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How To Write An Essay On Myself For Class 3 Kids

Young kids often struggle with expressing themselves, especially while writing! One of the best ways can be to ask them to write about themselves, such as an essay about ‘myself’. To improve their communication skills, they are taught essay writing. Essay writing tasks inculcate in them the habit of expressing their thoughts clearly and in a more structured format. When they write an essay, they learn to put their thoughts into words, think in detail about the given topic, and improve their writing skills. One of the best and most common topics to introduce them to essay writing is writing on ‘Myself’. For a third-grader, writing about oneself is easier than writing about other things. They know the basics about themselves, their likes and dislikes, their hobbies and other things. Once they experience the joy of expressing themselves fluidly, they will want to write about other things too. So start with an essay about myself for class 3 to set the essay writing guidelines for them and then give them other topics to write about.

Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on ‘Myself’ for Class 3

Essay writing is an important part of the third-grade curriculum to inculcate the habit of good communication skills. An essay on ‘myself’ is the easiest essay topic for young kids. Some kids can express themselves clearly and fluidly when writing ‘myself’ essays. However, most kids struggle with what to write. Here are some key points to help the kids to write the best essay on themselves:

  • Introduce yourself first.
  • Write your age.
  • Introduce your parents, siblings, and other members of the family.
  • Mention the name of your school and the class you are studying in.
  • Write about your favorite subjects and/or teachers.
  • Talk about the sports you play at school.
  • Introduce your friends.
  • Talk about the things you do with your friends.
  • Mention your hobbies, likes, and dislikes (books, foods, places, etc) and pastimes.
  • Write about your pets, if you have any.

10-Line Essay on ‘Myself’ for Kids

For a third-grader, essay writing is not so easy. Writing about themselves provides them with the opportunity to express themselves freely and easily. A ‘myself’ essay improves their creative writing and confidence to write essays. Here are 10 lines to help kids write the best my self essay for class 3:

  1. My name is Rahul Arora and I am 8 years old.
  2. My father’s name is Sushil Arora and my mother’s name is Ruchi Arora.
  3. I have an elder brother, Prashant Arora, and a younger sister, Shweta Arora.
  4. My brother is 10 years old and my sister is 4 years old.
  5. I study in Modern Cambridge School in Class 3.
  6. My favourite subject is mathematics.
  7. Subhash is my best friend and we study in the same class.
  8. I play a lot of games with him.
  9. In the evening, I play football with my colony friends.
  10. I love to read comics and watch cartoons.

Short Paragraph on ‘Myself’ for Class 3 Kids

When teaching young kids to write essays, it is easy to start with short paragraphs first to get them interested in essay writing. Writing a short paragraph on themselves is easier for third graders than a long one. Here is a sample of a short essay about myself:

My name is Rahul Arora. I am 8 years old and live in the capital city of India, New Delhi. There are five people in my family, my parents, two siblings, and me. My father’s name is Sushil Arora and my mother’s name is Ruchi Arora. My elder brother, Prashant Arora is 10 years old. My younger sister, Shweta Arora is 4 years old. I study in Modern Cambridge School in class 3. I study many subjects in my school and mathematics is my favourite subject. I also play many games at school with my friends. My best friend, Subhash also studies in my class. We go to the school together on the same school bus. In the evening, I play football with my friends in the colony playground. Sometimes we also play cricket and other games. I have two hobbies, reading comic books and watching cartoons. In my free time, I also like to draw cartoons.

Long Essay on ‘Myself’ in English for Grade 3

Once the grade three kids learn to write short paragraphs on themselves , they can move on to write a long essay. Through short paragraphs, they have learned to express their thoughts, form paragraphs in a sequential manner, and write fluidly. So now writing a long essay on Myself for third-grade kids is easy. Here is a sample Myself essay on:

My name is Rahul Arora and I live in New Delhi. I am 8 years old and study in Modern Cambridge School in class 3. My father’s name is Sushil Arora and he is a businessman. My mother’s name is Ruchi Arora and she works as a manager in a big company. I have two siblings. My elder brother, Prashant Arora studies in class 5 and he is 10 years old. My younger sister, Shweta Arora is 4 years old and studies in kinder garden.

I have many friends but Subhash is my best friend. He lives near my house and studies in my class. We go to school together on the same school bus. In school, we study many subjects but mathematics is my favourite subject and English is Subhash’s favourite subject. During our recess and sports period, we play many games. In the evening, after coming from school we go to the colony playground. There we play football and cricket with our other friends. On weekends, we go to swimming classes.

I am fond of reading comics and watching cartoons. Doraemon is my favourite cartoon character. My parents keep gifting me comic books on my birthday and other occasions. I have collected many carton books. In my free time, I also like to draw cartoons. My elder brother is good at drawing and he keeps teaching me how to draw and paint.

I am fond of eating pasta. My mother, on Sundays and other holidays, makes a lot of pasta for me. She is a good cook. I don’t like to eat green vegetables but my parents tell us that eating green vegetables is good for our health. So, we eat green vegetables and salads every day. My father also likes to cook and makes many delicious dishes for us. I love to help my parents with their cooking. I can make sandwiches and cut vegetables. When I grow up I aspire to become a great chef.

What Will Your Third Grader Learn From This Essay? 

Through a composition on the self, third-grade kids learn to express themselves. While writing a simple essay about myself, third graders improve their vocabulary, sentence making, writing/paragraph making skills, and grammar. Writing the ‘Myself’ essay is the first step of the creative development of a third-grader. It teaches young kids to fluidly express their thoughts into words and structure paragraphs. As kids learn to write sentences, along with their creativity, their intelligence quotient also improves. They gain clarity of thoughts and improve their concentration.

An essay on ‘Myself’ is one of the earliest essays written by a third-grader. Writing about oneself teaches young kids to explore their creativity and express themselves freely. It is the easiest way to interest young kids in creative writing!

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