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How To Write An Essay On Teachers’ Day For Lower Primary Classes

Teachers are the closest people in a child’s life outside their homes. Right from the moment they enter school on their very first day till the day they graduate, teachers play a central role in every child’s educational journey. They are responsible for inspiring students and shaping their futures. Therefore, it’s not surprising that children are very close to their teachers and love and respect them immensely. Children love celebrating Teachers’ Day in school. They show their appreciation, respect, and gratitude towards their teachers through various expressions on this day. Schools organise a grand celebration with various activities where children can participate. Teachers’ Day is thus a common topic assigned to children of lower primary classes for essay writing. Through this essay, students are expected to highlight the importance of teachers and share how they like to celebrate Teachers’ Day.

Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day is celebrated in all schools to honour the contribution of teachers to the students’ lives. Children will have a lot of ideas about what to write on this topic. There are a few essential tips to remember when asked to write an essay on teachers. Here are some details that you can include:

  • Mention the date that Teachers’ day falls on.
  • Write why it is celebrated.
  • Write why it is important to celebrate Teachers’ day.
  • Describe the importance of teachers in students’ lives.
  • Write about various activities on Teachers’ day.

10 Lines On Teachers’ Day

Right from the first day of school, a teacher is a child’s mentor in their studies, guardian away from home and a friendly guide for life. Lower primary class students are very excited about Teachers’ Day but are just about learning how to put down their feelings and ideas in words. It will help them to gather their thoughts and write them in simple sentences. Here is a sample essay on Teachers’ Day for class 1 & 2 students in 10 lines:

  1. We celebrate Teachers’ Day in India on September 5.
  2. It is celebrated to show our respect and gratitude for our teachers.
  3. It is celebrated to mark Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishan’s birth anniversary.
  4. International Teachers’ Day is celebrated in other parts of the world on October 5.
  5. On this day, teachers are off-duty. Senior students come to school dressed up as teachers and take over the classes.
  6. Teachers relax and enjoy the activities planned for them by the students.
  7. In my school, we also perform skits and other cultural activities to showcase the importance of our teachers.
  8. We also have a special assembly conducted by students.
  9. We give small gifts to our teachers. I like to make greeting cards for all my favourite teachers to show love and gratitude.
  10. Schools across India celebrate Teachers’ day with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal.

Short Essay on Teachers’ Day in English

After writing an essay in simple lines, students will be expected to weave their ideas into small paragraphs to share their experiences on Teachers’ Day. For this short paragraph, they will have to include more details and facts in their essay, with a small introductory and concluding line.

Here is an example that will give your child some guidance:

From our first day at school all the way through college, teachers are the ones who guide us, educate us, and inspire us. They not only teach us but also make us better humans. Therefore, every year on September 5, we celebrate Teachers’ Day to honour our teachers. It is the most important event on the school calendar. 

Teachers’ Day was first celebrated by students and colleagues of the former President of India, Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishan, to honour him on his birthday. Since then, it has been celebrated to honour and respect all teachers upon his humble insistence. 

In our school, we have many cultural activities to celebrate this day. Students honour their teachers with flowers and gifts to express their gratitude. It is not just on this day, but every day, that we are grateful to our teachers for educating us and making us good human beings.

Long Essay on Teachers’ Day for Kids

Class 3 students are expected to write longer essays and express their views articulately along with essential facts and knowledge. Therefore, students will have to memorise these facts while writing about their experiences creatively. Here is a sample of a long essay on Teachers’ Day essay for class 3 students:

We all know that Teachers’ Day is on September 5 and is celebrated with gusto. However, very few know that while it is celebrated on this day in India, the International Teacher Day is observed worldwide on October 5. Teachers’ Day in India is celebrated to honour Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second president of India who was an incredible teacher. His students wanted to celebrate Teachers’ Day on his birthday to honour him and show their respect for him. However, Dr Radhakrishnan suggested honouring all teachers instead, and his birthday started being celebrated across the country to commemorate teachers and their importance in shaping students’ lives.

The future of every society and country lies in the hands of the children. And teachers are the ones that nurture, educate, and shape the future of these children who grow up and make a better society and country. They not only impart education but also guide children to become better humans. Therefore, every year Teachers’ day is celebrated in all schools, colleges, and educational institutions with fervour and enthusiasm. It is a day dedicated to teachers who work hard to ensure their students learn well and excel in school and life. Teachers have a powerful impact on students’ lives and minds. Therefore they have always been respected and held in high regard. On Teachers’ Day, students express that regard and gratitude through various activities.

In my school, senior class students dress and act as their favourite teachers for one day. They conduct the assembly, take classes, and organise various activities for teachers. We have speeches and skits that show the importance of teachers in our lives. We also present dances and sing songs dedicated to our teachers. In our school, we also have performances like fancy dress competitions on this day. Teachers get a day off from their responsibilities and enjoy these acts. There are fun games played with our teachers in one team opposite us students in the other team. We also shower our teachers with love by giving them cards, flowers, and presents to express our love, respect and gratitude. The day is all about teachers and making them feel special. Though we dedicate just one single day of the year to celebrate our teachers, we appreciate and acknowledge their efforts and dedication every day of our life. 

What Will Your Child Learn from the Essay on Teachers’ Day?

Teachers’ day is an introductory essay for students of lower primary classes. For students, teachers are the most important part of their educational lives. Therefore writing an essay for grade 1, 2 & 3 students on Teachers’ day encourages them to express their love and gratitude towards their teachers. From academic and moral aspects, teachers are the guiding light for their students. Through an essay on Teacher’s day, your child will learn and understand the role of teachers in their lives, and appreciate their efforts in their education. This exercise also allows your child to observe and express the activities around them. Gathering facts about the history of Teachers’ Day will improve your child’s general knowledge.

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