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10 “WHATs” Of A Baby’s Crawling Milestone

We know your camera is ready to capture the first time your baby’s about to crawl! But, your little one is taking his or her own time to go on all fours while basking in all the admiration (and probably the camera too!)

Here are the 10 “WHATs” that are most commonly asked on the internet while your baby takes a step (on all fours) towards the big milestone – CRAWLING.

Q1. WHAT is the age at which a baby starts crawling?

Ans: A baby generally begins to crawl between 6 and 10 months of age.

Q2. WHAT are the signs that the baby will crawl soon?

Ans: Here’ what you need to look out for, sure-shot signs that your little one is about to crawl:

  • Your baby is able to roll from their stomach to their back.
  • Your baby is able get themselves to roll from the stomach, up to a seated position.
  • Your little one is able to get on their hands and knees and rock back and forth.
  • Your tiny tot is able to push or pull themselves with their arms when lying on their stomach.

Q3. WHAT are the benefits of crawling for babies?

benefits of crawling for babies

Ans: Crawling helps babies in so many ways. Here are some benefits:

  • Accelerates physical development
  • Improves mental and cognitive health
  • Corrects body balance
  • Enhances vision
  • Boosts self-confidence

Q4. WHAT are the stages of baby crawling?

Ans: This chart lists the various stages of baby crawling in detail:

Baby crawling milestones chart

Q5. WHAT are common baby crawling styles?

Ans: Here are some common baby crawling styles:

  • Cross Crawl: This is when the baby gets on their hands and knees and moves the opposite arm and leg simultaneously to crawl.
  • Bear Crawl: This is when the baby lifts their knees and elbows off the ground and crawls with extended arms and legs.
  • Commando Crawl: This is when the baby lays flat with their tummy on the floor and crawls forward using their hands.
  • Bottom Scoot: This is when the baby is sitting and scooting around their bottom using their legs and feet to move them forward.
  • Tripod Crawl: This is when the baby is sitting and uses their arms and one leg to move forward.

Q6. WHAT are the activities that encourage a baby to crawl?

Ans: Check out these amazing activities that can encourage your baby to crawl.

  • Pillow Play: Encourage your little one to play with their hand on the pillow. This will help their muscles to grow, and they will soon start crawling.
  • Attractive Toy: When your baby is lying on their tummy or is on all fours, show them any attractive toy like Tiger On Wheels. The toy will encourage them to crawl and reach for it.
  • Lift Your Baby: When on the floor, lift your baby enough to support their body weight and help them practice crawling.
  • Mirror Play: Make your baby play in front of the mirror. When they see their reflection in the mirror, they’ll try to reach for it, thus, inducing them to crawl.
  • Fun Play: The best way to teach children something is by involving them in a play activity. You can use Caterpillar Crawling Tunnel and make your baby sit at one of its ends. Sit at the other end of the tunnel and encourage your baby to come to you. They’ll be crawling in no time.

Caterpillar crawling tunnel for a baby

Q7. WHAT measures should one take when the baby starts crawling?

Ans: You should take the following measures when your baby starts crawling:

  • Ensure adequate supervision at all times.
  • Keep the floor clean and dry to prevent slipping accidents.
  • Baby-proof the stairs, as they can be dangerous for the baby when they start crawling.
  • Make sure the baby is crawling in a safe area like a closed room and not on the balcony.
  • Cover the electric sockets that are in the baby’s reach.
  • Keep a first-aid kit handy, just in case.

Baby proofing the home

Q8. WHAT comes next after the baby learns to crawl?

Ans: The baby will try to pull themselves up and will take a step towards the next big milestones – Standing and Walking.

Q9. WHAT is the reason my baby doesn’t crawl?

Ans: Here are the reasons why a baby doesn’t crawl:

  • If the baby’s heavy, they may take time to crawl.
  • If the baby has bow legs, they may find it difficult to crawl
  • If the baby has flat feet, it could be tough for them to crawl.

Q10. WHAT if the baby skips crawling entirely?

Ans: It is possible that a baby skips the crawling milestone altogether. You will see your baby directly pulling up to stand, and in no time, you will see yourself following your baby with a big smile as they start walking!

We know how impatient parents are to see their little bundle of joy reaching a new milestone. Stay patient while your baby takes its own time to start crawling. Do let us know in the comments below if this has helped your little one!



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