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Things That Are Red In Colour

Red is a primary colour, which means it is one of the colours from which all the other colours are made up. Children love red colour and are very attracted to it, as many exciting things are red in colour. Gift wrappers, ribbons and many bright shiny objects are red in colour.  


So when teaching your child about colours, red is a great colour to start with. When they look around, they will observe many red things in nature all around them. Let us draw their attention to some red things in the world. 


List Of Things That Are Red  

Here is a list of things that are red in colour. How many of these have you seen around you? 


Red Things In Nature 

Here is a list of a few red natural things, listed under various categories like animals, plants and food. 

Animals That Are Red

Here is a list of red animals: 


1. Ladybug

2. Lobster
lobster3. Scarlet Ibis
scarlet lbis
4. Northern Cardinal
northen cardinal

5. Scarlet Macaw
scarlet macaw

6. Arizona Coral Snake
arizona coral snake

7. Scorpionfish

scorpionfish8. Strawberry Poison Dart Frog
poison dart forg
9. Red Panda
red panda
10. Star Fish
start fish
Foods With Red Color 

Here is a list of foods that are red coloured: 


1. Apple

2. Watermelonwatermelon

3. Cherries

4. Chilli

5. Cranberries

6. Kidney beans
kindney beans

7. Pomegranate

8. Raspberry

9. Strawberries

10. Tomatoes


Plants and Flower That Are Red 

Refer to this list of red plants: 

1. Red roses
red roses

2. Petunia

3. Cardinal


4. Poppy

5. Red carnation
red carnation

6. Poinsettia

poinsettia7. Red tulips
red tulips
8. Zinnia
9. Red dahlia
red dahlia
10. Red hibiscus
red hibiscus
11. Red orchids
red orchids
12. Red peony
red peony
Activities That Will Help Your Preschooler Learn The Red Colour 

Children learn and understand the best when you teach them using fun and engaging methods. Here are a few techniques you can try to teach your child about colours and to identify the red. 


Red Colour Crafts 

Children love art and craft activities. Let us use this hobby to teach them the red colour: 


1. Confetti Magic

Run a red paper through a shredder and cut it into small pieces to make your own red confetti. Print an outline of a drawing of any imagery like cars on the road, garden with flowers and trees, or just a drawing of some people. Now, apply some glue over selected spots in the drawings, eg. on a bus on the street, on a traffic signal light, or on flowers in the garden or spots on trees to represent apples. Ask your child to sprinkle the red confetti over the entire drawing and then shake it off. Let them observe how the red objects get coloured magically! 

2. Red Mosaic 

Draw a figure of a red object on a sheet of paper, like a strawberry, apple or a lobster. Ask your child to find a few red things at home, like a piece of red paper, some red grains like red quinoa, kidney beans etc. Now, paste these things on the drawing to create a mosaic painting with beautiful shades of red and various textures.  

3. Red Fruit Puzzle

Draw 5 or 6 different fruits like apple, strawberry or lychee on red paper. Paste the paper on a cardboard sheet or a thick card paper, and cut out the shapes. Now, cut each strawberry into 2 piece puzzles using different curves and angles. Ask your child to put together the red strawberry halves. 

Red Colour Games 

1. Ball in the box

Take a cardboard box and cut out a small circle in it. Paint a ring of red colour around the circular cut-out. Now get colourful balls from your ballpit. Ask your child to identify red coloured balls and put them inside the box through the cut-out. Make this activity more exciting by racing between two kids, or using a timer to determine how many balls one child can out in the box within a minute. 

2. Red Day

Wear red, eat red, sing red, and do all things red on this day of fun! Keep an eye out in your surroundings to spot all things red, and keep an eye out for it. A fruit, a bird, a vegetable or even a car, bike or the playground swing set’s frame, spot them all! 

3. Red Invincibility

This is a twist to the classic run and chase game that can be played with a large group of children. Hold hands and gather in a circle with one child standing in the middle. Sing a rhyme by going around in the circle. As soon as the song ends, all children must run away to grab or touch any object that is red to become invincible. The child in the middle has to chase and catch anyone who is not touching red.  

Red Colour Snacks With Recipe 

1. Red Velvet Cake 

Mix the red velvet cake mix with eggs, butter and water, and fold it to combine well. The batter should have a pouring consistency. Add it to a greased baking tray. Preheat the oven to 350° then place your baking tray in the oven and bake for 30 minutes, or till the toothpick prick works. Cool it for 10 minutes, then top it with cream cheese frosting. Add tiny red sprinklers and fritters and enjoy your red cake! 

2. Beetroot Dosa 

Juice a steemed beetroot in a juicer, and strain it completely to collect the red extract. This simple recipe is all you need to liven up your breakfast. In a bowl of thick dosa batter, add 1/4th cup beetroot extract. Now, mix well to prepare a red batter. Pour your batter on the dosa tava and flatten it to your liking. Once done, serve hot with delicious red chutney! 

3. Tomato Soup 

A light meal for the summers, or something to warm yourself up in the winters, this is a wonderful recipe. Cut tomatoes into quarters and place them in a grill pan. Add some peeled ginger, diced onions, a few slices of squash and basil leaves. Add some salt, pepper and olive oil and grill it for about 30-40 minutes. You can even do this in a microwave, using the grill function or roast it in a convection oven. Once perfectly grilled, cool down and add to a blender. Give it one final boil and adjust the seasoning to your liking. Garnish with some parmesan shavings and serve warm! 

Red Colour Poems And Songs 

Children love singing rhymes and songs as they make them visualise things that they may not be familiar with. The poetic sounds of rhymes are attractive and engaging for kids. So let us teach them some red colour songs and red colour rhymes to enhance their understanding 

1. If You’re Wearing Red Today 

If you’re wearing red* today,
Red today, red today,
If you’re wearing red today,
Stand up and shout, “Hooray!” 

*Repeat with a different instruction each time 

2. Five Red Ladybugs 

Five red ladybugs climbing up a door,
One flew away then there were four.
Four red ladybugs sitting on a tree,
One flew away then there were three.
Three red ladybugs landed on a shoe,
One flew away then there were two.
Two red ladybugs looking for some fun,
One flew away and then there was one.
One red ladybug sitting in the sun,
She flew away and then there were none. 

3. Red Rhyme 

Red is a stop sign,
Red is a rose,
Red is an apple,
And a funny clown’s nose. 

Now your child is familiar with many red things a to z, they will be more excited to spot the colour in their surroundings. Keep making them practise and observe beautiful red things for kindergarten. 

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