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Words That Start With L For Kids To Improve Vocabulary

L is the twelfth letter in the English alphabet and is pronounced as “/el/”. Most children learn to recognise the letter L before even learning words since most common words such as love, little, learn, lunch etc., start with L. Learning words with the letter L is essential for kids to develop knowledge of a language and express themselves through written and spoken communication. Words are the crucial and basic units of language which helps in sentence formation and building reading and writing ability. Building a strong vocabulary can help better memory and identify unknown words through common syllables. Therefore, help your child to learn new words in English with the letter L to boost their reading and writing skills. Here is an elaborate list of most commonly used words with L which you can teach your little one.


List Of ‘L’ Words For Kids

We have compiled a list of words beginning with L, which will help your child form general sentences and identify the most common things. This list is ideal to start with a child’s vocabulary lessons on words with L.

List Late Lamp
Leader Like Learn
Lost Lavender Loudly
Love Luminous Leftovers
Loaf Light Lighting
Little Lemonade Landlord
Lion Liquid Listening
Language Lips Lady
Lipstick Lab Letters
Luck Location Laugh

Words That Start With L For Kindergarten Or Preschool Kids

It is best for kindergarten or preschool kids to learn simple words with only two or three letters. This will set a base for them to learn harder words eventually. The following are some three-letter words and two-letter words with L to start the learning journey.


2 Letter Words That Start With L

Lo Li

3 Letter Words That Start With L

Lap Lab
Log Lie
Lid Let

Words That Start With L For Lower Elementary Kids

Once kids understand the meaning of small words starting with L, it becomes easier for them to grasp newer and bigger multi-syllabic words beginning with the letter L such as laundry, lasagna, liable etc. Here are the lists of 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter and 7-letter words that start with L, which are used in daily conversation and can also be used to write simple essays for lower elementary classes.

4 Letter Words That Start With L

Late Like
Life Love

5 Letter Words That Start With L

Ladle Lucky
Light Loyal
Learn Lemon

6 Letter Words That Start With L

Little Lesson
Leader Litter
Letter Lament

7 Letter Words That Start With L

Loyalty Luggage
Library Liberal
License Logical

Cool Words That Start With The Letter L For Kids

Numerous words in the English dictionary start with the letter L. It is better to learn all the cool and exciting words starting with L to have a linguistic advantage in understanding rarely used cool words from a very early age. These words are easy to understand and remember and are versatile. Here is a list of some cool L letter words to boost the knowledge of kids.

Lavender Lifeguard Lotion
Loom Lighthouse Lurk
Landscape Luminescent Lament
Logo Lullaby Leash
Lukewarm Littering Leopard
Loofah Lively Longing
Lounge Lobster Linguistics
Loggerhead Luminous Lymph
Ladle Lettuce Lanky

Positive Words That Start With Letter L For Children

There are many good words with L, from love to loyalty, which your child can use to write an essay with a positive note. These words have positive connotations to make any sentence crisp. Find below a list of positive words that start with the letter L to help your child broaden their vocabulary.

Loyal Leader Luscious
Legend Liberal Lordly
Lively Learning Laudable
Lucky Logical Lenient
Lustrous Lovable Literate
Laugh Liberty Lawful
Luxury Leisure Largess
Legacy Letter Licit
Lavish Lush Luminary

More Words That Start With The Letter L

Apart from differentiating words that start with the letter L according to the number of letters, you can also help your child remember many words starting with L in various categories. For example, you can teach them the names of things, animals, places, and foods, starting with the letter L. For further advancement, you can come up with lists of verbs, nouns and adjectives that start with L, so that the children learn to use the correct parts of speech with words starting with the letter L.


Things That Start With L

Ladder Light
Lamp Laptop

Animals That Start With L

Lion Lemur
Leopard Ladybug

Places That Start With L

London Lakshadweep
Lisbon Lucknow

Foods That Start With L

Lemon Lime
Lasagna Lentils

Verbs That Start With L

Leave Limp
Laugh Lecture

Noun That Start With L

Lake Line
Landscape Language
Ladle Literacy
Library Lab
Life Leaf

Adjective That Start With L

Lanky Lyrical
Lucky Loud

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Words With L

Once your child has a firm grasp on different words that start with the letter L, you need to ensure that they remember them in times to come. Since children are easily distracted if given hardcore lessons, it is ideal to teach them through various fun activities such as games and hands-on activities. Children remember more and learn easily when they enjoy themselves through the learning process. Here are some activities for the letter L to ensure that the learning process is fun.

1. Word Games

Word games are fun games which help your child build a vast vocabulary. These games are interesting and entertaining, which helps to retain words for a longer period. Since these games promote learning while playing, kids learn more words in no time. Fun games like Pictionary and Scrabble are best for kids to boost their vocabulary. Scrabble games help form new words from different letters pushing them to retain the words they have already learnt. It allows learning more than they have already learnt since there are several letters to start new words with. On the other hand, Pictionary asks players to come up with the word that describes a given picture. Since words associated with images are remembered for a long, it is ideal for children to learn quickly via this engaging game. Use the list of L letter words and help them engage and learn through these effective word games.


2. Reading

Children can expand their vocabulary by reading. Therefore children can enjoy stories with words starting with L. Kids love to listen to their favourite stories and boost their imagination. So, ask them to point out the L words they can identify and if they know the meaning. You can use the story of Leah The Laughing Lamb.

Leah The Laughing Lamb


Leah, the little lamb, loved to laugh

She laughed on nice days and days that were rough

She laughed at the sun and she laughed at the moon

She laughed at the good and the bad things too!

So, Leah with a lovely laugh could make friends soon

3. Word Puzzles

Word puzzles are another effective way to help kids learn new words. These word puzzles can improve their focus, memory, retention and spelling skills as well. You can try word search puzzles and crossword puzzles to help your child learn L words in a fun way.

You can follow the steps to help your child build vocabulary in words starting with L effectively. It will help them in building a solid vocabulary and command of the English language.

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