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Teaching Missing Letters To Kids

Wondering how you can make your child learn the spelling of words, especially the ones which they use in everyday life? The answer is teaching them to fill in the missing letters in English. This means that after teaching your child the spelling of words, you can make them practice the spelling using the missing letters quiz, activities and games.

In this article, we have mentioned some activities and examples to teach your child the concept of missing letters in the English language. Before reading the activities, let’s take a look at the importance of teaching missing letters to kids.

What Is The Importance Of Missing Letter Activity For Kids?

It is important to teach kids missing letter activity as it gives them a chance to practice figuring out which letter is missing from the word while working on their memory, thinking and problem-solving skills. Writing the missing letters also helps to refine their fine motor skills.

When Should Your Child Learn To Find Missing Letters?

Children can be taught to find the missing letters as soon as they can identify phonemes and graphemes and their relationships in the building of new words.

Fun And Easy Missing Letter Activities For Kids

Teaching kids missing letters can be beneficial when teaching them words in English language. We have mentioned some fun activities below on missing letters a to z for children. Teach your child about filling in the missing letters with the help of these engaging activities.

1. Flashcard Learning

Take a print of a few things, such as an apple, a book, a door, etc. Paste these images on flashcardS and write the name of the thing below the images in big and bold letters. Take some sticky notes and hide one or two letters in the spelling of each word. Show these flashcards to your child, one flashcard at a time, and ask them to name and spell the thing on the flashcard. Ask your child to remove the sticky notes from the letters and check if they said the right spelling.

2. Find The Correct Letter

On a sheet, write three- or four-letter words in a big font size that are common or heard by the child. Remove any one letter from each word. Give your child a bag of wooden or plastic letters, and ask them to draw one letter at a time from the bag and check if that letter can be used in any of the words written on the sheet.

3. Fill In The Correct Alphabet

This is the classic alphabet game where you have to write the alternate alphabet letters in chronological order, and your child has to fill in the missing letters. This is how your alphabet letter game will look like:

A, _, C, _, E, _, G, _, I, _, K, _, M, _, O, _, Q, _, S, _, U, _, W, _, Y, _

The answer to this, filling in the missing letters of the alphabet, will be:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Examples Of Missing Letters

Let’s take a look at some examples of missing letters with answers.

  1. K_T_
  2. _ OO_
  3. L_P_O_
  4. CH_I_
  5. T_ Y
  6. F_U_T


  1. KITE
  2. BOOK
  4. CHAIR
  5. TOY
  6. FRUIT

Fun Questions On Missing Letters

Complete the missing letters by filling in the blanks. Select the correct answer from the given options only.

Missing Letters

1. K_W_

a. A, N
b. I, I
c. O, O

Answer: b. KIWI


a. E, P
b. I, E
c. S, A

Answer: a. PINEAPPLE

3. AV_C_DO

a. O, A
b. A, O
c. S, I

Answer: a. AVOCADO

4. C_CON_T

a. O, U
b. U, O
c. A, U

Answer: a. COCONUT


a. S, T
b. R, L
c. A, O


6. _APA_A

a. L, T
b. N, O
c. P, Y

Answer: c. PAPAYA

If you are looking for some more questions to teach your little one the missing alphabet, you can use this image:

Missing Letters Quiz

Learning to fill in the missing letters is a fun way to learn new words and their spellings. The above-mentioned examples and activities will help the kids to understand how to fill in the missing letters in a word. Once your child has a grasp on the missing letter concept, they’ll easily be able to learn to fill in missing letters for any word.

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