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Teaching The Circle Shape To Preschoolers And Kids

Teaching children to identify geometric shapes is important as we are surrounded by various shapes and encounter them in daily life. One such shape is a circle. Therefore, teaching about circle shape to kids must be on every parent’s to-do list. A circle is a very easy and simple shape to learn, identify and draw. In fact, when kids start holding a pencil or a crayon, they try to make circle patterns automatically.

In this article, we have covered all the information about circle shapes for preschoolers. This includes everything from teaching circle shape, activities to teach circle shape, real-life example of the shape to properties, formulas and interesting facts about the circle shape.

Let’s read about this geometric shape.

What Is A Circle?

A circle is a closed 2-dimensional shape with no corners or edges. This shape has a centre, and all points on the circumference or the outline of the circle are the same distance from the centre.

How To Teach Circle Shape To Your Child?

The circle shape is easy for kids to identify and make. That is why kids are first taught about this shape. But parents must ensure that children remember and recognise this shape, which can be done with the help of hands-on activities and games mentioned below.

Activities That Will Help Your Child To Learn About Circle

In this section, we have mentioned some preschool circle activities for kids that will help your child to learn about this shape easily. Let’s take a look at these fun and engaging activities.

1. Colour Inside The Circle

On a drawing sheet, make some big and small circles using a black marker. Give the drawing sheet to your child and ask them to colour inside each circle using different hues. This activity will help your child to understand the shape of a circle.

2. Play Dough Circle Craft

Ask your child to make different things that are circular in shape using play dough. For example, they can make a round pizza, a shape of a clock, a ball, etc. This activity will help your child to make a circle shape.

3. Find The Circle

On a sheet, draw different geometrical shapes, like squares, triangles, diamonds, circles, and rectangles. Now, give this sheet to your little one and ask them to find the circle shape and make another circle around it using a coloured sketch pen. This activity will help your child to identify the circle shape.

4. Point To The Circle Shape

Sit with your child in a living room or bedroom. Ask them to point to things that are circular in shape around them. For example, they can point to a clock, ring, circle cushion/pillow, etc.

5. Trace The Circle

In a bowl, add some fruit loops and, on a sheet, draw a big circle. Give the bowl and the sheet to your child and ask them to trace the outline of the circle using the fruit loops.

6. Hoopla

Arrange a few toys (small teddy bear, play dough, etc.) and treats (toffee, chocolate, etc.) in a line. Hand a big hoopla ring to your child and ask them to throw it in such a way that the hoopla ring land in one of the things. You can give that toy or treat to your child.

7. Trace The Coin

One of the best childhood games we bet all of you must have played. Take a sheet and keep a coin under the sheet. Using a pencil, start tracing the coin on the sheet. Kids will love doing this activity.

Some Real Life Example Of Circle Shapes

Kids must be aware of circle-shaped things & objects around them. In this section, we will take a look at some real-life circle-shaped examples for kids.

1. Bangle

An ornamental band that is worn around the wrist.

2. Tyre

A rubber covering that is placed around a round object to form soft contact with the road.

3. Coin

A flat piece of metal with an official stamp used as money.

4. Plate Or Dish

A metal, ceramic or plastic object that is used to serve food. These are generally circular in shape.

5. Food Items

Eatables like vada, doughnuts, chapati, smiley, pancakes, etc., are circular in shape.

6. Button

A small knob sewed onto a garment to hold it in place when closed. Although buttons are available in various fancy shapes, circle-shaped buttons are very popular.

7. Dart Board

A board which is circular in shape and is marked with numbered segments used as a target in the game of darts.

8. CD Or Compact Disc

A small plastic disc that is used to store data or music.

Some Instructions For Little Ones To Understand The Circle Shapes

In this section, we have covered simple instructions about circle for kids to understand easily. Let’s read!

  • Teaching with the help of games or activities will keep the children engaged and entertained.
  • Make your child recognise the circle shape whenever possible and with the help of everyday examples, like a round chapati or a ball.
  • Ensure to give your child enough space and time to learn and show interest in learning about this shape.
  • Motivate your child to keep up the learning pace by rewarding them for the correct answer.

Circle In Maths

A circle is an important geometric shape that kids must know about, as learning the basics of this 2D shape will help them in future when they learn about it in detail. Below, we have covered the properties and formulas of a circle for kids to read and understand.

What Are The Properties Of Circle?

Some basic properties of a circle are:

  • Any point on the outer boundary of a circle is equidistant from its centre.
  • The diameter divides the circle into two equal parts.
  • The circle’s diameter is the largest chord.

What Is The Formula Of Circle?

Below are the formulas for the perimeter and area of the circle.

Circle Formulas

Perimeter or circumference of a circle: It is the distance around the circle.

Formula: C = 2 π r
Where, π = 3.1415

Area of a circle: It is the amount of space occupied by the circle.

Formula = πr2

Interesting Facts About Circle For Kids

Now that your little one knows the properties and formulas of a circle shape, it’s time to read some interesting facts about this geometric shape.

  1. The word circle comes from the Greek word κρίκος, which means “hoop” or “ring”.
  2. A circle shape looks similar to the letter’ O’.
  3. All points on the outline of a circle are the same distance to the centre.
  4. The distance around a circle is known as its circumference.
  5. The full arc of a circle measures 360 degrees.
  6. A straight line is a circle containing an infinite area.
  7. A half-circle shape is called a semicircle.
  8. The distance around a circle is its circumference.
  9. The circle is the most symmetrical shape, as every angle around its centre is identical when rotated.
  10. When ants lose their pheromone trail, they herd together and go in circles till they become exhausted and die.

Teaching your child about the circle shape can be a challenging task but not impossible. Make sure to praise your child whenever they perform exceptionally well. After teaching them to recognise circle shapes, start incorporating different shapes into their learning routine. Happy Circling!

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