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How To Write An Essay On ‘My Favourite Game’ For Lower Primary Classes 

If there’s one thing all children absolutely love, it is playing games. Be it an outdoor sport or an indoor game, children love their playtime. It is the time of day when they take a break from school, homework and other chores at home to have a good time. They get together with their friends and siblings, and enjoy activities that they all like. ‘My Favourite Game’ is an exciting topic for an essay for children of lower primary classes. They will be full of ideas for what to include in the composition. Organising these ideas and presenting them in words will improve their writing skills. When writing about sports, children will be expected to touch upon various aspects of it. Here are some samples which will guide children of classes 1, 2 & 3 to write about some popular sports.

Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on ‘My Favourite Game’ for Lower Primary Classes

‘My Favourite Game’ is a moderately challenging topic for children. They need to remember certain facts about the game of their choice and express why it is their favourite. Here are some essential tips:

  • When writing about a game, start by talking about the game’s popularity.
  • Write about the different aspects of that game that makes it your personal favourite.
  • Talk about how often you play the game.
  • Mention how it is a part of your school life.
  • Dive into details of the game only in a longer essay.

10 Lines on ‘My Favourite Game is Cricket’

Cricket is a popular game in India, making it a topic that is easy for a short essay for children. Here is how to write a short 10-line essay on cricket for class 1.

  1. Cricket is the most popular and loved sport in the country.
  2. I enjoy watching cricket with my family and playing the game with my friends.
  3. People in my country are very passionate about cricket and watch the matches with a lot of enthusiasm.
  4. I play cricket with my friends at home and at school.
  5. I am a good batsman and fielder, and my friends have the same opinion.
  6. In cricket, there are 11 players on each team. Each team has a batsman, a bowler, a wicket-keeper and many fielders.
  7. At the beginning, there is a coin toss. The winner chooses to bat or bowl.
  8. My favourite cricket players are Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni.
  9. Everybody is interested in cricket scores during an important match.
  10. Seeing cricket on TV is fun but going to a stadium is the most fun you can have as a cricket fan.

Essay on ‘My Favourite Game is Kabaddi’

Kabaddi is a regional sport that has existed for many generations in India. It is a physically demanding game played by seven players on each team. In the game, two teams stand opposite each other. A player from one team enters the opponent’s court while continuously saying “kabbadi”. If he touches one of the players and returns to his side, his team wins a point. The opposite team tries to stop him from going back till he runs out of breath and stops saying kabaddi. If they manage to stop him, he loses. I am very good at Kabaddi because I can run very fast before anyone can catch me. I am also able to hold my breath for a very long time. Kabaddi is my favourite because it is a challenging game and one has to be very strong and fast to win at it.

Essay on ‘My Favourite Game is Hockey’

Hockey is my favourite game because it is challenging and also a lot of fun at the same time. It is the national game of India and is also played throughout the world. In the game, there are 11 players on each team. The teams have to chase a ball with their hockey sticks and score a goal. Along with playing hockey, I also love watching it on television. Although it is a national sport, hockey is not very common in the country. The popularity needs to increase, and more people should take up the game in schools and colleges.

Essay On ‘My Favourite is Game is Ludo’ 

Ludo is a popular board game among all children. I play it with my family and friends on weekends when we meet. Ludo is my favourite because I can play the game anytime and anywhere. The game is also available on mobile phones, but I like playing it on the gameboard when I am home. It requires at least two players and a maximum of four. In ludo, each player gets four tokens to play. The players roll the dice turn by turn and move ahead on the board accordingly. The first player who takes all his tokens to the finishing point wins. I also have a magnetic board and tokens for playing the game while travelling to a holiday destination. I like playing ludo with new people and making new friends.

Essay on ‘My Favourite Game is Volleyball’

I enjoy playing all ball games, but volleyball is my favourite of them all. The game has two teams standing on opposite sides of a court with a net in between. The first team serves the ball, and the opposite team returns it by hitting the ball with their wrist. If the ball reaches out of the court boundary or touches the net, the team that hits the ball loses. The game requires you to stay focused all the time, as even a small lapse of judgment can cost you the winning point. Unlike other games where you can take your eyes off the ball, you cannot do the same in volleyball until you have gained or lost a point. I like volleyball because it is all about strong team coordination. Everybody has to cooperate and work together to win.

Short Essay on ‘My Favourite Game is Carrom’

Carrom is one of the best board games there is! It is a two-player game, but I love playing it alone too. I enjoy it because it requires strength, accuracy and swiftness while striking every move. The game is fun but challenging because it requires precise moves with an understanding of force and direction of the strike. It took me many months to learn how to shoot the striker properly and hit the tokens on the board. It takes a lot of time to become good at the game as we need a lot of practice to excel in it.

Essay on ‘My Favorite Sport is Football’

My favourite game is football. It is a popularly played sport throughout the world! The best teams from every country make it to the world cup, and people across the globe watch it with interest. I love football because there is a sense of freedom in playing the game. It is physically demanding as we have to run around the field to score a goal and simultaneously defend our side of the goal post. I play football every day in school with my classmates. I also play football with other children in my neighbourhood. It is a great way to make friends as you learn to play as a team.

Many of us dream of becoming great footballers someday. I always work on my skills because my coach says we can make it to the state or national level championships if we play well. Football is just as much about strategy and teamwork as it is about physical endurance. We also need great discipline and team cohesion to become a great football team.

Long Essay on ‘My Favourite Game is Badminton’

When writing a long essay, students have to plan what they are about to write. For writing about a sport, they will need to give a few details about the game and why they like it in the rest of the essay. Here is a sample essay on badminton for students of class 3:

Badminton is a popular sport throughout the world. Many people worldwide watch it on TV, and many play it as a leisure sport. My interest in badminton started when I visited the sports centre in our locality. I was hooked on the sport soon after my first game. Unlike many other games that I play, I find that badminton is fun and challenging at the same time. The game requires two players. We need great stamina to move around the court to serve and return the shuttlecock by hitting it with the racket.

Badminton can be played by anyone as long as they love games. There are a few rules for playing the game in a competition or championship. You can choose to relax some of the rules and play just for fun as per your own plan. 

Badminton is a game that gives a full-body workout. You will have to constantly move around the court in the direction of the shuttlecock and hit it using your racket with the required force. Throughout the game, you exercise your legs, torso and upper body.

I am known as the best badminton player in my school because I practise in the evening every day. I have participated in many events at the regional and national levels, and won several championships. In recent years, badminton has also become popular in video games. My love for the sport makes me play that too, however, I prefer to play the sport on an actual court with a real opponent. The thrill of hitting the shuttlecock high into the air and running around to chase it is unmatched in a video game.

What Will Your Child Learn by Writing an Essay on ‘My Favourite Game’?

When writing an essay on their favourite game, your child will learn how to express themselves coherently in the written word. Writing about sports involves explaining the rules of a game, its unique rules, and several other aspects. Students will gather thorough knowledge about their favourite sport to write this essay. They will also improve their general knowledge while memorising facts like famous players of the sport.

Since playing games is a fun activity for children, they will enjoy writing this essay as they combine their knowledge, feelings and writing skills to compose an excellent essay. 

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