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Essay On The Horse For Children – 10 Lines, Short & Long Essay

Horses are magnificent animals domesticated by humankind for thousands of years. They are majestic, powerful and valuable animals that have helped build civilisations. In the modern-day, the horse is more of an animal of fascination than a work animal. Children love horses, and a horse essay in English would be an absolute delight for them to write. Essay writing is an essential activity that builds language skills. To put together a good write up, they will have to research the topic and formulate their thoughts on the subject. In this article, we present essays on the horse for classes 1, 2 & 3 in short and long formats. Using the examples given below, children can both learn important facts and write their horse essays.


Key Points To Remember When Writing An Essay On The Horse For Lower Primary Classes

Essays on horses are a fun topic for all children. Any essay on horses can be a good balance of facts and their thoughts about it. Here are some pointers on how to write an essay on horses:

  • A small, one-line essay on horses can contain facts about horses. You can also write about what makes horses your favourite animal.
  • A short essay on horses can start with an introductory paragraph and go on to describe the animal and its uses.
  • Long-form essay on horses should be split into an introductory paragraph that opens with common facts about the horse. It can then continue to talk about their physical appearance, characteristics, habitat and relationship with human beings.

Physical Appearance And Characteristics Of The Horse

Horses are classified under a category of animals called ‘Ungulates’. These are large animals with hooves. Some more examples of animals with hooves are sheep, deer, cows, pigs, giraffes and elephants. Horses have four powerful legs, two eyes, a nose, ears and a tail. Unlike other ungulates, they don’t have horns. They can run fast for long stretches and are powerful animals.


Humans have long domesticated horses as beasts of burden because of their enormous strength. They were also a fast means of transport before vehicles were invented. Horses can be found in various colours such as white, black, brown or a mix of those. Females carry their young ones for 11 months and give birth to one ‘foal’ at a time. They enjoy living in grassy areas and can live for 25 to 30 years under healthy conditions.

Horses are housed in special enclosures called stables. These days horses are mostly used as an attraction and in sporting events. Their skin, bones and hair are used in various industries.


Essay On Horse For Children - 10 Lines, Short and Long Essay10 Lines On Horses For Kids

Children in the lower grades are often asked to write simple one-line essays on horses. They can add some facts and their favourite bits about horses. Here is an example of how to write a 10-line essay on ‘The Horse’ for classes 1 and 2:

  1. The horse is my favourite animal. It is such a majestic animal.
  2. Horses have bushy tails that are white, black or brown.
  3. Horses are powerful and tall animals that can run very fast.
  4. Horses can carry a rider or pull a tonga behind them.
  5. I loved my first experience of riding a horse. It was so much fun.
  6. Horses live in a stable and eat grass.
  7. Horses these days are used in sports such as racing.
  8. They were used on the battlefield in ancient times by armies.
  9. Horses are also loving and friendly animals towards their owners.
  10. Horses are found in every part of the world.

Short Essay On The Horse In English

Horses are a great topic for short essays. These write-ups are a bit more advanced and lay the foundation for writing long-form essays. Here is an example of how to write a short essay on horses:


The horse is a four-legged mammal domesticated by humans thousands of years ago. They can gallop faster than 60 km/hr, making them the fastest means of transport in ancient times. Horses were also used to haul cargo across great distances when trades had to move across different cities. In the modern-day, horses are still used as a means of transport to pull carts and do heavy work. Horses are also used in the entertainment industry, such as in circuses and racing.

Horses are vegetarians, they mostly eat grass, leaves and berries. They are housed in special enclosures called stables. When trained, they are highly loyal and obedient animals. Many people keep horses as pets on their farms as they are fun animals to ride on. Horses that are well looked after can live up to 30 years and make great companions. They enjoy running free in open spaces and are found in all parts of the world.


People have a fascination with horses because of their majestic looks and athletic abilities.

Long Essay On The Horse For Children

Long essays are advanced writing exercises for children in the higher grades. The skill is honed by reading plenty of examples and attempting their own write-ups. Here’s an example of a long essay for Class-3.


Horses are four-legged mammals that are commonly found in the cities and countryside. These powerful domestic animals are used as beasts of burden to pull wagons in some parts of the city while they are also kept as pets and show animals elsewhere. Horses belong to a category of mammals called Ungulates which are animals with hooves. They run on four legs and can carry people and goods on their backs for long distances.

Humans domesticated horses some 5000 years ago. They have since played an important role in shaping civilisation by being a major form of transport. Horses also played an important role in armies as they carried soldiers and equipment. In developed countries, horses are mostly used as animals for entertainment at fairs and in the racing business.


Horses in the countryside are mostly kept as pets in stables. Occasionally, people use them as a means of transport to traverse mountainous terrains inaccessible to vehicles. Horses are vegetarian animals that mostly eat grass and other forms of vegetation. If they are looked after very well, horses can live for 25 to 30 years.

Horses are particularly loved by children, as they are popular beasts in fairytales and cartoons. They are also a symbol of royalty and are found in all fairytales and stories. People love collecting figurines of horses and often keep paintings of them for luck. Although horses are no longer used as working animals in most parts of the world, they will remain among us as pet animals.


What Your Child Will Learn From The Essay

The compositions above are examples of how to write an essay on this majestic animal. Children will learn basic facts about horses and, in the process, know how to make it a part of their writing. The three essay samples above are meant for different grades. By following the procedure, they will be able to craft their essay on the subject.

Some Interesting & Fun Facts About Horses

Here are some interesting facts about horses:

  • Horses start running shortly after they are born.
  • Horses can sleep while standing up!
  • One of the longest living horses, Old Billy, lived for 62 years.
  • There are more than 60 million horses in the world.
  • A male horse is called a stallion, and a female horse is called a mare.
  • Ponies are a breed of tiny horses that are often mistaken for foals.
  • Horses can see 360 degrees because their eyes are set on the side.

Horses are amazing creatures that still fascinate people to this day. These creatures are loved by many for their majestic looks and athletic ability. By writing an essay on horses, children can learn more about these animals and build their awareness.

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