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The Best Toys For 12-Month-Old Baby Development

Has your little bundle of joy just turned twelve months old or is the big ONE around the corner? If yes, then we’re sure you’ve got your planning cap on already!


The journey of your munchkin’s development during the first year of their life is a remarkable and awe-inspiring experience. At 12 months old, your baby is on the brink of toddlerhood, equipped with newfound curiosity and a desire to explore the world around them. As a parent, you hold the keys to your child’s growth and learning, and there’s no sweeter path to development than through the world of play. But where does one begin?


In this article, we look at the fascinating realm of baby development, focusing on the best toys that can foster your 12-month-old’s cognitive, motor, and social skills. We understand that the toy market out there is as vast as the galaxy. That’s why we’ve curated this comprehensive guide to help you make informed choices that’ll fuel your baby’s growth.


Why Playtime Is Your Baby’s Best Teacher

Push Along Toy

At the age of 12 months, playtime is more than just entertainment for children. Here are some reasons why playtime matters:

  • When a child is engaged in playtime, they touch, manipulate, and experiment with their toys, which contributes to their cognitive development.
  • Babies often “talk” to their stuffed toys while playing. These babblings lay the foundation for linguistic development.
  • Toys like stacking blocks or push-along walkers challenge a baby’s fine and gross motor skills. These physical activities help in developing coordination and strength.
  • When playing with toys with various textures, colours, and sounds, your child’s senses are stimulated, helping them process information about their environment.
  • Puzzles, shape sorters, and interactive toys encourage problem-solving skills in children, which further helps them manipulate objects, recognise patterns, and make connections.
  • Play also gives children a chance to express their feelings, like joy, frustration, curiosity, and more, helping them understand and manage their feelings.
  • Playtime also promotes self-confidence as it allows children to make choices and explore their independence within a safe environment.

Toys For Your 12-Month-Old – What To Look For

Your baby is evolving and developing every day. It makes sense that their toys too, evolve. Introduce your little one to new toys that can help them in their overall development. Some of the key factors to keep in mind when selecting toys for your little one are listed below. Remember, it’s seldom about investing in larger quantities of toys. Investing thoughtfully in 4-6 developmentally beneficial toys, with multiple usage over longer periods will give your baby far more value.


1. Safety

Prioritise toys with no small parts or toxic materials that could pose hazards. Look at the packaging for safety certifications to be doubly sure there is no potential threat to your child.

2. Engaging Play

Toys are primarily for play, right? Seek toys that captivate your child’s curiosity, be it through colours, textures, or captivating sounds.


3. Durability

Look for strong materials, that are long lasting and stand the toddler test! There’s going to be throwing, banging and potential chewing of toys!

4. Learning Opportunities


Opt for toys that stimulate your child’s senses and foster exploration of shapes, colours, and early learning concepts. Paediatrician or early childhood educator recommendations are worth looking into.

5. Motor Skills Mastery

Go for toys that promote fine and gross motor skills toys that have proven benefits over the years are stacking toys, sorting toys and musical toys.


6. Interactive Innovation

Invest in toys that respond to actions or encourage interactive learning, complete with giggles and growth!

7. Versatility Value

Choose multi-purpose toys that adapt to your child’s evolving skills and offer more playtime mileage. This way you can get your penny’s worth and more!


Top 12 Toys To Boost Your 12-Month-Old’s Development

These toys are carefully curated for their holistic approach to growth and, cognitive, motor, and social skill developments. Take everyday playtime and turn it into an educational adventure that encourages your baby to be curious and develop critical thinking skills that will last a lifetime.

1. 3D Wooden Shapes Set

The 3D Wooden Shapes Set is designed to enrich your baby’s early learning experience. This meticulously crafted set is more than just a toy; think of it as a tool that support your baby’s growth and development in a fun and engaging way and equip them with lifelong skills.


3D Wooden Shapes Set

Why Choose The 3D Wooden Shapes Set?

  • Strengthens Baby’s Grasp And Hand-Eye Coordination: The 3D Wooden Shapes Set encourages your baby to grasp, manipulate, and explore different shapes, promoting the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These necessary skills lay a strong foundation for future tasks and activities.  
  • Introduces Baby To 3D Shapes: As your baby interacts with the various 3D shapes in this set, they begin to understand the concept of depth and space. This early exposure to 3D shapes fosters cognitive development and helps prepare them for more complex geometric concepts in the future.  
  • Develops Visual Discrimination And Problem-Solving Skills: Sorting and identifying shapes in different dimensions aids in the development of visual discrimination and problem-solving skills. Your baby will learn to distinguish between shapes and discover how they fit together, stimulating their cognitive growth.

