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The Elephant And The Tailor Story With Moral For Kids

Stories have an important place in children’s lives. In fact, we all did when we were kids. Isn’t it? We all have fond memories of bedtime stories being narrated to us by our parents or our siblings. Those were the good old days when our parents used to tuck us in bed and take us on this beautiful ride where animals spoke in human languages, and fairy godmothers granted wishes.


Moral stories can influence the delicate minds of kids through values and good habits while keeping them entertained. “The Tailor and The Elephant” story in English is one such story that can help kids to learn an important moral value.


Continue to read the “The Tailor and The Elephant” full story.

Origin And History Of The Tailor And The Elephant Story

“The Tailor and The Elephant” is a Panchatantra story that has been children’s favourite for years. Panchatantra is a combination of the word “Panch”, which means five and “Tantra”, which means weave, which translates to interweaving five skeins of traditions and teachings into a text. These fables are quite old and have been passed down for generations.


Story Type Of The Tailor And The Elephant Story

“The Tailor and The Elephant” is a moral story that is presented in a very simple language for kids that teach them a moral value that one should never misbehave with one’s friend. You can also read this story to your little one as a bedtime story.


Let’s look at the characters before reading the story.

Story Characters

“The Tailor and The Elephant” is a very short story that has only two characters:

  • The Elephant
  • The Tailor

The Tailor And The Elephant Story For Children

Below is “The Tailor and The Elephant” story for kids.

Once upon a time, in a village, there was a temple. The temple used to keep an elephant. Every villager loved that elephant as the elephant greeted devotees visiting the temple at the entrance.


In the evening, the elephant would go to a pond every day to take a dip. On the way to the pond, the elephant used to stop at a tailor’s shop and raise his trunk to greet the shop owner. The tailor used to offer bananas to the elephant every day. The elephant used to thank the tailor by raising his trunk, gulping the banana down, and then walking away.

One day the tailor was not in a good mood, as he had a quarrel with a customer. In the evening, when the elephant came to greet the tailor and stretched his trunk to collect a banana, the tailor pricked the elephant with a needle. The elephant cried in pain while the tailor laughed loudly.


The following day, as usual, the elephant went to the pond for a bath. On his way back, he stopped at another pond that had muddy water. The elephant then started walking purposefully to the tailor’s shop. The tailor was occupied with his work. He had stitched several clothes and had neatly arranged them after ironing the clothes. The tailor was admiring his work when he saw the elephant standing outside the shop with his trunk raised. Then the elephant sent forth a spray of muddy water and drenched the tailor’s newly-stitched and ironed clothes.

The tailor was completely left in shock. He joined his hands in salutation and said to the elephant,


“Serves me right, friend. I was nasty to you, and you have returned the compliment. I will never hurt you again.”

The elephant nodded his head and walked away majestically.


The Elephant And The Tailor Story for Children2

Story Summary

Here is the summary of “The Tailor and The Elephant” story for children.

An elephant used to live in a village temple. All villagers loved him. In the evening, the elephant used to go to the pond to take a bath. On his way to the pond, he used to greet a tailor who used to offer him a banana every day. But one day, the tailor was not in a good mood, so instead of giving the elephant a banana, he pricked him with a needle. The elephant was hurt.

The next day, after taking a bath, the elephant collected some muddy water in his trunk, went to the tailor’s shop, and sprinkled it on all his newly stitched and ironed clothes. The tailor learned his lesson and promised not to hurt the elephant again.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of “The Tailor and The Elephant” story is “tit for tat.”

The meaning of moral “tit for tat” is that we should treat other people in the same way other people treat us. In the story, the tailor pinched the elephant with a needle. The elephant sprinkled muddy water all over the tailor’s newly-stitched clothes to make the tailor learn a lesson.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

This short story has a very important moral “tit for that.” The children can apply the moral of this short story in their real life by not behaving in a wrong way with anyone, respecting people and talking to people politely. The story will also help kids to raise a voice against wrong things.

Parents, teach this moral value to your child with the help of “The Tailor and The Elephant” story today.

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