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Teaching, Giving And Asking For Directions To Kids

Did you know that asking and giving directions in English for kids teaches them about situational awareness and helps them improve their vocabulary and communication skills?


In fact, giving and asking for direction is a basic language skill that is essential for children to learn. It can be difficult to teach children about directions, but with the help of some fun activities, you can easily incorporate these lessons and teach your little one about giving or asking for directions. We have covered such activities in this article.


Continue reading to know more about giving directions for classes 1, 2 and 3 kids.

Importance Of Teaching Directions For Children

If you think about why it is so important for children to learn about direction, you must read this part.


Every parent wants to see their little one become independent. It’s one of their major goals. So, teaching children about asking for and giving directions puts the parents a step closer to their goal as children learn and know how to move around. This also helps children become more confident about themselves.


While learning this, children not only become aware of how to ask and give directions but also work on their vocabulary and communication skills. They add new words, like right, left, up, down, above, below, and more.

When learning how to give or ask for directions to a location, kids also practice some valuable skills, such as navigating the town and, of course, city vocabulary. It’s important to take baby steps while teaching this topic, starting first with moving left or right or up and down. Common expressions like “turn left or right” guide children on how to make precise sentences, thus working on their communication skills.


Asking and Giving Directions For Kids

Giving Directions In English For Kids

Giving Directions In English For Kids

Here are some simple directions that you can teach your child. After learning these directions, your child can easily understand how to use them –

1. Straight

2. Left

3. Right

4. Along

5. Cross

6. Around

7. Across

8. Next to

9. Between

10. On/at

11. Past

Asking For Directions In English For Kids

Here are some useful expressions that can be used to ask for directions that children should learn about. Your little one will find these expressions useful if they are lost or have to get to a particular place:

  1. How can I get to the park?
  2. Where is the temple?
  3. How far is the school from here?
  4. Is there a chemist around here?
  5. Could you tell me how to reach the bookstore?
  6. How do I find my neighbourhood?
  7. Which is the best way to reach the bank?
  8. Could you direct me to XYZ colony?
  9. Which way should I take to get to ABC Apartments?
  10. What’s the best way to reach the supermarket?
  11. Excuse me, sir, do you know where the nearest hospital is?
  12. Is this the right way for LMN school?

Examples Of Asking And Giving Directions

Here are some examples of giving and asking directions in the form of conversation for children:

  1. A: Excuse me, ma’am. Is there a park around here?
    B: Yes, there is one next to the temple.
  2. A: Can you direct me to the toy shop?
    B: Of course I will. Turn left and then continue for about five blocks. You will see the toy      shop on the right.
  3. A: Is there a café near here?
    B: Yes, there is one between the Daily Restaurant and Express Book Store.
  4. A: Excuse me, sir, where is the school?
    B: It is across from the police station.
  5. A: Excuse me! Could you tell me where the nearest bookstore is, please?
    B: Walk straight to the park and then turn left. The bookstore will be next to the post          office.
    A: Is it far from here?
    B: No, it’s just a fifteen-minute walk.
    A: Thank you very much, sir.
    B: You’re welcome.

Road Directions Vocabulary In English With Pictures For Kids

At some point in time, your child will step out of the house. Therefore, it is very important for children to learn about road directions. Here are some road directions that you must teach your child.


1. Stop


2. Go


3. Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossings>

4. Roundabout


5. School Ahead

School Ahead>

6. Hospital Ahead

Hospital Ahead>

How To Teach Directions To Kids

Here are some interesting ways that will help you teach directions to your child.

1. One Direction At A Time

Start by teaching one direction at a time to your kid, and then move to the next direction.


2. Use Your Body

Use your own body to demonstrate and stand next to them rather than opposite when teaching the direction.

3. Activities And Games

Parents can use a variety of songs, games, and activities to teach kids about directions.


4. Memorisation Techniques

Basic memorisation techniques can also be used to teach directions to your child.

Quick Tips For Giving Effective Directions To Kids

Here are some activities that can come in handy when teaching directions to kids:

1. Introduce The Direction

Introduce the words “left” and “right” to your little one and tell them the direction they are in. Now write a capital letter L on their left hand and a capital letter R on their right hand. This will help them remember the direction. Next, give directions to your child, like “pick a bottle from the table on your left” or “close the door on your right.” Regular practice will make them an expert with directions.

2. Map It Out

Maps are an interesting way to teach kids about direction. Draw a basic map with a few landmarks, such as the park, the bookstore, the temple, the grocery store, etc. Now ask your child to explain it using the map. For example, you can ask, “Where is the park?” The child can explain that the park is next to the temple or across from the bookstore, etc.

3. Role Play

Involve your little one in a role play where they have to ask for and give directions to go to a particular place. This will help them to initiate a conversation while learning about directions. You can pick up their favourite places like swings or their favourite eatery shop.

4. Blindfold Game

Things become easy to teach with the help of games. Create a maze for your child using items like cushions, pillows, bed sheets and other items that won’t harm or hurt your child. Now blindfold your child and give them directions, like “turn left,” “walk straight,” etc., till your child comes out of the maze. Now blindfold yourself, and ask your little one to give you the correct directions. This fun activity will help you to teach directions to your child easily.

5. Circle The Correct Direction

Take a printout of a sheet with directions written on it. Sit with your child in front of you, and now ask them to circle the direction that you will call out. One by one, call out all the directions and see if your child can find the correct one. It is okay if they take their time to find the right answer. Be patient and wait for them to circle it and then call out the next direction.

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