From strengthening your little one’s grasp and hand-eye coordination to introducing them to the world of 3D shapes, this toy is a well-rounded learning experience. It’s the perfect choice to give your baby a head start on their educational journey. Buy the 3D Wooden Shapes Set today!

2. Luvely Push N Spin Cat

The Luvely Push N Spin Cat is the purr-fect playtime companion that’s ready to bring hours of colourful visual entertainment to your little one’s world. With just a simple push of a button, these delightful cats and balls come to life, spinning and galloping their way into your child’s heart.

Luvely Push N Spin Cat

Why Choose The Luvely Push N Spin Cat? 

  • Gross Motor Development: The toy encourages active play, supporting your child’s gross motor development as they engage in exciting push-and-spin action.
  • Cause And Effect Learning: This interactive toy is a fantastic tool for teaching cause and effect, helping your child understand the impact of their actions in a fun and engaging way.
  • Safe Playtime: Crafted with utmost care, this toy is specially designed with no sharp edges, ensuring your child’s safety during play.
  • Educational Fun: Made from durable, non-toxic plastic material, this toy introduces children to a world of colours, shapes, and sounds, enhancing their cognitive development.
  • Visual And Coordination Skills: The toy aids in the development of visual and coordination skills, setting the stage for children’s future learning adventures.

Don’t miss out on the joy and learning the world of toys has to offer. Get the learning toys today and watch your child spin into a world of fun and discovery! Add to Cart now, and let the adventure begin! 

3. Wooden Penguin Stacker

The wooden Penguin Stacker is a delightful and educational toy designed to take your child’s stacking skills to new heights. This charming toy introduces your baby to the captivating world of problem-solving, precision, and fine motor skills development.

Wooden Penguin Stacker

Why Choose The Wooden Penguin Stacker?

  • Improves Baby’s Fine Motor Skills And Hand-Eye Coordination: The Penguin Stacker is a captivating playmate that encourages your baby to explore and manipulate three different types of wooden rings. This engaging activity hones their fine motor skills and enhances hand-eye coordination, paving the way for more dexterous and agile little hands.
  • Strengthens Problem-Solving Ability: As your baby endeavours to separate the rings and master the art of stacking them onto the penguin stand, they embark on a journey of problem-solving. This stimulating challenge nurtures their cognitive development, fostering a budding problem solver.
  • Helps Develop Baby’s Precision: Precision is a valuable skill, and the Penguin Stacker is the perfect teacher. Your child learns to carefully place each ring on the honeycomb-shaped board, honing their precision and attention to detail—a skill that will serve them well in various aspects of life.

Unlock the world of skill development and fun for your baby with the Wooden Penguin Stacker. Give them the gift of enhanced fine motor skills, problem-solving prowess, and precision. Elevate their playtime to a new level of learning and entertainment. Don’t miss out—get the Wooden Penguin Stacker today!

4. Wooden Xylophone Bus

The wooden Xylophone Bus is a versatile and engaging developmental toy designed to enrich your baby’s growth and learning experience. This multi-faceted toy offers a dynamic approach to skill development, fostering motor skills, fine motor dexterity, and sensory exploration.

Wooden Xylophone Bus

Why Choose The Wooden Xylophone Bus?

  • Develops Baby’s Arm Strength And Muscles: The Wooden Xylophone Bus encourages your baby to place balls in the correct holes and push them down, promoting the development of arm strength and muscles. It’s a playful way to support their physical growth.
  • Improves Fine Motor Skills: Precision and coordination are at the core of this toy. As your baby interacts with the balls and the xylophone beneath, they refine their fine motor skills, setting the stage for more intricate tasks in the future.
  • Stimulates Baby’s Auditory Senses: When the balls drop onto the xylophone, enchanting musical sounds resonate. This auditory stimulation captivates your baby’s senses, introducing them to the world of sound and rhythm and fostering their auditory development.

Empower your baby’s development and make learning a joyful adventure with the Wooden Xylophone Bus. Don’t wait; provide your little one with this incredible toy today and watch them thrive! 

5. Playbox Magbox Magnetic Toy

The Playbox Magbox is the ultimate magnetic building set designed to provide the experience your children truly deserve. With either 26 or 48 pieces, this set offers a captivating variety of shapes, including curved and straight pieces of varying lengths.

Playbox Magbox Magnetic Toy

Why Choose The Playbox Magbox Magnetic Toy?

  • Unleash Creativity: The toy empowers your child to unleash their inner architect and artist. With a dazzling array of colours and shapes at their fingertips, they can plan intricate designs and let their imagination run wild, turning every day into a celebration of creativity.
  • Balloon-Like Style: The magnets in this set add a touch of whimsical charm, resembling balloons, which not only delight your child but also ignite their artistic sensibilities.
  • Confidence Booster: Playing helps boost your child’s confidence as they create, construct, and see their ideas come to life right before their eyes.

