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Interesting GK Questions On Animals With Answers For Classes 1, 2 And 3

With each passing day, the animal kingdom is evolving and opening new avenues of exploration for curious humankind. But, with such a vast animal diaspora, it isn’t easy to know everything about them. Therefore, it has become of utmost importance that animal GK is taught to a child right from an early age. Each organism on this land has a unique place in the food chain that helps contribute to the ecosystem in its special way. GK questions on animals will allow kids to improve their grades and enhance academic knowledge. They will perform even better in class debates, admission tests, entrance tests, and inter-school competitions, and be one step ahead of others. Since kids love animals, they are always curious to know more about them. Here are some exciting GK questions on animals for classes 1,2, and 3.


General Knowledge Questions With Answers On Animals For Children

While teaching general knowledge to children, many parents often run into challenges like what all topics should be covered based on the child’s age. Understanding the depth of the information for each selected topic, multiple ways to simplify the data, and incorporating engaging teaching methods are ways to re-enforce the learning so that the child retains maximum possible information. A child is like a sponge, ready to absorb all the provided information; therefore, giving the correct data is the key. Knowing the name of all animals correctly with their specifications can be pretty difficult, right? Do you know that the slowest moving creatures on earth are sloths? An octopus has three hearts! An earthworm breathes with the help of its skin, not its nose. Do you know that the Bar Head Goose flies at the highest elevation? Koalas exclusively eat only eucalyptus and nothing else! There are so many fun facts on animals that are out there, and it helps to learn what they are through engaging means, like GK questions. Let’s take a look at some questions on animals for kids:



These questions will help you get a much better grasp of the animal kingdom. Let’s begin:

Q1. This animal makes a ‘hissing’ sound. 


a) Pig
b) Donkey
c) Snake
d) Horse

Q2. The animal that eats both plants and animals is called?

a) Herbivores
b) Carnivores
c) Omnivores
d) None of these


Q3. Which of the following is an omnivore animal? 

a) Lion
b) Cow
c) Crow
d) None of these

Q4. Which of the following is a playful animal, and can also be a pet?


a) Cat
b) Cow
c) Tiger
d) None of these

Q5. Which animal has 2 legs, 2 wings and lays eggs? 


a) Dog
b) Hen
c) Tiger
d) Elephant

Q6. Which animal has the longest neck among all the options given below? 


a) Tiger
b) Giraffe
c) Lion
d) Cat

Q7. Which animal’s hair is used for making wool? 

a) Sheep
b) Tiger
c) Panda
d) Kiwi


Q8. Name the national animal of India.

a) Fox
b) Tiger
c) Deer
d) Monkey

Q9. Solve this – “I am also considered the world’s largest land mammal but cannot jump.”


a) Elephant
b) Fox
c) Deer
d) Rhino

Q10. Solve this – “I am the largest mammal in the ocean.”

a) Sea Horse
b) Blue Whale
c) Dolphin
d) Jelly Fish

Q11. Solve this – “I am considered the fastest animal on Earth.”

a) Lion
b) Koala
c) Zebra
d) Cheetah

Q12. How many hearts does an octopus have?

a) 9
b) 5
c) 3
d) 2

Q13. Which is the longest snake in the world?

a) Black Mamba
b) Puff Adder
c) Reticulated Python
d) Anaconda

Q14. I am a spider. How many legs do I have? 

a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

Q15. What colour are zebras?

a) Black and white in stripe form
b) Only black
c) Both of the above
d) None of the above

Q16. Which is the fastest water animal?

a) Porpoise
b) Sailfish
c) Flying Fish
d) Tuna

Q17. What are female elephants called?

a) Mares
b) Sows
c) Cows
d) Dams

Q18. Solve this – “I have the longest life span.”

a) Tortoise
b) Giraffe
c) Greenland Shark
d) Tiger

Q19. Name the only country where both tigers and lions are found! 

a) China
b) India
c) Japan
d) The USA

Q20. Which is the smallest dog breed?

a) Poodle
b) Pomeranian
c) Chihuahua
d) Dachshund

Q21. What is the first thing a caterpillar consumes after it’s born?

a) Grass
b) Bugs
c) Its own eggshell
d) Cheerios

Q22. I am a baby Kangaroo. Guess my name. 

a) Cub
b) Calf
c) Fawn
d) Joey

Q23. What is a baby rabbit called?

a) Kit
b) Doe
c) Mare
d) Cow

Q24. What is the scientific name of the Bengal Tiger?

a) Panthera Tigris Corbetti
b) Panthera Tigris Amoyenis
c) Panthera Tigris Altaica
d) Panthera Tigris Tigris

Q25. Which big cat species has the longest canine teeth compared to body size? 

a) Indian Tiger
b) Clouded Leopard
c) African Lion
d) Siberian Tiger


Now let us look at the answers to the above-mentioned animal general questions.

Ans 1) c Ans 2) c Ans 3) c Ans 4) a Ans 5) b
Ans 6) b Ans 7) a Ans 8) b Ans 9) a Ans 10) b
Ans 11) d Ans 12) c Ans 13) c Ans 14) d Ans 15) a
Ans 16) b Ans 17) c Ans 18) c Ans 19) b Ans 20) c
Ans 21) c Ans 22) d Ans 23) a Ans 24) d Ans 25) b

General knowledge helps a child’s holistic development as it is a very broad topic and contains a lot of information. We hope this GK quiz about animals is helpful to students in brushing up on their GK facts about animals. They will be even more aware now of wildlife as well as their surrounding

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