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Essay On ‘My Bicycle’ For Children Of Classes 1, 2 And 3

Children love their bicycles. As they grow old enough to ride, they enjoy their first cycle, and it is a memory that stays with them for a long time. Children enjoy little moments associated with their bikes. Whether it is cycling around the compound with friends or feeling like the responsible little helper by riding to nearby stores to bring small household requirements, children and their bicycles are inseparable. When asked to write an essay on the topic, they can write small paragraphs discussing their experiences or elaborate compositions bringing in some facts and general knowledge with detailed descriptions. This exercise will lay the foundation of their English grammar and improve their writing skills. It also improves their vocabulary. Let us guide your children of classes 1, 2 and 3 to write a beautiful composition on this topic.


Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on ‘My Bicycle’

Your child needs to remember a few points while writing an essay about their bicycle. Let us guide your child stepwise on an essay adventure about their bicycle:

  • Let your child think about the ideas they want to include in their mind.
  • Ask them to pen down their thoughts on paper and form an outline of the composition, ensuring they have covered all the points.
  • Let your child write easy-to-read short and simple sentences from the outline.
  • Guide your child not to get too descriptive about any single idea and stick to the word count.
  • Direct your child to write with the flow. This will make them enjoy writing the essay.
  • Your child can write about the description of their bike, when they got it, where they ride it, the best features of the bike and how they feel about it.

10 Lines on ‘My Bicycle’

Here is a sample essay to guide your child to write about their bicycle in simple lines:

  1. I have a glossy pink bicycle.
  2. My parents gifted it to me on my birthday last year.
  3. It has two small wheels on both sides to help me to balance.
  4. My cycle has a basket in the front.
  5. Our tiniest furry family member named Lucky enjoys a ride sitting in the basket.
  6. I ride my cycle with my friends in the neighbourhood.
  7. At first, I didn’t know how to ride the bicycle, but my father taught me how to ride smoothly.
  8. I wear a helmet when I ride my bicycle for safety.
  9. I take a lot of care of my cycle. I wipe it clean whenever it gets dusty.
  10. My bicycle is the best gift I have ever received.

Short Essay on ‘My Bicycle’

Your child’s bicycle makes them feel like they are flying without wings. They get a sense of independence while venturing out in the world around them, albeit safely under the guidance of their parents. Let us guide your little one to write an enjoyable essay on their bicycle, suitable for lower primary classes:

I have a shiny pink bicycle. My parents gifted it to me on my birthday last year. I love riding my cycle with my friends in the neighbourhood. I go out to cycle every afternoon, along with my friends. Sometimes I take my cute little puppy, Lucky, with me too. She sits in the basket in front of the bicycle and enjoys the ride with me. Sometimes I use the basket to collect flowers that have fallen from plants and trees. I look forward to going out on cycle rides every day. It is refreshing when the pleasant winds blow on my face while cycling. I take care of my cycle and wipe off the dust settled on it every weekend. I like it when it shines.


Long Essay on ‘My Bicycle’

Your child’s first bicycle is very special to them. Let us help your little one compose an amazing essay, suitable for class 3:

I got my first bicycle on my birthday last year. It was the cycle of my dreams, and my parents got it for me as a surprise gift. 


Bicycles were first invented by a German. The first-ever cycle didn’t have brakes or chains or pedals. Today bicycles have many advanced features for people of all ages.

My cycle is glossy pink in colour. Its body is made of sturdy metal, and the tyres are made of rubber. It has two brakes on the handle to control the speed. The seat is purple coloured made of strong silicone material. I can adjust its height as per my comfort. 


I have decorated my cycle with cute stickers and have tied short bunches of glittering ribbons to both handles. My cycle has a bottle holder where I carry my water bottle that matches the colour of my cycle. My bicycle also has a basket in the front. I carry my tiny furry friend, Lucky, in the basket, and we go around the neighbourhood along with my other friends and my brother. I also fill the basket with beautiful fragrant flowers for my mother. I enjoy riding my bike every day. It feels amazing when the cool wind blows against my face while cycling. 

Initially, my father used to hold the cycle from behind to teach me how to balance. Soon, I started riding on my own. I lost balance and fell a few times, but now I can ride smoothly for a long stretch. 


Cycles are the best mode of transport. They are good for our environment because they do not cause air pollution. We also don’t need fuel for riding cycles, so we save a lot of money and conserve our resources. Cycling is an excellent form of exercise and makes our muscles strong. So by playing on my bike, I am becoming stronger every day. My parents say that cycling is also good for our hearts. Cycles are very safe to ride, especially when I wear a helmet. I get only a few small bruises if I fall, which can heal soon. My cycle won’t hurt anyone on the streets, so every person and animal is safe from a bicycle. 

Many older students use cycles to go to school or tuition classes. Some adults use cycles to go to the office because of the benefits of riding a bike.


Everyone in my family loves riding bikes. My parents, brother, and I visit scenic locations for cycle rides on holidays.

I love cycling and will continue to ride bicycles even after becoming big. 


What Will Your Child Learn From This Essay?

Writing about their bicycle will be a fun experience for children. While thinking of all the activities they enjoy associated with their bikes, they will learn to express their feelings in words. Thinking about the benefits of cycling will also make your child contemplate matters like health, fitness, nature and conservation.

These sample essays will help your little one write a beautiful composition on their first bicycle. It will also improve your child’s linguistic skills and enhance their vocabulary. Developing their writing skills will benefit your child and lay the foundation of good communication skills. Your child will remember their first cycle all their life and perhaps find this essay years later among their old possessions, making them reminisce all the fun moments of childhood.

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