Don’t let the chance to nurture your child’s development slip away. Simply include these toys in your shopping cart today and witness them construct a more promising tomorrow.

6. Wooden Shape Matching Boards

The wooden Shape Matching Boards are designed to transform this classic activity into an exciting and educational adventure. This engaging toy invites your baby to match four unique shapes to their corresponding boards, providing a stimulating challenge that promotes cognitive growth and enhances crucial motor skills.

Wooden Shape Matching Boards

Why The Choose Wooden Shape Matching Boards?

  • Promotes Baby’s Fine Motor Development: The Shape Matching Boards encourage your baby to grasp and manipulate the wooden pegs, fostering fine motor development. This hands-on interaction strengthens their dexterity, setting the stage for future skills.
  • Enhances Baby’s Problem-Solving Skills: As your baby endeavours to match shapes to their designated boards, they embark on a journey of problem-solving. This stimulating activity nurtures their cognitive development, turning playtime into a valuable learning experience.
  • Introduces Baby To New Shapes And Develops Visual Discrimination: This board introduces your baby to a variety of shapes, expanding their knowledge and stimulating visual discrimination. Through exploration, they learn to differentiate between shapes, laying a foundation for future geometric concepts.

Fuel your baby’s development and transform their learning journey into an exciting odyssey with the Wooden Shape Matching Boards. Don’t pass up this opportunity—opt for excellence, prioritise learning and exploring through the joy of playtime.

7. Jumbo Building Blocks

Jumbo Building Blocks are the ultimate choice for children seeking an enriching and fun playtime experience. Crafted with high-quality interlocking design and made from non-toxic materials, these blocks are the perfect blend of safety and excitement. The blocks are perfect to pave the way for a holistic developmental journey for your child.

Jumbo Building Blocks

Why Choose The Jumbo Building Blocks?

  • Enhances Creativity: The Jumbo Building Blocks provide not only mental stimulation but also limitless opportunities for imagination. They encourage your child to explore their creative boundaries, fostering a world of innovative thinking.
  • Develops Motor Skills: As children progress through various stages of block play, they naturally enhance both fine and gross motor skills. These blocks become the canvas for their physical and mental development as they move and manipulate them to create new structures.
  • Improves Spatial Sense: From carrying blocks to arranging them in rows, children gradually advance to constructing bridges. This progression reflects a growing awareness of spatial relationships. With continued exposure, they develop a vital skill that aids them in navigating their environment.
  • Boosts Hand-Eye Coordination: Precise hand-eye coordination is essential for stacking blocks securely and stabilising towering structures. The Jumbo Building Blocks facilitate this skill development as children learn to balance and build with precision.
  • Encourages Problem-Solving: Nearly every creation your child builds involve some level of problem-solving. They must plan and consider their designs, anticipate challenges, and devise solutions.

Empower your child’s growth and learning through play with the Jumbo Building Blocks. Elevate their creativity, motor skills, spatial sense, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities. Invest in the Jumbo Building Blocks today and witness your child’s limitless potential unfold!

8. Wooden Motor Planning Box

The Wooden Motor Planning Box is a remarkable toy designed to spark your baby’s understanding of planning movements to attain specific goals. This toy not only introduces them to this essential concept but also serves as a catalyst for developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and tactile perception.

Wooden Motor Planning Box

Why Choose The Wooden Motor Planning Box?

  • Introduces Baby To Motor Planning: The Motor Planning Box lays the foundation for your baby’s grasp of motor planning, teaching them the valuable skill of orchestrating their movements to achieve desired outcomes. It’s an early step towards problem-solving and goal-oriented thinking.
  • Enhances Problem-Solving Skills: As your baby interacts with this innovative toy, they embark on a journey of problem-solving. Figuring out how to manipulate the components and achieve their goals fosters cognitive development and nurtures their budding problem-solving abilities.
  • Refines Baby’s Fine Motor Skills: Precision and coordination are at the core of the Wooden Motor Planning Box. As your baby engages with the components, they fine-tune their fine motor skills, setting the stage for more intricate tasks in the future.

Introduce them to boost their problem-solving abilities and refine their fine motor skills with the Wooden Motor Planning Box. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide your baby with a tool that fosters both fun and development. Buy the Wooden Motor Planning Box today and watch your baby thrive!

9. Wooden Mushroom Peg Board

Mushroom Peg Board is the perfect companion for enhancing your child’s pincer grasp and nurturing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This engaging and colourful toy not only aids in developing crucial skills but also offers a delightful way to explore the world of colours and problem-solving.

Wooden Mushroom Peg Board

Why Choose Wooden Mushroom Peg Board?

