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The Monkey And The Crocodile Moral Story for Kids

The Panchatantra stories are some of the most popular stories because of the virtuous messages these stories carry. The Monkey and The Crocodile story is a narrative about how some situations can turn one friend against another for a silly reason. This story indicates how some people sometimes take friendship to please someone close to them for granted. This Panchatantra story speaks about friendship, betrayal, and intellectual qualities like all fables. The Monkey and The Crocodile tale is a wonderful short story that can make children understand the meaning of true friendship and how to stand up for a friend.

Origin & History Of The Monkey & The Crocodile Story

The Panchatantra stories are always centred around valuable messages for children to learn good habits. The original stories were written in Sanskrit, and through the decades, they have been translated and re-written in numerous languages so that everyone can read them. Almost every child across India’s diverse communities is aware of the wonderful lessons of life, which are described in fascinating tales, often between the creatures of the animal world. Every story is written in very simple and easy-to-understand language for little kids to follow the story and its moral.

The Monkey And The Crocodile Story With Moral For KidsThe Monkey And The Crocodile Story

Once upon a time, there was a lush forest situated along the entire stretch of a river. Many beautiful fruit trees grew in that forest. It also had many fragrant flowers growing! Most of the trees along the bank were mango trees. The mangoes grew throughout the year because of the good quality soil and the water from the river. One monkey thrived on these mangoes among many animals who came and enjoyed the sweet fruits. He used to have them every single day. 

One fine day, as he was relishing a mango, he saw a crocodile resting for a while near the bank. “What brings you here?” the monkey asked. “I have been trying to hunt for some fish but have not been successful. Now, I am tired and hungry. What are you eating?”

The monkey felt sorry for him and plucked a mango and threw it toward the crocodile. “Here, try this. You will love it.” The crocodile ate it in a hurry and asked the monkey if he could have some more. “Why not? Here, take these,” the monkey plucked a few more mangoes and threw them close to the crocodile.

They soon became friends, and the crocodile started coming every day to enjoy the company of his new friend and the mangoes. He would return home in the evening. One fine day, the crocodile’s wife questioned him, and when he told her about the mangoes, she asked him to get some for her the following day. The next day, when the crocodile visited the monkey, he requested that he give him a few extra mangoes for his wife. The monkey obliged immediately.

The crocodile shared the sweet mangoes with his wife, who enjoyed eating them. This continued for a few more days. However, the crocodile’s wife did not like the idea of her husband spending the entire day with the monkey. Her cunning mind made her think that if a monkey ate such sweet mangoes every single day, his heart must be really delicious. She came up with a plan. She told her husband that she had started suffering from some illness, and the doctor had said that only a monkey’s heart would cure her. The crocodile was shocked to hear about her condition but was more shocked at hearing about what could heal her. He quickly realised what his wife was saying and told her, “No. Never. I will never kill my friend.” His wife started crying loudly. “Will you sacrifice your wife for a monkey?” She told him to carry the monkey on his back and then drown him in the river. “Monkeys cannot swim. Bring him home once he is dead, and we will enjoy his heart for dinner.”

The next day, the crocodile visited his friend. “Dear friend, my wife has insisted that I bring you home for lunch today.” “Oh, wonderful”, exclaimed the monkey. Let me collect some mangoes for her first”. The innocent monkey was a genuine being and did not suspect anything. However, the crocodile felt very guilty about what he was about to do to his friend. As soon as the monkey plucked enough mangoes for the crocodile’s wife, he sat on his back, and they set out for the crocodile’s home. As they reached the deep waters of the river, the crocodile started to lower himself. “Wait, what are you doing? I will drown. I can’t swim. Why are you doing this?” asked the monkey. “My wife wants to eat your heart which is sweetened by the mangoes you enjoy every day!”

The monkey realised he would either perish or have to think of something to save his life. “Okay, wait, wait, you want my heart, but I have left it on the treetop!” “What!” exclaimed the crocodile. “Yes, we will have to return for me to collect it.” The crocodile turned around and headed towards the monkey’s favourite spot. Once they reached the bank, the monkey jumped off the crocodile’s back and ran away.

He then quickly climbed onto the treetop. “You fool, you were going to kill me! First, learn to become a little wise. How can anyone take a heart out of his body and leave it elsewhere? Return to your mean wife!” The crocodile was ashamed and realised he had lost a genuine friend forever.

Moral Of The Story

“A quick wit can solve most problems”. The Monkey and The Crocodile tale is about using your wisdom and not betraying a good friend. You cannot please someone by making another person unhappy. This children’s story also informs little ones about the importance of quickly making the right decisions. If you think fast, you can easily come out of a difficult situation. Another significant lesson that this story teaches us is always to remember the good done to you and never cheat anyone in life.

How Can Children Apply This Moral In Their Life?

  • Children should learn to stay calm in every situation and think wisely to get out of a situation with ease.
  • Do not forget the good deeds of others.
  • Do not take advantage of a good friend.
  • What goes around comes around!

Through this story, parents can teach their kids how to choose their friends wisely. They can also teach their kids not to react angrily in difficult situations but to think wisely. This will help them come out of a tough situation comfortably.

Shraddha Mishra
Writer, journalist and content creator, she has worked across several publications. She takes a keen interest in travel, food and culture. A new mother, she loves talking about her parenting journey and watching her toddler play, learn and grow. When not working, you will find her watching a movie or web series, or reading a novel, chasing a good story everywhere.
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