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The Owl And The Lion Story For Kids

The animal kingdom is often used to teach our little ones morals and life lessons. Our children seem to understand morals and concepts better when we relate those to animals and their lives. The Owl and The Lion full story is one such short story that teaches a very important value that we must abide by throughout our lives. Teaching our children these values at a young age will help them practice and inculcate them in the long run. It will help build strong and independent minds driven toward excellence and success. Read further for The Owl and the Lion story in English.   


Origin and History of The Owl and The Lion

You can see that a very common moral that children are taught is consistency and smartness. Both go hand in hand. There are many versions of this story with different animals and different plots. Still, they aim to teach our children the same value, I.e., the importance of being smart and wise in situations. The origin of the can be traced across cultures with examples of various animal characters. The first known instance of this story was in the Panchatantra tales, however in that version, the lion was faced by a rabbit.


Story Type Of The Owl And The Lion

The Owl and The Lion short story is a moral story as well as a jungle and animal story for little children. The story uses jungle animals to tell a short story that teaches us important moral lessons our little ones must know.   


Story Characters  

The characters in the story are:   

Ferocious Lion 
A hare 
A tiger 
An elephant 
A rhino 
An owl  


The Owl And The Lion Story For Children  

Once upon a time, in a jungle, a ferocious lion used to bully the other animals in the jungle. The other animals could no longer live happily, so they decided to meet and devise a plan to stop the lion from bothering them. The hare exclaimed that a champion among them should go and teach the lion a lesson. The other animals cheered and clapped, but the tiger looked side to side, the elephant whistled, and the rhino continued reading his book. No animal volunteered to fight the lion.  
Then, an owl came and said that he would fight the lion. The other animals laughed and thought that the owl had gone crazy. The following day, the word had spread that the owl was going to fight the lion in the lion’s den. When this news reached the lion, the lion rolled around laughing.  
The next day, the lion waited in his den for the owl to come. The other animals were already there, but there was no sign of the owl. Minutes and hours passed by, but there was no sign of the owl! The sun had started to set, and the other animals began returning home. The owl then arrived.  
The lion screamed at the owl, asking it why he was late. The owl apologised for being late and told the lion that he had seen a stronger and scarier lion than him on the way there. The owl had waited for that lion to fall asleep so he could get there. The lion could not believe what he was hearing as he could not accept that there was a more ferocious lion than him. He demanded that the owl take him to that lion.  
The owl took the lion to a nearby deep well and told the lion that the owl saw the other lion go into the well. The lion went inside the well and roared loudly. His own reflection roared back at him, and since he was in a well, the echo came back five times louder. This scared the lion, and he ran away, never to be seen again.   


Story Summary

Summary of The Owl and the Lion  

There was a lion who used to bully the other animals. The animals had gotten tired of him and held a meeting to decide what to do with the lion so that he would not bother them anymore. No animal volunteered to take on the lion until an owl offered to do so. The other animals laughed but decided to let the owl give it a shot. Word spread that the owl would fight the lion at his den, and when the lion heard this, he rolled over laughing.  
The next day, the owl did not show up until the sun had already set. When asked why he was late, the owl claimed to have seen a lion stronger than the ferocious lion and that he was waiting for the lion to sleep so he could come and fight. The lion demanded to be taken to the other lion. The wise owl took the lion to a deep well and told him that he had seen the other lion go inside the well. The lion went into the well and roared as loud as he could at his own reflection. The roar came back five times louder, which scared the lion. The lion ran away and was never seen again.   


Moral Of The Story

As we can see from the story, a small and wise owl beat a ferocious lion. This was only possible because the owl was smart and used his brain to defeat the bully. Even though the lion was stronger, he was not smarter than the owl and was hence defeated. The moral of the story is “Being smart makes us stronger”.  

How Can Children Apply the Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

Smartness can help us solve any problem in our lives. It is important that our children understand that brains always triumph over muscles. Encouraging our little ones to use their smartness to solve problems goes a long way. Helping them develop this habit at young ages will ensure that they use it throughout their lives. Strength doesn’t always come in handy when dealing with situations, but smartness helps us smoothly deal with even the most difficult problems.   

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