• 1.What is "Guaranteed Savings Offer" Program?
    • The "Guaranteed Savings Offer" Program is a special subscription program from FirstCry.com. On purchasing any "Guaranteed Savings Offer" you would get a Digital Subscription Code with a value and minimum guaranteed discount, which you can use to buy products from your Favorite Brand. For example Offer "2500 @ 18% Offer" from Huggies Guaranteed Savings Offer - In this you pay Rs. 2500 upfront and in return you would get a "Guaranteed Savings" code with Rs. 2500 value and assured 18% discount which you can use to buy Huggies products.
  • 2.How do I buy "Guaranteed Savings Offer"
    • Buying "Guaranteed Savings Offer" is really simple. Choose the offer which gives you the maximum value and click on "Subscribe". Now continue and place the order by paying through any of the online options available. Once the payment is complete you would receive your "Guaranteed Savings Offer" digital code on the email id used for the purchase. (Please ensure email id used for the purchase is a valid email id)
  • 3.How do I use the "Guaranteed Savings Offer" Digital Code?
    • Simple, add relevant products to the cart and click "Place Order". In the check out process on the order confirmation tab apply the "Guaranteed Savings Offer" Digital Code in the "Gift/ Guaranteed Savings" field. Once the code is successfully applied you would get the assured discount under the offer and the final payment for offer products would be adjusted from the balance available in your Code. For the rest of the products/balance, just pay using any of the options and complete your purchase.
  • 4.What does "Minimum Discount" means?
    • "Minimum Discount" is the guaranteed discount which you will get on using Guaranteed Savings Offer digital code for the products included under your offer. In case the on-site discount for any of these products is higher than Guaranteed Savings Offer discount, the higher on-site discount will be applicable even if purchased using Guaranteed Savings Offer Digital Code.
  • 5.Is there any usage limitations on the "Guaranteed Saving Offer" code?
    • To avoid misuse of the Digital Code, a maximum of Rs.1500 worth of balance inclusive of GST can be used in one purchase. Also a minimum gap of 7 days needs to be maintained between two consecutive purchases using "Guaranteed Savings Offer" code, if you have bought the code after 26th Sept 2014.
      If you have bought the "Guaranteed Savings Offer" code, before 26th Sept 2014 a minimum gap of 15 days needs to be maintained between two consecutive purchases.
  • 6.Where do I track my Guaranteed Savings Offer code balance?
    • You can track the balance/usage of your "Guaranteed Savings Offer" Code by logging in to your My Account section under the "Guaranteed Savings" tab. Moreover we will send you emails related to your subscription usage and expiry. If you don’t have password to your account use Forgot Password.
  • 7.What happens if I return/replace the products?
    • In case, products bought through Guaranteed Savings Offer Code are returned for a replacement, the replacement product has to be from the same offer and of value not more than the actual product purchased through the offer. Rest of the return conditions will be the same as Firstcry Payments and Return Policy. In case products bought through Guaranteed Savings Offer Code are returned for a refund, the amount used from "Guaranteed Savings Offer" code for buying those products will be added back to your " Guaranteed Savings Offer" code. Rest of the refund conditions will be the same as Firstcry Payments and Return Policy.
  • 8.Is there any Validity attached to the "Guaranteed Savings Offer" code?
    • Every "Guaranteed Savings Offer" offer has a validity period attached to it. The validity is calculated basis the purchase date of the " Guaranteed Savings Offer" code. We urge you to use your "Guaranteed Savings Offer" code before that date.
  • 9.What happens if I want to return the "Guaranteed Savings Offer" code?
    • These offers have been created with a belief to provide maximum benefits to our users and we hope that you won’t find a reason to return. In case you want to return the offer then: -

      a. Offer Code not used: The entire amount shall be added to your "Cash Refund" section. You can check the cash refund balance by logging in to your My Account section and can use the same during your subsequent purchases from FirstCry.com.

      b. Offer code Used: If you have partly used the subscription offer and wish to cancel the rest, the balance amount will be refunded to your FirstCry Cash refund section.

  • 10.What to do if the balance left in my "Guaranteed Saving Offer" code is not sufficient to complete my purchase?
    • In such a scenario you need to go to your Guaranteed Savings Offer page from "My Accounts —› Guaranteed Savings" and deactivate the Guaranteed Savings Offer before it expires. Once done, the balance amount will be refunded to your FirstCry Cash refund section.

      Once the balance has been refunded to your Cash Refund section, you can use it to make any purchase from FirstCry.com

  • 11.What happens if my Guaranteed Savings Offer expires with amount left unutilized?
    • The Guaranteed Savings Offer needs to be de-activated by the user before the Guaranteed Savings Offer expires in order to get a refund in your Cash Refund section. Once a Guaranteed Savings Offer Expires we would not be providing any refund on the un-used/balance amount.
  • 12.Can Combo packs be purchased with the "Guaranteed Savings Offer" code?
    • Yes combo packs can be purchased through "Guaranteed Savings Offer" code. Though products which are present in the combo but not covered under the offer will be available as normal products (with site level discounts, if any) and no Guaranteed Savings Offer will be applied on them.
  • 13.What should if I got stuck during the process?
    • Click here, to write to our customer care team if you have any queries regarding GSO.
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