

This short story will help children understand why kindness is important and learn to develop empathy while relating themselves to the characters. The story ensures that kindness is always rewarded with greater gifts. If you can get your hands on this story with pictures, your kids are sure to find reading it exciting and would learn so many skills to build their character.

Hopefully, your kids have enjoyed the story. This story will build a sense of empathy in your child while introducing them to new characters and strengthening their thought process. Follow us for more exciting stories for your kids.

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