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Toys Names For Kids To Enhance Their Vocabulary

All kids love to play with toys. But toys are not just things to keep children occupied. They have a hidden learning purpose that not all parents are aware of. In this article, we are sharing a list of toy names with pictures that you can teach your child and add some new words to their vocabulary. The article also covers fun, entertaining activities that will be helpful in learning the names of toys.

Let’s begin.


Why Toys Are Important In A Child’s Development

Toys are not just for entertainment purposes for children. There are numerous hidden benefits of playing with toys. Let’s look at why toys are important in a child’s development.

  1. Toys provide a source of comfort to children, thus, are responsible for their emotional growth.
  2. Toys can spark their imagination and encourage them to interact with people around them.
  3. Toys help to refine the motor skills of children.
  4. Toys can stimulate your child’s concentration levels and improve their attention span and memory.

Benefits Of Learning Toy Names For Kids

When kids know the name of toys, they tend to get more attracted towards that toy. It not only improves their leisure activities but also expands their vocabulary, which gradually helps them to improve their language skills. Therefore, always introduce your kids to the toys’ names.


List Of Toy Names In English For Children

Let’s begin by teaching our little ones all toys name that we generally give our little ones to play with.


1. Doll


A small model of a human figure that is used as a child’s toy.

2. Ball


A spherical or egg-shaped object that is kicked, thrown, or hit to play a game.


3. Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

A soft toy bear.

4. Rubber Duck

Rubber Duck

An inflatable flat-bottomed rubber dinghy.

5. Toy Car

Toy Car

A miniature, non-functioning replica of a car that children play with.


6. Toy Train

Toy Train

A miniature, non-functioning replica of a train that children play with.

7. Balloon


A coloured rubber bag which is inflated with air and then sealed at its neck. A balloon can be used as a child’s toy or a decoration.


8. Sand Bucket

Sand Bucket

A small bucket used by children when playing with sand.

9. Drums


A miniature replica of a drum that children can play with.


10. Toy Aeroplane

Toy Aeroplane

A miniature, non-functioning replica of an aeroplane that children play with.

11. Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

A model of a horse mounted on rockers or springs for a kid to sit on and rock to and fro.


12. Yo-Yo


A toy consisting of a pair of joined discs with a deep groove between them in which string is attached and wound. It can be spun alternately downward and upward by its weight and momentum as the string unwinds and rewinds.

13. Building Block

Building Blocks

A child’s wooden or plastic toy brick.

Toys For Improving Brain And Personality Development For Kids

Below is a list of toys that are ideal for improving the brain and personality development of kids. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Alphabet Puzzle

In this, a child needs to match the corresponding slots on the board with the letter in their hand. They have to find the correct slot and place the letter in that slot. This game will help to develop children’s ability to focus and recognise shapes and letters. It will also help enhance their fine motor skills and problem-solving skills.

2. Number Puzzle

In this, a child needs to match the corresponding slots on the board with the number in their hand. They have to find the correct slot and place the number in that slot. This game will help to develop children’s ability to focus and recognise shapes and numbers. It will also help enhance their fine motor skills and problem-solving skills too.

3. Puzzle Cube

This is an excellent brain development toy. All your child needs to do is figure out how to solve the cube. Solving the cube will help them develop their memory, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.

4. Xylophone

Kids have different ways of learning. Some learn with the help of visual information, while other kids learn with the help of auditory skills and musical toys. The xylophone is a perfect toy to make your child develop an interest in music at a young age.

5. Musical Fish

This is another great musical toy for children. It comes with drumsticks, so a child can bang them on the fish and rattle their fins. This will improve their concentration and focus.

6. Toy Phone

We all used this one in our childhood. Toy phone is a great toy to help children develop and improve their communication skills.

7. Finger Crayons

With the help of finger colours, children can learn about different colours and let their imagination flow on paper. This will also help strengthen their fine motor skills.

8. Talking Toy

Toys like “Talking Tom” are quite common these days. These toys sing and chat, so kids will remain entertained while improving their communication skills.

9. Pop It

A great stress buster for kids. While popping the toy, the kids will work on the small muscles in their fingers and hands.

10. Lego

Legos have been around for ages. This is an excellent toy that will spark creativity in your child to make new designs with blocks and work on their fine motor skills.

Activities That Will Help Your Child To Learn About Toys Names

Here are some activities and games to make your child learn different toys’ names.

1. Name The Toys

Gather all the toys in your home and one by one, tell the name of each toy to your child.

2. Toy Shopping

Whenever buying new toys for your child, take them along. While looking for the toys, introduce your child to the names of new toys.

3. Play Room

Make sure to set up a separate play space for your child and encourage them to play in that space. After they are done playing, ask them to pick up the toys and place them where they picked them from and say the name of the toy while doing so.

4. Toy Flashcards

Print some everyday toy images and paste them on flashcards. Show these to your child and ask them the name of the toys.

5. Toy Book

Give your child a toy book to look at, and tell them the name of each toy image in the book. If they can read, encourage them to read the name given below the image.

6. Toy ATLAS

Give your child the name of any toy and ask them to name a toy starting with the last letter of the previous toy. For example, if you will say “bear”, your child can say “rattle”.

7. Colour The Toy

Take a printout of a few toys and give this sheet to your child. Now, say a  name of any toy on the sheet, and your child has to colour that toy only.

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