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The Dragon And The Princess Story For Kids

Children love to read and listen to the fictional mystic world of magic and adventures. Reading such stories of the magical world not only boost their imaginative thinking but also encourages their little mind to be creative. Plus, it’s a fun and engaging way to introduce children to literature.


One such favourite tale is “The Dragon and the princess” story in English that depicts the adventures of a young Princess who does not fit into the royal family and a dragon whom people expect to be cruel and dangerous.


Let’s read to find out what happens to the Princess and the dragon by reading “The Dragon and the Princess” full story below.


Origin And History Of The Dragon And The Princess

“The Dragon and the Princess” is a classic tale that has been narrated across decades. Unfortunately, the origin of the story cannot be determined as it has been passed down from one generation to another through word of mouth.

Story Type Of The Dragon And The Princess

“The Dragon and the Princess” is a story for kids that will help them learn an essential lesson.


Story Characters

The characters of “The Dragon and the Princess” story are:

  • The dishevelled Princess
  • The well-mannered Dragon
  • King & Queen
  • Parents in the Kingdom
  • Royal nanny
  • The old Knight

The Dragon And Princess Story For Children

Let’s read “The Dragon and Princess” story with the pictures below.


Once upon a time, there was a Princess who didn’t act like one. Her dreadful demeanour always astounded her parents, the King and Queen. She always wore dishevelled hair and dirty attire. She did not like anything, even the food. The cook tried his best, but he was never able to prepare a dish that the Princess could relish.


Unlike the other girls of her age, the Princess never smiled and played with others. Except when she pulled a cruel joke on the poor old Knight, no one ever saw her grin. All of the kingdom’s mothers and fathers cautioned their children not to be like the Princess.


One day a dangerous-looking dragon was spotted creeping inside a mountain tunnel. The parents in the kingdom were terrified and sought assistance from the King and Queen. The royal family was also concerned. They were aware that dragons enjoy abducting princesses. The old Knight, whose job was to protect the royal kid, was the most unhappy of all.

Hearing this information, it gave the Princess a nefarious notion.
“Wouldn’t it be fun to see the old Knight have a battle with a dragon?” she wondered.


So, when everyone else was sleeping, the Princess crept up to the awful monster’s cave on tiptoes.

Inside the cave, she discovered that the dragon was delicately playing the piano. The Princess had no idea what to anticipate. The dragon, on the other hand, was similarly shocked. The Princess had imagined the dragon to be fearsome. However, this dragon seemed very well-mannered and kind. On the other hand, princesses were supposed to be kind and gentle, but this Princess was the opposite.



The Princess was confident that she could outshine the dragon, and the dragon recognised that it had the potential to be a better princess than the real Princess. They both had thought decided to switch their positions. They exchanged handshakes and agreed to switch their positions that night.

The royal babysitter was taken aback when she saw the Princess as she did not know it was the dragon who was dressed as the Princess. The dragon was dressed in a vivid blue dress and made a beautiful curtsy. The King and the Queen were ecstatic about the new situation. Life became much more enjoyable after this.


No one seemed to notice the dragon’s cruel antics except for the Knight, who had to save the Princess whenever the dragon abducted her. Consequently, all the parent’s in the kingdom and families told their kids to act like the Princess. However, if they did not, they knew exactly where to go!

Story Summary

Let’s read below the summary of “The Dragon and the Princess” story.

Once upon a time, there was a Princess who didn’t like to behave like one. The King and the Queen were shocked by the Princess’s frightful manners. The Princess proved to be a trouble for her nanny as she used to tangle her hair and wear ragged clothes. The Princess didn’t like any meal that the chef used to prepare for her, and no one ever saw her smile except when she played mean tricks on the Knight. All the parents in the kingdom didn’t want their children to be like the Princess.

On day a huge dragon was spotted moving into a mountain cave. The parents were very afraid that the dragon would take away their children and so they ran to the King and Queen for help. The royals were worried, too, as they knew that the dragons liked to kidnap Princesses. But most upset was the Knight, whose job was to protect the Princess.

When the Princess heard this news, a mean idea came to her mind. She thought it would be jolly to watch the Knight fight a dragon. So, when everyone was asleep, the Princess tiptoed out and made her way to the dragon’s cave.

But inside the cave, she saw the dragon was playing a piano peacefully. The Princess was surprised to see the dragon, as it was not what she expected. The dragons were supposed to be fierce, but this one was not and on the other hand, the Princesses were supposed to be gentle, but this one was not. They thought they could be better in each other’s role, and so they shook hands on this idea and changed their place that very night.

The next day, the nanny was stunned to see the Princess, who was actually a dragon, all beautifully dressed and curtsied sweetly. The King and the Queen were also overjoyed at the change in Princess. No one seemed to notice the dragon’s pranks except for the Knight, who had to save the Princess whenever the dragon abducted her. Consequently, all the parents and families told their children to act like the Princess.

What Lesson Will Your Child Learn From This Story?

The lesson of “The Dragon and the Princess” short story is “we should never judge people based on the things we have heard from others.”

As depicted in the story above, the dragon was thought to be cruel and dangerous, but the Princess found him to be rather humble and kind.

How Can Children Apply The Lesson Of The Story In Their Real Life?

The children can apply the lesson of this story in their real life by not judging someone based on things they heard from others. Parents should teach children to talk to people before making up their minds about them. A person who is said to be rude, could actually be very humble. But we can only judge this after talking to them rather than through listening to what others have to say about them.

Short stories like “The Dragon and the Princess” are a wonderful way of encouraging the creative thinking of a child. Also, stories like these can teach literary skills like character assessment to a child. We hope to have helped in developing curiosity with the help of this story.

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