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How Picture Books Help Raise A Reader!

Do you remember a particular character from a storybook you read in your childhood that made you want to read the whole storybook in one go? For me, it was Noddy! I just loved the character so much that I read the whole book set in just a week! As I grew up, I developed the habit of reading books before bedtime. In no time, I saw myself reading thick novels along with regular academic books. When I look back today, it was just because of the character Noddy that I fell in love with reading and started developing an interest in reading more books. So yes, fictional/non-fictional characters of a book do play a role in helping us with our reading skills. Want to know how? Continue reading!


Even if your child can’t read right now or is at an early learning stage, certain character illustrations are enough to engage them with the book. The curiosity to learn more about that particular character encourages the little ones to read. Hence, instilling reading skills in them.


Importance Of Reading

Learn about the importance of reading with the help of the reading bingo given below!

Importance of reading

Benefits Of Reading Picture Books

Child Reading A Picture Book

1. Love For Reading

Picture books are fun to read, especially when the characters are enchanting and inspiring. Illustrations of a character have the power to tell a story of their own. These illustrations hold the attention of a kid and drive them to read more about the character. The child reads the same book, again and again, sparking their interest in reading.


2. Vocabulary Development

Picture books are one of the best ways to add new words to your little one’s vocabulary. The characters in a picture book are often displayed holding an object like a glass, a school bag, spectacles, etc. When your child sees these objects, they want to know about them and understand what meaning that object is conveying. They also connect the picture in the book with the word on the page. Thus, learning new words, which are then added to their vocabulary. When your child finds the same word while reading some other book, they quickly connect the word with the picture and understand what the sentence is saying.


3. Visual Thinking Skills

Picture book illustrations help a child understand what they are reading. If a child has just started reading, they won’t be able to read properly and follow the story. But the illustrations can easily help them understand the narrative. Many picture books, one of them, for example, the Benny And Buzo Picture Book Series, has illustrations that help the child follow the story, even if they can’t read the sentences properly.

4. Promise Of A Fun Experience

Picture books are fun to read, and children are happy when they read one. If the child’s first experience with reading is boring, they won’t look forward to reading, and even if they have to, they will consider it a chore. Picture books can make their reading experience enjoyable as they will see different coloured illustrations that may appear attractive to them. They will look forward to reading more such picture books, and once they get hold of the
words, they will start reading the non-picture books too.


Develop Your Child’s Reading Skills With These Tips

  • Read to your child. Children have a habit of following what they observe.
  • Discuss the story and its characters.
  • Compare the different characters in the story to develop comparison skills.
  • Ask your child about their favourite character from the story.
  • Repeat the new words from the story with your child.
  • Ask your child to summarise the story and explain what they have learnt from it.

Raise A Reader With These Story Books & Develop Reading Skills In Pre-schoolers

1. The Monster At The End Of This Book

The Monster At The End Of This Book

2. Phonics Story Books

Phonics Story Books

3. The Going To Bed Book

The Going to Bed Book

4. My First Experience Story Books

My First Experience Story Books

5. Moral Story Books

Moral Story Book For Kids

6. Preschool Animal Stories

Preschool Animal Stories

Any experience is a good experience if you enjoy it. The same goes for any reading experience for children. Encourage your little ones to read whatever they are interested in, which includes newspapers, comics, and story books, and they will develop an interest in reading while honing their reading skills.

Happy Reading!

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