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The Alphabet Song For Kids

Adding music to anything makes it instantly better, even if it is something you have to learn! The Alphabet Song is one such English nursery rhyme used to teach children the alphabet. There are many versions of the song in various languages. Each country may have their own version or end to the song. The song was copyrighted in 1835 by Charles Bradlee but originates in the French song “Ah, vous dirai-je, maman” by Louis Le Maire in 1761. The song’s tune is similar to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep”.

The Alphabet Song Lyrics In English

The Alphabet song lyrics of both US and Indian versions are given below:


The USA version:

W and X
Y and Zee
Now I know my “ABCs”
Next time won’t you sing with me?


The India version:

X-Y-Zed, sugar on your bread
Eat it all up before you go to bed


The Alphabet Song For Kids

What Will Your Child Learn From The Alphabet Song?

Children must know the alphabet as they form the base of any language.
As the name suggests, your child will learn the alphabet from the Alphabet song! The alphabet has been set to this fixed tune making it easier for children to understand and memorise the alphabet. They will also learn the basic sounds of each alphabet and the order in which letters appear in the alphabet.


Theme Of The Alphabet Song

The Alphabet Song has similarities to many different songs. It is a basic tune that can be applied to many other songs. It starts with the alphabet in a narrative and poetic form and ends with a couple of sentences to round it off. In the US version, the Alphabet Song ends with, “Now I know my ‘ABCs’, Next time won’t you sing with me?”Here the singer (the children) is inviting others to sing with them as now they know their ABCs.
In the Indian version, the Alphabet Song ends with:
“Sugar on your bread
Eat it all up
before you go to bed.”
This version talks about someone having sugar on their bread which they must eat before they go to bed.
Although both versions end differently, they start similarly and are sung to the same tune. So although they may seem different, they are actually the same!

Rhyming Scheme/Pattern Of The Alphabet Song

The song doesn’t have a proper rhyming scheme or pattern as it features the alphabets strung together to form a piece. The sole purpose of the song is to help children and adults remember the alphabet better and be able to recall it. This is merely a technique to help little ones remember the alphabet by ringing them in a rhythm.
However, looking closely you may see some similarities or patterns. Each line in the song strategically ends in an “ee” sounding letter, like ‘G’, ‘P’, ‘T’ and “Zee”.
The rhyming pattern can be seen more distinctly in the last couple of lines, as AA in both the versions.


Words That Your Child Will Learn From The Alphabet Song

Although your child won’t learn any words from this rhyme, they will undoubtedly learn the building blocks of words and the correct series. This will help them later on when they’re learning sounds and word formation. Having a strong foundation certainly helps with understanding the latter concepts better!

Suggested Activities

  1. To encourage your child to read and learn the Alphabet song, buy alphabet flashcards for your child and use those flashcards as you sing the alphabet song. Visual stimulation can really help them learn the alphabet. Later, arrange the cards on the floor and have your child pick out the corresponding cards as they sing out the alphabet. This will help you understand how much your child has understood and where they can improve.
  2. Once they are well versed with the Alphabet song, get some paints and allow your child’s creativity to flow! Let them paint the alphabet onto blank A-4 size sheets. You can keep the flashcards in front of them for reference.


1. When can I start teaching my child the Alphabet Song?

Learning has no age! You can start teaching your child the alphabet song at any age as long as they can understand, recollect and remember what you’re teaching them! If your child can talk and is willing to learn, teach them!


2. How many versions of the Alphabet song are there?

There is no limit to how many versions there can be. Every country seems to have their own version set to the same tune. There are similar versions created for different languages too. If you try, you can make your own personalised version too!



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