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The Hidden Treasure Story With Moral For Kids

The Hidden Treasure full story teaches us a valuable lesson about hard work. We must teach our little ones the importance of hard work and how it can help us achieve anything we wish for. The Hidden Treasure story in English is a quick and easy read, sure to get your child thinking. The story arouses curiosity and forces us to think about the possibilities we can create for our life when we put in our hard work and dedication. These are important life lessons that one must learn at a young age and practice for a fruitful life. Read ahead to see what we have in store for you!   


Origin And History Of The Hidden Treasure Story

Hard work is an important part of every individual’s life. Cultures across the globe acknowledge the importance of hard work and have expressed their thoughts via stories and songs. It is hard to trace the origin or history of this story as there is no valid source. However, we know the story is relevant across cultures, and similar versions of the story can be found in different parts of the world. If you research enough, you’ll find a similar story from your culture too!   


Story Type Of The Hidden Treasure Story

The Hidden Treasure short story is a children’s bedtime story that has a strong moral to learn. It is short but significantly moving, which can help your child understand the more complex situations and feelings in life. Please read this short story to your child during bedtime and let their little brains think!   


Characters in the story: 

Old Man 
The four sons
Unknown man 

The Hidden Treasure Story For Children  

Once upon a time, there was an old farmer, who had four sons. The farmer’s sons were now grown men who did not work. The farmer had a large piece of land where he grew his crops. However, the sons never showed any interest or will to start working and earning for their future. The old farmer was worried about his sons’ future and what they would do once he died. 
Soon, the old farmer fell very sick and was not expected to make it. He was on his deathbed and was worried about what his sons would do after he was gone. “I must come up with a plan to teach my sons a valuable lesson,” the farmer thought.
On his deathbed, the old farmer calls all his sons to gather around him. “It’s time for me to tell you a secret,” the farmer said as his sons listened curiously. “There is a hidden treasure on the farmland which no one knows about!” he said.
The sons were surprised. “What? A treasure? Then why are we living like poor farmers?” they exclaimed. To this, the farmer replied, “It is not so easy to find that treasure, sons. Only the worthiest one will be able to find it.”

The sons were deeply intrigued, but the treasure was too tempting. “How difficult can it be? Let us dig the entire farm and find it,” they decided and started digging up the field. “It’s sunset but we still haven’t found even a trace of the treasure,” they said as they ended the day very tired.
A man passing by heard the commotion and came by. “Hello, boys. I see you have dug up a very large farm there! You might as well take these seeds and plant them here,” he suggested. The brothers did not like the advice but decided to do it anyway.  
They planted seeds and went back home disappointed at not finding the treasure. However, their seeds soon grew into healthy crops. “Let’s go sell these crops in the market,” one of the sons suggested. At the market, they earned a lot of money for their healthy crops. Excited about the earnings, they started heading home, when one of the sons said, “Brothers, do you realise that our father simply tricked us into digging the farm and planting seeds? There was never any treasure over there!” But as they thought about it some more, they realised something important. “Brothers, the treasure was not in the field, but we cultivated it with our hard work and sweat! Our crops and the earnings we made with our efforts is the treasure that our beloved father was talking about!
They then realised that nothing came for free and that hard work was important and necessary to gain something. The brothers then overcome their laziness and start working hard for their future.   


The Hidden Treasure Story With Moral For Kids1

Story Summary Of The Hidden Treasure

There was once an old farmer who was worried about his four sons who didn’t not work even though they were grown men. He then fell sick and, on his deathbed, he decided to teach his sons a life lesson. He told them he had hidden treasure somewhere on the farm and that only the worthiest son would find it. The sons started digging but couldn’t find anything. A stranger advises them to plant seeds, and after some discussion, the sons decide to do so. Once the plants grew, the sons sold the crops for good money. The sons then realised their father wanted them to learn that hard work is important to gain things in life.   

Moral Of The Story

You can frame it however you want, as the short story teaches us the importance of hard work. But to simply put it, the moral of the short story with pictures is “Hard Work Always Pays Off” or “No Pain, No gain”.   


How Can Children Apply the Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?  

Children will understand the importance of hard work through this short story. It is not always enough to encourage our children; sometimes, they need to hear examples and short stories that put forth the morals that they need to learn and implement in their lives. Short stories are one of the best ways to teach your children to grow up to be empathetic and responsible citizens. From this story, you can teach your children that hard work is always appreciated and rewarded. If they wish to accomplish anything in life, hard work is an essential skill they must use. You can start your child off with little things like cleaning their toys or watering the plants. Reward their behaviour with praise, star stickers or something that they like. This will encourage them to keep working hard and motivate them to do better! 



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