  • Develops Baby’s Pincer Grasp And Hand Control: The Wooden Mushroom Peg Board is expertly designed to hone your baby’s pincer grasp, a fundamental skill for fine motor control. As they grasp and manipulate the pegs, they strengthen their hand muscles and gain greater control over their movements.
  • Enhances Baby’s Hand-Eye Coordination: The act of aligning the pegs with precision and placing them in the designated slots sharpens your baby’s hand-eye coordination. This essential skill paves the way for more complex tasks in the future.
  • Develops Problem-solving Skills: The toy offers a platform for trial and error. Your baby will learn to separate the pegs by colour and place them in the correct slots, encouraging problem-solving through experimentation and logical thinking.

Empower your child’s development and make learning a colourful adventure with the Mushroom Peg Board. Seize this chance to offer your child a blend of enjoyment and learning. Grab the Mushroom Peg Board now and observe your child flourish!

10. Mega Building Blocks

The Mega Building Blocks are crafted with precision. These high-quality blocks boast an interlocking design and are crafted from non-toxic materials, ensuring safe playtime for your little ones. But they offer more than just play; they open doors to enhanced hand-eye coordination, collaborative skills, imaginative adventures, and the development of mathematical and geometric acumen.

Mega Building Blocks

Why Choose The Mega Building Blocks?

  • Enhances Creativity: The Mega Building Blocks are a wellspring of mental stimulation, teaching kids cause and effect while giving free rein to their boundless imagination.
  • Develops Motor Skills: Children progress through various stages of block play, refining both fine and gross motor skills as they manipulate and construct new structures.
  • Improves Spatial Sense: From simply carrying blocks to arranging them into rows and stacks, young children gradually develop an understanding of spatial relationships, a vital skill for navigating their world.
  • Boosts Hand-Eye Coordination: Precise hand-eye coordination is honed as children stack blocks, creating stable and intricate towers, an ability they cultivate over time with Mega Building Blocks.
  • Encourages Problem-Solving: Nearly every creation your child builds involves some degree of problem-solving. They must plan, consider, and troubleshoot their designs, fostering critical thinking and creativity.

Don’t miss a chance for your one-year-old to explore the benefits of the Mega Building Blocks, a gateway to enhanced skills and endless adventures. Elevate their creativity, motor skills, and problem-solving capabilities. Invest in the Mega Building Blocks today and see your child thrive and succeed!

11. Jumping Giraffe

Transform playtime into a world of fun, playfulness, and joyful learning with the irresistible push toy, designed exclusively for little one. This captivating toy is ingeniously designed – a simple push on the top is all it takes for the train to embark on its own exciting journey.

Jumping Giraffe

Why Choose The Jumping Giraffe?

  • Skill Development: The toy promotes crucial skills like hand-eye coordination and understanding cause-and-effect relationships in a fun and engaging way.
  • Safety: Crafted with non-toxic materials and designed without sharp edges, it ensures your child’s safety throughout playtime.

Elevate your child’s playtime experience and development with our range of skill development toys for one year old kids.

12. Squeeze & Squeaky Sea Animals Aquarium

This incredible Sea Animals Aquarium set is a captivating ensemble that is all the entertainment your baby needs to embark on a journey of skill development and sensory exploration. As your little one practices the art of filling and spilling, they’ll enhance their fine motor skills and tactile sense in an engaging and playful manner.

Squeeze & Squeaky Sea Animals Aquarium

Why Choose The Squeeze & Squeaky Sea Animals Aquarium?

  • Introduces Baby To Filling And Spilling: The Sea Animals Aquarium introduces your baby to the concept of filling and spilling, a fundamental skill that sparks curiosity and fosters fine motor development.
  • Stimulates Tactile Sense: With plush, tactile textures, this wonder toy stimulates your baby’s sense of touch, enhancing their awareness of different textures and materials.
  • Squeaky Sounds For Auditory Stimulation: The squeaky sounds emitted by sea animals not only delight your child but also stimulate their auditory sense, encouraging them to grasp and interact with the creatures.

Seize this opportunity to introduce your baby to the Sea Animals Aquarium, fostering skill development and sensory exploration. Invest in the Sea Animals Aquarium now and witness your baby learn about the aquatic animals, immersed in the wonders of play!

Final Words

As your baby reaches the remarkable milestone of 12 months, their journey into toddlerhood will soon begin. During this transformative phase, playtime emerges as a crucial teacher, shaping cognitive, motor, and social skills. To support your little one’s overall development, it’s essential to choose toys that prioritise safety, engagement, durability, learning opportunities, and motor skill enhancement. The wonderful toys mentioned in the article above are exemplary choices that entertain while fostering essential skills. Embrace this exciting stage of your little one, prioritise education, and empower your baby’s growth through play.

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