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Famous Panchatantra Tale Of The Loyal Mongoose

The Loyal Mongoose is a very popular bedtime story for children that teaches the lesson that one should not jump to conclusions without learning about the problem. From the collection of fairy tales in the Panchatantra, this story talks about a person’s inability to understand someone’s noble actions. This story teaches children to remember not to pass judgement quickly, but always think rationally.


Origin & History Of ‘The Loyal Mongoose’ Story

The Loyal Mongoose is a great tale from the popular Panchatantra collection of stories. The story is about a peasant’s wife who assumed that their pet mongoose had killed her son because she saw blood in its mouth. Without a thought, she attacked the mongoose and rushed into the next room only to find her son sleeping blissfully. She runs back but finds the mongoose unconscious and regrets her hasty actions.


The Story Of ‘The Loyal Mongoose’ For Children

A peasant and his wife were delighted to be blessed with a son after a few years of marriage. The couple had to work very hard to make ends meet, and struggled with odd jobs throughout the day. They wanted someone to stay at home with their little child in their absence and decided to adopt a pet. The husband searched for one, only to return home with a small mongoose. His wife immediately asked him, “How can we keep a mongoose at home? I don’t think it would be safe.”


The husband smiled and said, “This mongoose has been abandoned by its family. He is as young as our son. They will become good friends.” The couple saw their son and the mongoose getting friendly in just a few days. One day, both the parents had to leave for work at the same time. They were sure their son would be safe with the mongoose for company. The wife happened to return from work first, but a horrible sight awaited her as she entered the house. She was shocked to see blood all over the floor and on the mouth of their pet mongoose. “You have killed my son!” shouted the peasant’s wife.

She threw her bag of grains on the mongoose to attack it and ran into the other room. She was surprised to see her son fast asleep, but she was more surprised to see a dead snake on the floor. She realised what had happened in their absence. The mongoose had saved her son’s life by fighting with the snake that had crept into their little son’s room through a gap in the window.


“Oh God!” she exclaimed and rushed outside only to see that the mongoose was no longer alive. She held the lifeless body of the mongoose and cried in vain. She repented for having killed the loyal pet that had saved their only son’s life.

Moral of the Story

“Always think before you act” is the moral of this very touching story. It is wise to get a complete idea of what has occurred before jumping to conclusions. The moral of ‘The Loyal Mongoose’ story helps parents make their children realise that making a decision in haste will not solve any issue. This story is for kids to understand that when in doubt, ask questions but don’t react instantly without knowing the facts. You should never make decisions without understanding the truth because you will regret your actions later. 

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