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The Frog Prince Moral Story for Kids

The globally popular story of the ‘Princess and the Frog’ is a fairy tale that carries a wonderful moral. The moral is to accept everyone regardless of their looks! This bedtime story is about a prince who is cursed by a witch and turned into a frog. This curse will break only if a princess allows the frog to spend time with her in her palace. The full story revolves around a princess and a frog that turns into a handsome prince. This short story about the Frog Prince teaches children to accept everyone equally, irrespective of their looks and clothes.


Origin & History The Frog Prince Story

The earliest version of this fairy tale dates as far back as the 13th century. It has its roots in the collections of the famous Grimm’s Fairy Tales. These stories were written by German brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm. Every story of theirs was a well-written fairy tale with a meaningful message for children to learn and apply in their own lives.


The Frog Prince Story For Children

Once upon a time, a princess was clearing up her childhood trunk of playthings when she came upon a golden ball. “Oh, I used to play with this as a child,” she reminisced. She started bouncing it around her huge room until one big bounce sent the golden ball out of her window. She rushed to see where it had fallen. There was a splash of water outside the pond, which made her realise that her ball had fallen into the pond. She rushed towards the pond and sat at the edge, hoping it would surface. “Oh gosh, what do I do?” Suddenly, she heard a voice that said, “Tell me what to do, and I will.” She looked around and saw no one. “Here, oh Princess, here,” came the voice again from the pond. She gazed down in the direction of the voice to see a green frog smiling at her. “I have lost a childhood playball. It is a golden ball and has fallen into the pond. Can you get the ball for me?” The princess pleaded with the frog. “Yes, dear Princess, but what do I get in return?” the frog demanded. “Whatever you wish,” replied the princess who desperately wanted her ball back. “My wish is to spend some time with you inside your palace, be by your side, eat, drink, and sleep alongside you,” the frog said. The Princess thought surely he was mad, but she was eager to get her ball. So, she replied, “Of course you can!” The frog dived deep into the pond and returned with the golden ball within seconds. The Princess thanked him immensely and started walking back to her palace. “Wait, princess, wait,” the frog stopped her. “I have to come with you,” he demanded. “What, no, of course not,” replied the princess as she ran inside her palace with her golden ball. Within minutes the frog was knocking upon the huge palace door.


When the doorman opened the door, the frog started explaining everything. The King who was passing by heard the frog and demanded that the princess honour her promise. The Princess then made the frog sit next to her at the dining table and allowed him to eat from her plate. She asked for a special glass for the frog to enjoy his drink. The princess was annoyed at the frog but could not disobey her father, the King. At night, the frog followed the princess to her room. He entered the room and hopped right onto her bed, relaxing comfortably on her pillow. “How can you do this?” The princess said as she flung the frog off her pillow onto the ground. Suddenly she heard a voice from behind. “Thank you, lovely princess.” She turned around and saw a handsome prince standing in the place of the frog. The princess was perplexed, so the prince explained everything to her. “A witch had cast a spell on me. The spell could be broken only if I was able to spend time with a princess in her palace. I owe it to you for having broken the spell,” he said as he bowed to the princess in gratitude. The princess was abashed at how she behaved earlier but remembered the day she had spent with the prince, even as a frog. “I am so sorry”, exclaimed the princess. They soon spent more time with each other, and as the years passed by, they got married and lived happily ever after! 

Moral Of The Story

“Don’t judge anyone by their appearance.” This story has an important message about treating everyone equally. The story of ‘The Frog Prince’ helps children understand that everyone must be treated with love, no matter how they look. One’s physical appearance can be misleading. People might not be how they look, and looks can be deceptive. Children should be taught to appreciate people’s qualities and inner beauty over their appearance. The prince had turned into a frog because of a witch’s spell, but when the curse is lifted, his true self is revealed as a handsome prince. This story also teaches children to honour the promises they make and to never break their word!

Shraddha Mishra
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