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Up And Down Concept For Preschoolers And Kids

Understanding positional language is important for children as it helps them understand where things are positioned or where they appear in relation to other things. Therefore, kids must be aware of different positional words, like up, down, above, below, near, far etc. But teaching all of these words together might not be a good idea.


In this article, we have covered the up and down concept for kindergarten kids to enhance their knowledge of this concept. We have also covered some activities on the same that you can use to teach your child about the up and down concept.

Let’s begin


What Is Up And What Is Down?

Up And Down

Confused about how to teach up and down concept to your little one? Here is up and down lesson to teach your child.

Up means towards a higher place or position, whereas down means towards or in a lower place or position. Let’s take a look at some picture examples to understand the up and down concept.


Example 1

Up And Down Example 1

Is the bag placed up or down?

Example 2

Up And Down Example 2

Is the bird setting up or down the tree?


Example 3

Up And Down Example 3

Is the boy up or down the slide?

Example 4

Up And Down Example 4

Is the car going up or down the hill?


Activities To Teach Your Child Up And Down Concept

Activities are the best way to teach kids about different concepts. It not only keeps the kids engaged, but they learn something important while having fun. Here are some up and down activities for kindergarten children to learn the concept.


1. Name The Things

Ask your child to look around them and name five things that are placed up on a surface and five things that are placed down on the floor.

2. Draw & Tell

Stick large pieces of white chart paper on a wall. Make sure you paste some pieces very high (but within the kid’s reach) while others must be very low, just above the floor. Provide a marker to your child and encourage them to draw on the paper. See them stretch up to draw on the higher papers and crouch down to draw on the lower papers.

3. Look At The Balloons

To attract kids’ eyes upwards, hang balloons from the ceiling. Use adhesive tape to stick a picture of things they like, like their favourite food or cartoon, under each balloon. Kids will love looking up at the balloon and finding the image of their favourite things.

4. See Saw Game

Take your child to the park and play see saw with them. Say the words up and down loudly and encourage your child to say the same when they go up and down.

5. Slide Down

Just like the see saw game, take your child to the slide. First, ask them to climb up using the stairs and then slide down. They’ll have fun learning this way.

6. Up & Down Game

Tell your child that you’ll be saying a mix of alphabet and numbers. They have to stand up if you say a number and sit down if you say a letter. Kids will love playing this fun game.

7. Find The Tape

Take tape and paste a few strips on the floor and a few on surfaces like tables, chairs, slabs, etc. Ask your child to look around the house and peel off these tapes. Also, ask them where they found the tape, up or down the object.

We hope this article helped your little one to learn the up and down concept. After your child has a grasp on the up and down concept, you can teach them more such concepts, like near and far.

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