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10 Lines, Short & Long Essay On Air Pollution For Children

The Earth provides us with all the elements that are essential for us to survive. But, are we appreciative of them, and nurture and preserve these elements the way we are supposed to? Air, one of the most important elements in nature, has been taken for granted for years and polluted to the extent that it has become harmful for all of us. Air pollution is one of the most alarming problems the world is facing today. It is, therefore, important for children to learn about the implications of air pollution on our health and the environment. From an academic perspective, this is also a great topic that children can write about. An easy essay is a good place, to begin with. It can nudge children towards doing their internet research on the topic, and present facts and their viewpoints as well. In this article, we share some useful ways of writing an essay on ‘Air Pollution’ for Classes 1, 2, and 3.


Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on Air Pollution

When you are asked to write an essay on ‘Air Pollution’, it is important to keep all of these tips in mind:

  • Like all essays, this essay should also begin with an introductory paragraph about the topic. Air pollution can be introduced with the definition or a general idea about what it means and its origins.
  • Since most school essays are not technical, avoid the overuse of scientific jargon. Use simple phrases and focus on the flow of concepts.
  • Introduce ideas in the proper order, include cause-and-effects of the issue, and divide the essay into smaller, readable fragments.
  • If you are writing specifically about the causes of air pollution, write about them in-depth. Do not talk too much about the effects and remedies. A small mention can be made of the latter, but the essay should focus on causes.
  • Add plenty of factual data and personal opinions. The essay should be backed up by facts.
  • Always add a concluding paragraph and tips to reduce air pollution.

10-Line Essay on Air Pollution in English

10-line essays are the easiest essays to write. Children can memorise important facts about air pollution and the science behind it for the essay. Here is an example for you:

  1. Air is polluted by harmful substances called pollutants.
  2. Pollutants come from different sources, such as volcanic eruptions, vehicle gasses, forest fires, and other human activity.
  3. Deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels are two of the biggest sources of air pollution.
  4. Air pollution is harmful to humans since it can cause respiratory and skin diseases.
  5. Air pollution is also harmful to plants and animals.
  6. Air pollution can also damage non-living things, such as ancient monuments constructed from marbles and limestone.
  7. Air pollution adds to ozone layer depletion, global warming and climate change.
  8. Since air is present everywhere, pollution can damage delicate ecosystems in forests.
  9. We must take effective steps to reduce air pollution.
  10. We can reduce air pollution by planting more trees and burning fewer fossil fuels.

A Paragraph on ‘Air Pollution’ in 100 Words

An essay for classes 1 & 2 can include simple facts about air pollution, such as its origins and effects. The concluding sentences can talk about how it can be avoided. Here is a short essay in the form of a paragraph on the topic:

Air pollution occurs when harmful gasses and dust are released into the atmosphere. There are many sources of air pollution, such as forest fires, human activities, and volcanic eruptions. Automobiles and power plants are the highest contributors. Air pollution causes diseases in humans and animals. It affects the delicate ecosystem on land and in water, and causes global warming and climate change. It is essential to raise awareness about air pollution. To reduce pollution, we have to adopt green solutions, reduce energy consumption, rely on renewable sources of energy, and plant more trees.


Long Essay on Air Pollution

An essay in 350 words or more on the topic will require students to learn different facts about air pollution. They can also add their viewpoints based on the facts they know. Here is an example of an essay for Class 3:

Air contamination by harmful or toxic gasses and unwanted dust particles causes air pollution. These substances degrade the quality of air and reduce its purity. Some common air pollutants include gasses, such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and other greenhouse gasses like methane. These pollutants are released naturally by volcanic eruptions and forest fires. However, human activity since the industrial revolution has been the biggest source of pollutants.


Air pollution affects everything on Earth. In human beings, it causes respiratory and skin diseases, especially in people who have allergies. Air pollution can reach unhealthy levels in the city and is dangerous even for normal people. Being exposed to polluted air for a long period can lead to several different diseases. Air pollution affects plants and animals, too, and can disrupt ecosystems in the forests. It also affects life forms under the ocean as many pollutant gasses can dissolve in water and form acids.

Air pollution also affects non-living things, such as manmade structures and limestone caves in the forests. When gasses like sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide mix with rainwater, they form corrosive acids. These acids destroy ancient monuments which are made out of delicate natural materials. Acids produced in this way also pollute soil and damage forests.


Air pollution has long-term effects in the form of climate change. Greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane produced by human activities store excess heat in the atmosphere. Increasing temperatures change the weather and affect farming, which depends on seasonal rains. Although steps are being taken to reduce the ill effects of air pollution, much of the damage has already been done. So, it is important to act immediately to further control the damage.

There are a number of solutions for reducing air pollution, and it can start with every individual. It can be controlled by reducing the use of personal automobiles and switching to healthier modes such as cycling, using public transport, or resorting to methods such as carpooling. Since a majority of our power still comes from fossil fuels, decreasing power consumption can also significantly reduce air pollution.


It is important to understand that every small thing we do can make a difference in the outcome. It only takes a minute to decide and follow the measure that can help us save energy and reduce air pollution, too.

What Your Child Will Learn From the Essay?

Essay writing is important for children to learn how to think and write methodically. The skills developed at this stage play a fundamental role in how they are able to formulate arguments from their thoughts. Writing an essay on air pollution requires them to learn about the topic and present it as a coherent write-up. Children will learn about its importance, improve their knowledge, and learn to express their thoughts about the same.


The three essays presented in this article talk about air pollution in a factual format. The 10-line essay is easy to remember and write for children. Longer essays need more structure, such as introduction, body and conclusion. As the level increases, writing the essay will require your child to learn important facts about air pollution and then express it in their own way.

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