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Words That Start With V For Kids To Improve Vocabulary

Proficiency in the English language is very important for kids to do well in their studies and later in their careers. Young kids pick up and learn things faster than adults. However, when learning new words, they may find it difficult to understand ‘V; letter words. There are limited English words with ‘V’ used in daily life, and therefore, kids don’t hear them and find it difficult to learn them. But to improve their vocabulary and build a solid English language base, they need to know words starting with the letter ‘V’. Apart from knowing the words, they also need to know how to pronounce them. For example, the sound of the letter ‘V’ in words such as viper, van, or vanity is ‘V’ or ‘vee’. Here, we have an extensive list of different types of V-starting words suitable for preschoolers and lower elementary students.


List Of ‘V’ Words For Kids

Find below a list of some commonly used words starting with ‘V’. These words are easy to learn and, therefore, suitable for young kids. You can read them aloud with your kids to help them learn these words and their pronunciation. Once the kid has memorised these words, you ask them to write these words.


Below is the list of ‘V’ words for kids:

Valid Velvet Violin
Vanilla Venom Viper
Vary Verge Vital
Vast Veteran Vivid
Vacuum Vibrant Vocal
Vegetable Victor Voice
Valley Vase Village

Words That Start With ‘V’ For Kindergarten Or Preschool Kids

Kindergarten and preschool children take a step-by-step approach toward learning. Kids learn small English words after learning the English alphabet. To make kids understand word learning and build their vocabulary, it’s best to start with short words in English first. Here are some two and three-letter ‘V’ words suitable for kindergarten and preschool kids:


2 Letter Words That Start With ‘V’

Few 2 letter words starting with ‘V’ are:


3 Letter Words That Start With ‘V’

Few 3 letter words starting with ‘V’ are:

Vow Vat
Van Vex
Via Vet

‘V’ Words For Lower Elementary Kids

Once kids are in lower elementary classes, they have already built up a vocabulary of simple words. Now, as they progress in their academics, they need to know bigger words. Students of lower elementary classes should be taught words of more than two or three letters to boost their vocabulary. Here are V words for lower elementary classes students with 4, 5, 6 and 7 letters:


4 Letter Words That Start With ‘V’

Few 4-letter words starting with V are:

Vein Vest
Very Vote

5 Letter Words That Start With ‘V’

Few 5-letter words starting with V are:

Vague Visit
Vicar Vogue

6 Letter Words That Start With ‘V’

Few 6-letter words starting with V are:

Vacant Vacuum
Vacate Violet

7 Letter Words That Start With ‘V’

A few 7-letter words starting with V are:

Victory Volcano
Visitor Vulture

Cool Words That Start With The Letter ‘V’ For Kids

There are some super cool words that start with the letter V. When kids know and use these words, they boost their vocabulary and impress others with it. A good vocabulary is always helpful in expressing themselves better.

Here are a few cool words that start with the letter ‘V’ for kids:

Vocabulary Vagrant Vinyl
Vagabond Vertigo Valiant
Valedictorian Verve Vivacious
Vegetarian Veterinarian Vanquish
Vanguard Vindicated Voila
Venomous Valedictory Voodoo

Positive Words That Start With Letter ‘V’ For Children

When students use positive words in their academics or speech, they give a good impression. Positive words make the thinking of the kids positive. Therefore, parents and teachers insist on kids using positive language.

Here are some positive and good words from the ‘V’ letter for children:

Valuable Visionary Versatile
Voluntary Virtuous Vigorous
Victorious Valiant Versed
Vernal Viable Vivacious

More Words That Start With The Letter ‘V’

‘V’ letter is a unique alphabet and has a few things that have names starting with it. Most people believe there are no things or names that start with ‘V’. However, there are a few names and things that start with the letter ‘V’.

Here is the list of names, animals, and things that start with the letter ‘V’:

Names Of Things That Start With ‘V’

A few things names starting with ‘V’ are:

Veil Villa
Video Visa

Animal Names That Start With ‘V’

Few animal names starting with V are:

Vervet Vole
Vicuna Vulture

Place Names That Start With ‘V’

A few places names starting with V are:

Valencia Vellore
Vancouver Vienna

Activities That Will Help Your Child To Learn ‘V’ Letter Words

Words starting with consonants are important in the English language. Similarly, words starting with consonant ‘V’ are important for building a strong English language vocabulary. However, teaching ‘V’ letter words are not easy, especially for young kids. You can teach them, but they forget easily due to infrequent usage. To help your kid learn words starting with the V letter, you need to make them revise and constantly practice. Only then they will learn the words by heart. However, kids are playful and often get distracted during lessons, so teaching them in a strict teaching mode is not possible. For teaching them, a fun and engaging method is more suitable. Through fun activities and games, kids learn faster as they are engaged. Here are some letter V activities that will help your child to learn letter ‘V’ words:

1. Reading

Reading is an important part of learning. Apart from learning new words, reading also helps the kid expand their imagination. You can bring interesting storybooks for your child. Initially, read along with them and ask them to mark the ‘V’ letter words with a pencil. Once they can recognise the words and read by themselves, make them read aloud and correct their pronunciation. You can also make them spell out the ‘V’ letter words. Once the kid is done reading, ask them to write the words in a notebook. The kid will then easily learn the words, pronunciation, and spelling through reading and writing. You can also play some reading or spelling games with your kid to make learning more enjoyable.

2. Colouring Activity

Kids love to draw and colour. It is also an excellent way to teach hand-eye coordination and improve their motor skills. To help kids learn the words, they should understand the meanings behind the ‘V’ letter starting words they have learned. To make them learn words and their meaning, involve them in colouring, kids’ favourite activity. You can take printouts or draw images of things starting with the letter V. Then, ask your kid to colour those images. You can even draw the images in dots instead of lines and then ask your kid to draw lines over them and then colour. Your kid not only will enjoy colouring but will also remember the words.

3. Flashcards

Flashcards are another great way to teach your kid word and thing association. You can teach them words starting with the letter ‘V’ and then show them pictures associated with them. The kid will learn faster the words and the things they represent. This is also an excellent way to teach your kid the names of things around them, such as a van or a vehicle. You can also play flashcard games where on one side you keep flashcards with words and on the other side flashcards with pictures. Ask your kid to match the word cards with the picture cards. Once your kid can associate words with the things around them, they will never forget those V-letter words and their meaning.

4. Writing Activity

As the saying goes, practice makes everyone perfect. Similarly, children must practice remembering the words they have learned. Connect the dots worksheets with letter ‘V’ words in upper and lower case letters are a fun activity to try. They will be able to understand and recognise words more quickly as a result of this and enhance their writing abilities. You may also attempt writing games for kids to motivate your kids to write.

Teaching your children ”V letter words at a young age can help them develop a strong vocabulary foundation. Involve your children in exciting activities utilising ‘V’ letter words to help them learn rapidly and remember the words for a long time. This will ensure that your child learns and remembers the ‘V’ letter words for a long time.



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