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Types Of Houses For Preschoolers And Kids

A house is a building or a shelter that is made by humans to live in. Before the houses, humans used to live in huts. But with new materials and technological advancement, the ancient huts were upgraded to houses with the help of materials like wood, steel, concrete, iron, sunmica, etc. Other facilities like electricity, heaters, ventilation, plumbing, etc., have also played a huge role in the making of modern types of houses. All these facilities that at one point in time were considered to be luxurious have now become a necessity for today’s generation. Today, there are various types of houses that humans can live in, so we must teach our children the names of different types of houses.

A house can be of different types, like a bungalow, an apartment, a villa, a farmhouse, etc. To teach your little one about different kinds of houses, we have made a list of different types of home with pictures below with a short description that will help them learn the names of these houses.

Let’s read about home type for preschoolers and class 1, 2, and 3 kids.

List Of Different Types Of Houses

Types Of Houses

In this section, you will find information about all types of houses to teach your little one, adding it to their vocabulary and helping them to progress.

1. Hut

A sheltered structure that was used by people in ancient times. A hut is made up of dry bushes of trees, or pieces of wood.

2. House

It is a sheltered of concrete with a ceiling and walls, where humans live. It can be one-storey or multi-storeyed, where a nuclear or a joint family can live.

3. Modern house

A type of house that is equipped with advanced technologies and laced with modern features that provides ease of living to humans.

4. Building

A sheltered structure of concrete with a ceiling and walls manufactured for either residential or commercial purposes, such as houses, complexes, offices, etc.

5. Apartment

It is a multi-storeyed building, which is self-contained housing used for more than one dwelling unit. These are particularly designed for domestic residential purposes only.

6. Hotel

Paid-lodging facilities for the short term or vacation, staycations, workcations, etc., and other special benefits such as room service, food facility, laundry, spa, gym, and other requirements. The quality of the room is based on the charges from small standard rooms to large suites.

7. Penthouse

It is a unit of a luxurious apartment or house on the last or top floor or the highest part of the building, hotel, tower, etc.

8. Farmhouse

A type of structure that is built on a rural land or agricultural layout. A farmhouse can be modern space with all the latest facilities or can be a normal space, but with a huge land area.

9. Cottage

An old house built by the elders in particular rural or forest areas in a country. Generally, people travel to cottages to enjoy the peace and calmness of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

10. Palace

A very large royal building or a grand residence where royal families or high-ranking dignitaries like bishops and kings or presidents live or stay. Some palaces have also been converted into hotels for people to stay at and enjoy the luxury experience.

11. Fort

A very strongly built huge castles of ancient times where kings and queens used to live.

12. Tree House

A wooden house built on a large tree and is specially designed to be supported with branches.

13. Tent House

A portable house built only to stay for one or single night or while on an outing with friends/family.

14. Lighthouse

A large, towered building built near the coastline that was/is used to warn or guide ships at sea using the light system.

15. Igloo

A small snow house especially found in extremely chilly regions and looks like a snow hut.

We hope that your little one will now be able to do the classification of houses based on their type.

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